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December 4, 2011

social awkwardness (it’s you this time)

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Half the fun of being social is the awkwardness it causes the other person, too. It isn’t just you, it’s them too. Isn’t it amusing? When I take a step back, and introspect on the situations around me, it’s funny how all the tough guys turn into wimps, and all the stuck up bitches seem to have lost all their attitude….the condescending bullshit shows up as huge gaps in confidence, the tough guy act shows up as a child-like need for attention and when you go into such a situation with no such ill-will, it’s amazing how these types of interactions quickly reveal their true intentions.

People love to use things like religion, a holier-than-thou attitude, prayer, social clubs, secret societies, so called ‘spiritual’ awakenings, among other things, to justify their behavior to themselves. Basically, all giant piles of group think. I’ve started to realize what the danger of this is: You will sacrifice your own honesty and integrity for an attempt at being an asshole to seem cool. Good job. You have won life now.

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