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October 5, 2013

generic response to a republican’s blog/profile/news

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I can tell from visiting your shit-storm of a profile/website/blog/article which looks like an over-zealous politically-infested fox-news shrine for the dumb and the gullible, that you are someone who truly believes the government somehow effects your shitty insignificant life in some kind of significant way.

Let me guess, you make less than $100,000? Congratulations. You’re basically middle class or poor. You’re the majority of this country. You will benefit from single-payer health care, social service programs, education, and other such things which you may have been convinced are bad for you and/or somehow giving people a “free-ride.”

Little do you realize that the true effects of much of any of the political discourse you seem to so desire are so far from your overly-simplified self-serving understanding of the world that I don’t even think there’s any true reason to bother having a conversation with you. It’s like as if the government simply stands as an authority that takes your money and nothing more. You live in a box, you are not worldly and informed.

You don’t seem to realize that the reason you are a poor miserable schmuck is that you’ve chosen to be that person. You’ve chosen to be an uneducated ignorant person who literally thinks that removing all the taxes and government programs will somehow mean you now can keep more money for yourself. You’re probably regularly dishonest with yourself and others, to the point where you believe your own lies, yet you probably take great pride in your faith and values, as if almost a slap in the face to the truly caring and good-intentioned.

However, you’re not rich, you’re not motivated. You’ve just got some fantasy in your head that some day you will be and when that day comes, god damnit, hands off government! And in the mean time, you still believe that day will come and your siding with the mega-rich all this time will pay off even though they’ve been basically screwing you in every other way with ideologies of “trickle down” economics and other laughable ideas from the 80s which never worked to begin with. Meanwhile you’ve screwed yourself out of potentially beneficial social programs, which you’ve somehow convinced yourself are going to cost you more, since now you need to help those damn free-loaders, and you know you WILL be that rich guy some day, you’re just not quite sure how yet.

Guess what, you’re not. You won’t be rich because you’re an idiot who doesn’t know crap about how to make money, the very fact you believe in such things prior to actually being rich is more than proof of that. You’re gullible to all the wrong ideologies, applying blind faith into ideology rather than thinking for the whole of humanity. Selfishness, dishonesty, and some kind of illusion that you’re still a good person because you sometimes do seemingly selfless things outside of your busy schedule of being an overall selfish-money-grubbing-asshole who doesn’t actually have any money, just wishes they do.

Do you see understand why you’re a complete idiot to me now? Didn’t think so.

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