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July 31, 2002

spontaneous random journal postages.

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dear journal, today is a very special day, for my journal poster thing now has a spell checker. indeed, that is special, but I’m not sure what purpose this will serve. now I have to type like I have a stick up my ass or my words will light up in red. how fun!! but with all seriousness its actually useful when i can’t spell spontaneous or ridiculous. thats what this post is, absolutely spontaneous and ridiculous. i hate writing as if I’m writing to someone or something in specific. I only write about my opinions and shit that happens to me on here. that’s just about all I have to talk about anyway. now I’m going to go spell check all my posts.

July 30, 2002

toleration in moderation.

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I remember back when I was in my old school, they had this guy come in to talk about tolerance. They showed us a video and of course singled out a whole bunch of kids. The video of course, had the black kid, the white kid, the short kid, the tall kid, the indian kid, the mexican kid, etc. I think you get the idea, basically politically correct bullshit slapped together with people with abnormal physical characteristic all in one. The ultimate in making everything worse and out of proportion. I think for some reasons humans have trouble accepting that humans are animals and pick on each other and it won’t ever go away. Soon after the routine annual brainwashing, all the kids who disliked each other would go around shouting that they “tolerated” each other, as if tolerating them was a bad thing. So basically feeding the fire more. Talk about a load of shit. Here’s to all the morons who spend our tax money on the the anti-drug, tolerance, respect, and many more forms of government brainwash.

If I have to sit through another brainwashing like that I swear to god I’m going to walk up there and bitchslap the guy and pull the video tape out and smash it to pieces.

July 29, 2002

saw ap3

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it was funny but i knew what was happening due to someone i won’t mention who basically gave it away…oh well..it was only a few scenes that were ruined…and of course a buncha advertising…the in movie plugs in some recent movies are so ridiculious, it appears the mpaa is finally falling, so desperate because their media is worthless and people are starting to realize it..i guess sticking in ads in the movie is their last attempt..just like when internet business failed, everyone jumped to advertising. what the fuck has this world come to? big business = bad business. bush = moron. i think this puts it in simple enough terms for the average human to understand. oh yes, and bill gates is not a genius he’s just a very good manipulator, like most people with a lot of power in this government. in fact, the people with the most power are the entertainment industries…due to the fact that they basically own the government.

btw… vote green party i promise you won’t be let down.
libertarian/democrats aren’t so bad either, but I prefer green. republicans start wars and waste resources and there’s already enough of that, i think many will agree. green party won’t take money from big corporations and companies, there for the laws will be made by the politicians not Mr.BigExecuctive from YourFavoriteEntertainmentCompany.

July 27, 2002

fads are silly

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you know its funny because I see this all the time silly fads that come and go…do you think its good to like things just to fit in? I can’t ever seem to agree with that, I only like what I want to like, and I find most people who go with fads don’t like what I like but you know what, they just have to accept that. I see it in my friends…I see it in relatives…I see it everywhere…not to mention the pure amount of hypocrisy involved with it all…well most of the people I see it in are around my age, so teenagers and such…I guess I’m young so I shouldn’t worry about it and I suppose it gives me permission to be stupid or something…maybe i should go join a fad and become social..oh yes..what would it do for me? living a lie doesn’t sound fun, but I suppose people make it fun? well, i suppose if they actually liked whatever or somehow convinced themselves they did, it wouldn’t be so bad but what does liking something have to do with changing the impression you give people? someone told me something today and what they said was kind of funny because it was obviously one of those practice what you preach situations..hypocrites…I really hate when someone is all friends with one person one day then it can be a few days later and their enemies…then I’m stuck in the middle…but I’ve done it to other people too but then again those people didn’t handle it very well when I was one of those enemies. I usually say something along the lines “well they never did that to me but if they do” or something similar. Last time this happened and I had taken sides it ended up later on they were friends again and wow look who gets screwed in the end, me. moral of the story? morals suck. fuck that.

July 26, 2002

holy shit

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I’ve been listening to autechre like all the time lately which is weird i should listen to something else but i dunno what to listen to..WAIT I KNOW!!!! OVUCA!!! yes i downloaded the album but i never listened to it so i should listen maybe….

racism is the best, put your neighbors to the test.

ok i listened to it and thats that..werd

July 24, 2002

people are stupid

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Yes, its true, people are stupid. The proof behind this is very easy to obtain, just realize how stupid you are and you should be one step closer. Inside of every human there’s a thing that tells them to be stupid, I think its called a brain. In this brain there is a bunch of stupid things, including blood, memories, stupidity, cells, drugs, and probably a few dead mice. To sum this up I think humans should all simultaneously pull their brains out of their asses and stick them back in their skull, this may help solve the problem temporarily until people find new ways to become stupid. Why would humans want to be stupid? Well there’s plenty of reasons I’ve made a list of the top 15 things that make people stupid, I think it will speak for itself.

1. capitalist pigs
2. denial
3. ignorance
4. the entire bush administration (very similar to #1)
5. thinking you are better then someone else
6. knowing you are better then someone else (which makes you insane due to the fact that your not better then anyone)
7. competing with people only to claim you’re better then them if you win.
8. being politically correct because it’s “the right thing to do”
9. obeying ridiculous laws because it’s “the right thing to do,” instead of fighting them. I’ve seen this and the reason for it was to further enhance their feeling of innocence. hah. we’re all guilty. Did you know humans lie 1-2 times daily, possibly more? innocent my ass.
10. calling people who declare war on us terrorists, when in fact, america brings fear in the hearts of many other countries, which makes them automatically surrender and become our bitch.
11. making fun of people that caused you no harm
12. people who do the above and then try to get other people to do it with them, which gives them double stupidity which is kind of like double jeopardy except stupider.
13. using the phrase “stupid is what stupid does” or any other phrase from the movie “Forest Gump”
14. arguing with someone only to benefit themselves and later bring in other people to further enhance their argument, which really doesn’t, just gives you one of those 2 vs. 1 situations which are gay and usually ruins the argument completely.
15. accusing people of things they didn’t do, but you yourself did do. See my post on trust issues.

I’ve written these and I’ve come to the point where I’m never really sure if anything anyone says is true or not. It’s not as bad with some people, in fact only certain people I have this feeling with. Mainly the people who’ve lied to me. I’ve rarely lied consciously meaning, while realizing it, though I know I have, and I have always admitted to it. I can’t keep lies, they haunt me. I don’t ever try to prove myself or make myself look better, I was never popular, probably for this same reason. Most of the times I’ve lied were because people gave me faulty information. Those people, are the true liars, unless of course they were also given faulty information, which usually isn’t the case. I write this because of something that happened today, a prank call. This person, indeed was stupid and obvious, though tried to be convincing, with failure. I suppose I’ve gotten a little worked up about it, but talking about it here appears to help. I suppose it just continued my hatred of humans, but I doubt it made that big of a difference.

July 23, 2002


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i might actually get a cat that is way cool…i wanted a cat for a while..so I’m gona keep the food in my fridge and the litter box in the bathroom and bam insta-kitty-house and i wanna buy some cat toys and stuff that will be cool..yes…there’s a pet store place that sells cat stuff and a vet next to it so thats cool and i can even walk there its real close..down the street…so yeah cats are cool and stuff…wooot


July 22, 2002

home of the free*

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fuck the bush administration

cheated his way in office and with his help cheating us out of civil liberties…
don’t you just love america? PRAISE ALLAH!!

*may not be true

trees and pants

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so yeah..boring world..werd..
I GOT HATE MAIL!!!! not really I was just bored with the line tool…anyways I supposed I’ve bitched about everything cause all the original things i posted on here were things i used to bitch about a lot but now that all seems stupid so i need to think of new things to post on here and i don’t even know what to post. well okay…wtf is this thing for anyway? oh well

July 20, 2002


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dunno i ran out of shit to say for now so I’m posting this shit now…


I’m done

redid journal look

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okay i re-did my journal to match my web page now and thats cool so yeah..enjoy n shizz…

oh yeah..

btw I’m still bored.

July 19, 2002

bored as hell

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i haven’t posted in a day or so..so anyway yeah..why do guys always brag about meeting woman to me? why would i care? I supposed my relationship skills are kinda fucked up but am i really insecure about it? i don’t think so. the world is a very territorial place and I guess most men feel special when they meet someone cause our brains tell us to…well you know fuck that…I don’t like any humans. nor would I even think about continuing this race. i think the world should be taken over by a bunch of kittens. that would be cool. I think i have schizoid personality disorder. I suppose thats bad, but i don’t really care. I want to go do something fun but its late and I find nothing fun anymore so yeah. maybe i should go play with knives, but why? I already do that mentally and it probably hurts just as bad.

July 17, 2002

why the fuck am i posting here?

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I don’t even get why i post to this thing but for some reason i feel compelled to. I’m not quite sure what i should post other then I’ve been sitting here doing not much at all and I’m kind of bored visiting the same web sites over and over. so yeah..shizz….i should draw something to stick on here..okay..here we go

another day

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I just woke up and now I’m kinda pissed off cause it wouldn’t send the post I just tried to send it is all slow that sucks…well i don’t think I’m going to get shit done today yet again and for some reason that doesn’t bother me anymore..the pain isn’t good or bad..I’m just so used to it that it doesn’t matter anymore..does that make sense? I dunno…oh well..another day…

July 16, 2002

for once i’m partially intouch with reality

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I’m in a good mood right now. My friend was just over and we were playing his gamecube which is cool I want a gamecube someday. I want a cat more then a gamecube though. cats are cool.
that cat is cool.

cats are cooler then humans and they are the ultimate land predator. If I could have any 2 pets I’d have a shark and a cat. that would be cool but sharks are kinda big plus managing salt water tanks is a pain in the ass and my current fish are cool you could call them the sharks of freshwater in a way cause they are pretty aggressive and intelligent. but you can’t hold a fish like you can cats..well not without pissing it off pretty badly or injuring it but still they are cool. cats are fluffy. sometimes. I like medium hair cats cause they have just the right amount of fluffiness. fluffiness is a funny word. its all fluffyish.


politically correct asshats are dorkpants.

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you know what I hate I hate dorkpants. also, racism is funny. let me explain a bit.

everyday I’m subjected to large amounts of racism, by people who are and claim they aren’t racist. it’s so funny because at this point I’m just used to it and it is actually humorous to me now. we’re in a country that pushes politically correct bullshit on everyone so you hear terms like “african american” and shit..so why are africans singled out? should we start calling people german americans? how about indian americans? oh nos..what a load of shit.

Being politically correct is being racist. If you disagree with me you’re wrong. This is a fact. Racism isn’t ever going to go away as long as humans aren’t the only specie on this planet. And thank god at that..if humans were the only specie I’d probably have went completely insane by now due to the large amount of stupidity I’d be surrounded by. Not to mention stupidity in large groups is even worse then just one piece of stupidity.

Religion is the same as racism without genetic differences. I’m not even kidding here. People hold religion against people the same way that racists hold the race against them. It’s a load of shit. And let’s not even get into how stupid praying and believing in bullshit with no facts. Even past the point of what we now know..oh no there’s no more sun gods because we know what fusion is..damn..no more lightning gods with big light sabers..damn..oh well, I guess I ruined all the fun huh? let’s all praise allah and ram a plane up your ass. if you want to preach morality and what you think you need to do to live a “good life” fine..my life might suck but I’d rather it suck then go through that bullshit. next person who says they believe in jesus is getting a shoe up their ass.

fuck christians fuck jews fuck muslims fuck catholics fuck protestant fuck blacks fuck whites fuck spanish fuck you.

trusting people with trust issues

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Title seems like a big contradiction but then again most people with trust issues tend be stuck in a giant flood of contradictions anyway.

Yesterday someone told me that someone i used to be friends with accused me of doing something. This something, was the exact thing they had done to me, it was the reason I stopped talking to them. Not to mention, I never had done it in my life. Talk about bullshit. i just look back at a lot of previous friends..of course they blame everything on me..and a lot of times fall back on previous ex-friends when they loose one friend..of course that ex-friend also knew me so then they talk bad about me and there’s now a whole mix of stories going around..people suck.

I’m glad i don’t have friends that do that anymore. one thing i wont ever do is blame people for my actions just because i no longer talk to them. i think if i had the choice I’d live inside a hallowed out mountain and my only human contact would be buying food. and I’d have a lot of cats, and everyone would think I’d some crazy old man or something and I’d probably agree but I’d rather be that way then be the way some other people are…believing in bullshit and stuck in constant denial.

actually maybe I’d rather live on a hallowed out mountain on mars..that would be cool too..i think mars is cool its all red. red is cool.

reality collapsed again

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your all asshats every single one of you and if you disagree with me I really don’t care because your asshats.

asshats are a part of human society in fact without asshats there would be probably nothing just asses and hats with no asshats you know how boring that would be? okay seriously here would be a everyday situation

person 1: look its a hat
person 2: look its an ass
person 1: why can’t we combine the 2?

…yeah…sadly enough…it is true..

i hate the government why you ask? prohibition sucks how can you prohibit some stupid creature from stupid things? whether it be drugs or computer software i mean its just material shit hell we didn’t even make this planet what right do we have to limit what others can own? sure stealing isn’t that cool but common thats not limiting what people can have. just limiting where they can get it from. i cant stand this fucking planet and the fucking stupid shit humans do and say its so fucking selfish and hell I’ve even been called selfish once and i laughed my ass off how am i selfish? i don’t like the way humans live isn’t this a free fucking country? no not really so basically majority rules and not even majority its just whoever has the most money talk about bullshit…economy is dying again and yet another war but this time its the war on terrorism what a load of shit..just call it a war stop throwing in fancy words to get everyone to be patriotic i wish americans would just fucking admit their country isn’t perfect and a lot of times hurts the rest of the world

first post

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my first post..i finally got this thing so now i can like bitch about shit but i guess i don’t really need this thing to bitch about shit because all i ever do is bitch about shit and never get shit done when i wish I’d get the shit done..see I’m already bitchin and i just got this thing well whatever…

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