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February 18, 2003


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what the hell is with hugging anyway? I mean there’s so many people that expect it when you’re leaving or something. I’m guessing it’s another tradition. It’s stupid and useless. What purpose does it serve? It doesn’t do anything. I guess I’m not one to enjoy touching other people that much or something. I’ve done it a few times just because everyone is all expecting me to so I’m just like ok whatever but it’s a waste of my time.

Seriously, out of all the people I’ve ever talked to about hugging I’ve never gotten a single explanation to exactly what it’s supposed to do. Some people say it comforts people or makes them feel better, exactly how does wrapping your arms around someone make you feel better? Would it make you feel better if you were wrapping your arms around a sack of potatoes? Probably not. So what other reasons for it? Greetings perhaps? Like a handshake of your whole damn body? Again, useless learned behavior.

This is something I’ve not liked for a while but I suppose I just never had thought of writing about it. I’m tired of silly little traditions that serve no purpose. Like superstitions minus the fear. So you do all these things to get your +1 points in social interaction and then what? Why does society expect such ridiculous things anyway? I either give in and be ignorant of how useless it is, or I fight it and get bullshit from everyone. I get bullshit either way. From myself, or from others, I’d rather just get none but that doesn’t happen.

Sometimes realizing things that other people don’t is annoying because people expect things of you that you just won’t give. Some people get false ideas about me, some people think I’m rude. Is not doing something rude? I always thought you had to say something stupid to be rude but then again that’s silly as well. Oh wow I said fuck big fucking deal. Some people are so blind that even silly words like that piss them off.

I believe I mentioned previously how I said some bad shit in kindergarten and got in trouble. They put me in a small room. Punishment by isolating me? It only made me realize how harmless it really is and how these people are all nuts with their high social standards and moral. I read this http://www.paulgraham.com/nerds.html link. It very well explains how I felt about my school. I escaped though. I guess I was lucky.

You give a little you get a little right? Wrong, but it sure explains why people keep expecting their silly social behaviors from me. I get some shit from people and they expect something back. I didn’t ask for it in the first place though. I give a little, get screwed, get nothing. I don’t ask for anything when I talk to people. I don’t expect anyone to bless me when I sneeze. I don’t expect a handshake or a hug. I don’t want this stuff. I’m tired of it all I wish I could get the hell out of this place. I feel like an alien in this place.

I’m glad I do have friends that don’t expect crazy shit like that from me but I have to deal with relatives and family still. Now I’m all in favor of family and all but as long as I can remember my family (not close family mainly grandparents,aunts/uncles,cousins etc) has expected things from me that I won’t give. My family knows me better they know not to expect it. All my grandparents expecting me to give into their jewish bullshit, a grandma expecting a greeting from me every time they’re within a 10 meter parameter of me, I could probably go on.

I suppose you could look at this the other way (no I didn’t plan not to) and think, oh hey what if I give into it, I take the easy way out, or so it would seem. So suppose I do go with it, it’d be like going back to school again. I’d be doing a whole bunch of bullshit I don’t care about, being treated like a robot, given tasks and expected to complete them. Nothing but a follower in a society that expects everyone to be stupid, and that society surrounding me.

I need to get out of this damn place.

February 5, 2003

Tobacco Whacko? Only if you’re a teen.

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So I’m watching TV and I see some more propaganda. “Tobacco is Whacko if you’re a teen.” Wait a minute, so tobacco isn’t whacko if you’re not a teen? What’s the point of this commercial? There is 2 of them that I see. One a bunch of people eating rotten food then a guy pulls out a cigarette and out comes the slogan, another is some guy getting his tongue pierced and after it’s done the guy asks the kid if he wants a cigarette and he’s like “No way what do you think I’m crazy” as if piercing is less crazy.

Now I’m no fan of cigarettes but I find these commercials stupid. I don’t even get the “if you’re a teen part” I mean what about all the preteens or people older then being a teen, it’s not as whacko then? It’s ok then? They even make the “if you’re a teen” thing stand out. As for comparing cigarettes to piercing, they’re both equally as stupid in my opinion but people do them both, so what’s that say? People do stupid shit and don’t always care about the consequences even though most know them.

Then you get a bunch of people who think they can stop it all with silly campaigns and slogans. I’m tired of these anti-drug commercials. They annoy the fuck out of me and I don’t even do drugs, but every time I see them it makes me want to do drugs just out of spite. These commercials have no effect, in fact your average teenage “rebel” would love to smoke, just to rebel against what everyone tells them. They say action speaks louder then words well I guess going all out and smoking would be the action huh.

Anyway I blame the networks who allow this shit to be ran more then anything. Then again, they are getting paid most likely so more money for them. Advertisements piss me off. I just noticed something…anti-drug commercials essentially ARE advertisements. They’re moral advertisements. “Tobacco is Whacko! (If you’re a teen)” What great moral. Sure smoking sucks but this sucks even more. I don’t care if people smoke let them get cancer and die it’s not my problem.

I’m not one with much sympathy but these bullshit commercials have no effect, let the action of dying speak for itself, maybe then people will shut the fuck up. Which brings me to something else, the shuttle columbia blowing up. I hear people acting all sad as if it’s so tragic. Wow, a few people died. They get special treatment because they’re astronauts and then the media comes along and explodes the situation up in an explosion much larger then the one which took the shuttle out. So we can all forget about the hundreds of starving africans dying daily and instead worry about 7 people dying on a billion dollar craft.

Now heres the point – the media goes where the money is. It’s not about sympathy or compassion. Expensive shuttle blows up – instant media. Poor starving africans? No news here, move along now.

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