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September 30, 2004

coupon whores

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You know who you are, you gathered up your little coupon book before you go to the grocery store, trying to get the best deal, saving that extra 50 cents on your hot pockets or what not. Buying into the food markets devious scheme of price manipulation which gets you the consumer paying more in the end. How’s that you say?

Let’s look at it logically. Say it’s one of those buy two get 50 cent off deals. Normally you’d have bought one. Now that you’re buying two, you’re buying more then you previously would have. While you’re saving 50 cents you’re giving them money they otherwise wouldn’t have made. So they lose 50 cents and gain the price of the second item. Not a bad move from the business perspective huh? Making money they wouldn’t have and tricking you into thinking you’re saving. Plus, when you’re buying so much of one thing, where’s the variety? I’m sure that’s got it’s own nutritional problems I don’t even know about…

Let’s look at the methods of savings proposed by a grocery store near you. How about a coupon for an amount off when you spend over a certain amount? Fine if you spend over that amount, but usually the amount is high enough that what you save is minor to begin with. Also if you’re spending that certain amount just to use the coupon you’re again, spending more then you would have normally. So that doesn’t work in favor of you the consumer either. The only case this works in your favor is if you spent enough to use the coupon, and didn’t consciously or subconsciously buy more than enough to satisfy it.

Then of course there’s the odd policies all these coupons have, such as buying an odd variety of the item, or even things you never even tried before, but have a coupon for, and decide to buy it because it’s similar to something that you do like. Again you’re the one at the loss, and the store makes money either way. What are you saving? Let’s say you grocery shop every other week and save an average of $15-20. That’s $390-520 annually, not much to begin with. Alright now factor in the amount of stuff you hadn’t planned on buying, bought more then you needed of, or bought because of a coupon and wasted as you didn’t like it. I’d seriously like an analysis of that. If I had to make a guess I’d guess your savings would even out or even be in the negatives. If positive, it’d be by a greatly reduced amount, in which the effort of coupon-hunting would have been better spent at your job bringing in a higher pay check.

Again it’s yet another example of the feeble minded and fat-stomached American buying into saving schemes which ignore the big picture. Most savings aren’t even as good as those listed above. If you spent $150 each time you went food shopping biweekly that’s $3900. The savings look pretty good at that estimate but then you must realize people are buying more then they need, and not really saving much in the end. And just watch as your average American gets fatter and fatter, and everyone sits around wondering why.

Let’s just say that every coupon whore I’ve ever met does an unsatisfactory job of shopping. Today was my first day of grocery shopping by myself, and I came home to be harassed by a coupon whore. My life rules don’t it?

And let’s look at the most logical thing of all, why would they do it if they were making less money from it? We’re talking about American companies here, who’d genetically modify your food so they can produce it faster and cheaper before giving you a better deal.

Insert all the old money-saving-analogies you want.

September 16, 2004

I don’t hate girls, just stupid people.

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So people say to me hey that girl was pretty cute or what not as if I’m supposed to care. Well actually according to most peoples ideals I am supposed to care.

I don’t though, because most people don’t live up to my expectations. And it just so happens to be that in this country most girls do not. I don’t hate girls, just stupid people.

So when some girl walks down the street who’s “pretty cute” and I see that shes loaded up with makeup and clothing from a fashion designer they are put into my stupid category. That applies to guys too, but being as I’m not attracted to them, that’s not really relevant.

But they’re an honor student! Oh sure they like computers! They use AOL all the time! They must be smart! Maybe I’m just picky. Maybe I don’t care enough. What I do know is that it’s easier to avoid people which I can immediately classify as stupid then it is to try and figure out whether or not they really are.

Maybe I’m just tired with the amount of superficialness around. I still don’t give a rats ass about how I look, despite my minimal efforts, which are because of hygiene, not self-image. And I’m no expert in that either.

I mean shit, look at me, I’m unmotivated, I don’t have a job, I might be considered smart by some, but who the hell cares? I don’t. That’s why none of that matters to me. Even if I’m some kind of chick magnet it really doesn’t matter because my stupid detection system puts up a firewall.

And when I do actually like someone they always end up being a nut case in the end, or it turns out I only had liked them for their looks and hate them personally. I’ve had each of those happen once or twice.

So that’s why I say fuck it, why participate in such silly games of cat and mouse when toy mice are 5 bucks for a pack of 12? What the hell is with weddings and rings and jewelery and all that stupid crap? Why is it that most guys don’t even care about that stuff and yet would put up with a woman who goes nuts over it? Don’t even think about using the L word as an excuse or I’ll have to slap you with a (less) stupid stick.

Is it that men are just weak or is it that most guys just learn to accept that women will just be their superficial selves? Shit most men are pretty superficial too so maybe it’s not even a problem to them. The decisions I have to make that most people do not, what’s with that?

It’s like I make things harder because I see why what most people do is illogical and because I’m not doing what they’re do I don’t simply fit into the same system. I create my own.

I really should start my own country some day.

September 11, 2004

egotistical expression

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Look a big extension of my ego! Oh wait a second.

Hey whats the purpose of this thing anyway? Is it just my way to assume I’m right in order to avoid things? Or is the world really so far lost from reality that suddenly I’m the one that seems wrong when in reality I’m not?

Why does it always have to come down to right and wrong? Why do people care what others do or say or think or feel? Is it because doing so mutually will insure optimal survival or is it because people are selfish and want you to survive their way, which is possibly less optimal?

Anyway I’m yet again confronted with the whole education issue and I swear I’m never going to hear the end of it from people, until of course I get a job, then they’d probably shut up. It seems that’s the major proving point. And of course getting a job is possibly going to be harder without the required high school papers.

At this point I’m ready to say fuck getting a GED or any type of education just out of spite of people. I’m going to try and get some computer certifications and maybe learn something I do want to while doing that, in the mean time I’ll do what the fuck I want to. Like always.

The last thing I need at this point is to be told what to do, everyone thinks they know the answers but I swear everyones full of shit, even the people that are supposed to know. Maybe the day I become completely arrogant and shut off to others will be the day I realize my true potential, it starts to seem that way with how much people get on my nerves.

And it’s always from friends or family I get this shit, the people that are supposed to care…yet blatantly misunderstand me. I don’t know anyone else in my situation who’s given me advice so I really can’t say anyone of these sources is more credible then the other.

This is boring.

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