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August 30, 2004

life in perspective

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So I just took a trip down memory lane I guess you could say, I just viewed the year book to my sisters previous and what would have been my school. I start to notice how much I’ve changed since I’ve been in school. Seeing people I knew previously and how they’ve changed. Looking at all the stereotypes which each of them obviously fall into, I see things that most don’t. And all the superficialness shows up too, I started going dizzy just looking at it…

I have a completely different perspective on things now, and I start to notice the difference between how I think and how most people do. I feel as if I’m better than them and that’s kind of weird, because usually I feel everything is equal. I think I’m just really starting to hate the typical path of an American. I just really disagree with the world. I’m not sure if this is just my perspective or what but I feel as if I’m older then these people…A step ahead of even…

Maybe I’m just so different from the average person at this point that I’m somewhat lost in a world of people I don’t like. Or maybe I’m just taking things out of perspective and some of the kids in there aren’t so bad…

I kind of feel as if everyone should do as I have done sometimes…not follow the straight and easy path. Maybe it’s because I’m biased but who knows…I really don’t like the alternatives I see and it seems like most people are living in a bliss of ignorance…Maybe I need to get out more, but I have no where to go…

mission objectives

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I have a few new mission objectives, of course I’m sure you’ll recognize some of them or at least realize how I have gotten to the proceeding conclusions…

Alright here we go…

I will personally see to it that people who ride around in their car listening to pop music with the bass turned up all the way and the windows open are neutered. What’s with these people? In fact in general what the hell is wrong with most kids? Why are people so damn dumb? I swear I give people too much credit because I’m starting to realize what’s normal is deserving of not existing. It’s time for some post-natal abortions here. Knowing my luck these same foolish kids will be the next members of congress and the next presidents…They’ll be the ones passing laws for the media industries which they love so much…and it’s damn well obvious why, they’ve been hooked since childhood. Stupidity prevails and all else fails…

I’m going to kill your unborn babies. I don’t care what you think, because I know the way. Have you ever seen Jerry Springer? Most of those people have kids. The choice is easy. I propose abortion in three easy steps.
1. Removal of stupidity (this will prevent pregnancy)
2. Removal of baby (you’re already too stupid)
3. Removal of you (this is when the other 2 fail)

Now that that’s out of the way lets get to some current topics…

Alright so a cousin of mine got pregnant after fucking some guy who just left his girlfriend, so she barely knows this guy, gets it on the rebound, and is now having a kid. This inspires me. What’s even funnier is that this person about a month before had been going on about how my parents had bad parenting skills. Well lets see here…Yay for parenting skills…Seriously I actually find this somewhat funny. I’m just that evil. And an abortion oh, that’s just too much to handle…On to step 3!

I’ve got nothing against them, I don’t hate them or anything, but when people get a taste of their own medicine in such a strong way it’s kind of funny. I don’t care about proving people hypocrites but I will be the one silently laughing at your stupidity. So next time keep your mouth shut and your legs too. Oh man, I could do this all night.

What’s with sex anyway? Why do people care so much about it? It’s funny how urges control people to have kids. Seriously though I’m fed up with people being so damn obsessed with sex. I’ve encountered it so much and it’s annoying. It’s such a big joke too, girls and guys alike putting an over importance on an urge that you can satisfy yourself so easily if desired. It’s more than that though it’s like a lack of self-control and a society expectation all slapped into one…I’m tired of hearing about sex, I’m tired of all relationship bullshit. I don’t want to hear about it, I don’t care about making babies, and I don’t care about you. Also I hate you. And your kids. And your dog. And the white picket fence too.

August 21, 2004

insane campaign

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What’s with these people who are like…”I support president bush” and actually agree with some of the decisions he’s made? They advertise their support for him like it’s somehow a good thing, and they seem so uneducated about the things he’s done and the reasoning he’s used that it’s not even funny.

So I watched my copyright-violated version of Fahrenheit 9/11 and it was less sucky then I thought it would be, however it wasn’t anything new to me. We all knew bush was a greedy business man, didn’t we? I mean come on. And then the depressed family who had volunteered every single one of its members to the military who lost their kid in the useless war against Iraq, well if you send off every member of your family to the military it’ll catch up with you eventually I suppose…

I think the real problem is that people are just like “I’m a republican so I must vote republican” even if the so called republican they’re voting for is the not very good at doing the job they’re supposed to do. I mean people are so quick to jump to one party or another and bash the other parties candidates but no one actually fucking evaluates them for how good they can do the job. Instead they evaluate their criminal records, drug habits, war records, and of course as already mentioned, political party. As if I give a rats ass? Why even want the president to have been in a war? How about a president afraid of war? Maybe they wouldn’t be so quick to start them.

I mean I just don’t get some peoples logic. I’m guessing it’s mostly war veterans who care about that last one, maybe they feel as if since they did it, their president should have as well. Just like how people expect you to have gone and finished school. More useless fucking expectations. I’m really getting tired of those let me tell you.

It’s one thing to expect someone to be able to do a certain task at hand but it’s another when you start looking at irrelevant things to see if they can do it. Why does this happen so often in America? I think it has something to do with people being misled.

I had a revelation soon after my previous post. It came to me after being reminded of something Che Guevara wrote…

“In rough outline this phenomenon is similar to the process by which capitalist consciousness was formed in its initial epoch. Capitalism uses force but it also educates the people to its system. Direct propaganda is carried out by those entrusted with explaining the inevitability of class society, either through some theory of divine origin or through a mechanical theory of natural selection.”

What came to me was that by showing people this predefined path with propaganda or expectations and then making people think this path is the way to making it rich and eventually leading to everyones favorite purpose-of-life called happiness, even if the path fails them, it’s now the only way they know, and according to it, just a little bit more hard work will get you there. Of course if that were the case every hard-working American would be a millionaire by now, that’s obviously not true. In the mean time you did manage to do a job and accomplish tasks that society needed, despite not hitting it big. And thus the mind-trick we call capitalism has taken place.

People put expectations on others and in reality following them can only lead you to being an average person. It prevents you from being truly great, which could even mean you’re above or below average, but having gotten there by your own way. And without an independent thought process you have no right in advertising your opinions, because all you’re doing is advertising another’s. You’re like a cult, a religion, a belief system, a fool fallen for capitalism…

And thus another day in the life of an American…

August 20, 2004

the tried and true

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Millions every year. A predetermined path that is chosen, by the individual and those encumbering their surroundings. Views projected onto people from childhood and expected of them in adulthood. And all in order to weed out the favorable. Now let me get this straight here, survival of the fittest has to be logical right? Alright, then why are those following paths made by others in order to check and see if they are worthy the ones that supposedly succeed better? Is it because the same people expecting it have also followed this same route and by doing so have created a structured belief system out of it? No it couldn’t be, could it?

You’ve got it, the government is a belief system. Society as well. For we’re not born social we’re simply capable of it, what we learn is to survive better but in my opinion the way most humans learn to survive is kind of pathetic. Working jobs to make money to support their offspring and then eventually dying, and people say the point of life is to be happy but that’s such a useless thing to say.

As I’m sure I’ve written many times before no ones life is simply a bliss of happiness, no in fact most peoples lives are pretty mediocre most of the time, sad some of the time, and happy even less of that time. So the point of life is to be happy? Well most people aren’t using most of their time being happy so that’s kind of pointless. Why make the point of life one of the least truly achievable things there is? What is the point anyway? You see we’re here by pure chance and it’s a gamble when it comes to predicting whats going to happen.

So back to the original subject, a predetermined path. You follow along and you’re supposed to get more money then those who don’t and then what? The chances of me being one of the lucky upper class in this country anytime soon doesn’t seem to be in my favor, so am I going to just be average all my life, or below it? And those who do have all the cash, whats with them, what side of evolution are they on? Sometimes it seems they’re worse off then the poor. And why? Because they only seem to care about themselves, and that means less gene line penetration in the end, if you know what I mean. Seems like relationships are a complete joke to most of the rich. Ah they’re a joke to begin with who am I kidding.

Yeah so having kids is pointless and I can give you so many reasons as to why but that’s another topic for another day. So since I don’t see any point to all of this, what path will I be taking? How many times when I see a fork in the road will I decide to bend the fork and take neither? Because both are predetermined, even if one is less traveled. And how many times will I just decide to just turn around?

How hard will life be for me? How have my actions hurt my place in society? Does it matter? Is there a point? What would trying to join back up with one of the predetermined paths do other then increase my place in society? How would it benefit my knowledge, my mental state, and plain and simple, what I want, my own equilibrium, my own so called happiness?

There are many things I do not know and what I do know is that right now my life is seemingly falling apart, however I somehow have not yet lost it, in fact I seem to be improving. Is this a new step or yet another illusion?

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