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October 19, 2019


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because if there’s anything we needed more in america right now, it’s for everyone to have an individually louder and isolated voice about topics that they are not experts on.

You want to talk about fake news, the media isn’t fake news, WE, are the fake news. Yes, that’s right. WE are the unqualified idiots trying to hold expect opinions. What more is this? What more is a podcast? Well, lacking self-awareness for one.

You know, it’s one thing to write or orate a subjective opinion piece, but, now, everyone has a platform. Everything needs a gotcha sound bite, or a controversial “fake outrage” to latch onto. And they’ll even make up topics to outrage over or basically just create entire alternative realitys for people to live in their headspace.

It goes to say that most people are truly not good skeptics in america right now. It should be worthy of moral outrage that there are still adults that believe the earth is flat, or perpetuate any number of conspiracy theories, moon landing crap, anti-vaxxer garbage, or even political conspiracy, blatant denial or even projection.

The new creed in america has become “I’m not a good or honest person, i’m greedy, so therefore, everyone is not a good or honest person, and everyone is greedy” It’s almost like Reagan’s famous “I’m from the government and i’m here to help.” What you’ve truly helped is to ruin the integrity of America by by projecting your own sheistiness onto all of us. Some people are bad people, these people especially, but not everyone is inherently bad. Know the difference, draw the line.

October 15, 2018

America doesn’t really care about human rights

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Is it any surprise? Recent articles coming out where america refuses to support articles of human rights, because of things regarding the death penalty they didn’t like.

You know, I made some pretty damning statements back in my 2015 piece, “damage thy enemy as doth damage thyself”:
“Look, I’m no fool, I know it’s a fallacy to correlate those without any real factual basis, but the real truth is, any culture or society which lacks the fundamental respect for human rights required to banish this barbaric tribal blood ritual from general practice, also probably lacks a lot of other fundamental moral and ethical characteristics, and should probably be treated as you would a lion on a leash, not as dictators of world decision.”

Hey America, wake the fuck up. You need to be supporting human rights, the death penalty should have been off your moral agenda years ago. You fucking idiots are still trying to strip woman’s birth rights, and are so worried about unborn babies, meanwhile, you all still support the death penalty? What the hell is wrong with you people? Get with it and stop acting like barbaric animals.

catch and release propaganda part 2: I just did it for the lulz.

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I was only following orders.

What I’m seeing as time goes by, is that these two statements could end up meaning much the same thing in our history.

I can remember the earlier days of the modern internet, the beginning of memes and such, probably 2005-2006 era, this notion of “doing it for the lulz” became a thing. Who peddled it? Some smart people, some not so smart people, internet fame through trolling, or even hacking/cracking/social engineering, in the cases of many of these individuals. Most of it was just people who’d read about it, basically, imitators, or people who thought it sounded cool, and liked some of the shock value of it. Trolling for fun. And then at some point, it all went wrong.

It seemed at some point, it was basically just online harassment. It wasn’t really funny, they were just laughing at you. Then came all these various scandals, gamergate, doxing, etc. And all of the sudden, it’s become associated with racism, alt-rightism, etc.

There’s a lot of fake outrage over things on the left, a lot of false comparisons, both sides are “equally as bad” or “equally as corrupt.” Well, I call bullshit. The only thing the democrats ever mess up is letting the republicans convince the public otherwise. usually with fake outrage over political correctness or some other irrelevant issue that doesn’t really matter in the larger scheme of things, just some bullshit hot-topic that gets the typical superstitious american idiot all riled up.

Meanwhile, back in reality, it seems like we have one party that fixes the economy and another one that consistently tanks it and gives money to rich people while suckering the poor on some notion of “you’ll get all your hard earned tax dollars back!” as if the fucking problem was ever that in the first place.

Then you’ve got libertarians, and that guy with the boot on his head, i’m pretty sure they’re about the same thing. I did like the sound of bootguy’s dental plan.

We’ve reached a funny pinnacle though, where the right will actually be the ones to claim fake-outrage on the left, despite the fact that they are the ones who fueled that troll-hate-machine in the first place, and bear the larger responsibility for all the harassment and harm it has created. That said, it’s not okay when the lady flashes “OK” at some hearing, is accused of possibly racist pandering, denies it, then does it again, “for the lulz.” What does that really mean, in light of our present context?

That said, I bring you the next installment in my anti-propaganda series, a piece presented as “a sign made by a liberal”:

Look at what these crazy liberals believe! Fake outrage!!!! As if, tongue in cheek is just not a thing. Like, this sign is clearly tongue in cheek, right? Some 65 year old lady is sharing this meme on facebook right now and acting like this is how young people really think. Ignoring the fact that people in her party are the ones who inspired hateful memes (ala Pepe the frog) and “doing it for the lulz”, and that most of the harassers, abusers, and all-around bad people seem to fall on their side of the table. We can ignore all that for a second, for some fake notion of honor and dignity, damn youngsters just not honoring and respecting their president!!!!

And you can see why some people just think we, as americans, are a bunch of idiots.

September 4, 2018

catch and release propaganda

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There’s a new wave of propaganda, and it’s no longer ad council commercials on TV, oh no, those slightly encouraging moral high-ground nudges are nothing compared to this new form of guerrilla social media warfare. I’m going to present a new series of posts, where I de-construct propaganda-filled-memes here, rather than giving them attention for people to reply and argue on facebook.

First entry, false narrative science:

I’m pretty sure any scientist worth a damn would acknowledge hermaphrodites, intersex, and other such well-known phenomena, in fact, you’d think such phenomena would directly discredit the sentiment this image is trying to express. not to mention fish, shrimp, etc, which can actually change gender, I’m not sure science helps this sentiment at all, really.

False narrative with a false equivalency at best, political propaganda at worst. If only memes spoke for scientists. The real question I have is, who made this and where did it really come from? Things proclaiming to be some form of insider-truth should be the most suspicious.

May 26, 2018

Military pride and a half

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It’s okay to have national pride, the kind where you say to yourself, you know what, “I’m proud of my country”. And then you shut the fuck up, and keep it to yourself.

That’s the normal amount of pride one should have for their country, religion, race, ethnicity, you name it.

However, I don’t even think we live in a country where most people can say “I’m proud of my country” anymore, none the less have the appropriate boundaries with pride. Especially not when that pride has quickly turned into white nationalism. In light of that – if you still want to be crying honor, dignity, and respect, you are a condescending bigot. Like literally rubbing your whiteness in the face of everyone else around you, so you can make some half-baked fake-outrage plea, oh woe is the military, not getting enough respect. We have the highest paid military in the fucking world. I’ll show it my respects by cutting it in half and giving that money to the education system.

January 20, 2018

everyone’s brainwashing eachother

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lately it’s funny how opposing parties are accusing each other of trying to gentrify the other out of existence these days.

i cant say merry christmas, they’re making us gay, all gay propaganda but no christmas? what is going on the christians are under attack

meanwhile on the other side, straight people are identifying as gay in order to feel more metoo or something, making it seem as if there’s some sort of mass effort to convert christians gay, or so they seem to fear when judge the world through their rose colored glasses

Meanwhile the otherside is like a child begging for acceptance trying to wear whatever mask fits at the time. It’s funny how the right could be afraid of that – as it’s already so weak-willed to begin with – the fact that this sort of begging-for-acceptance or this overly ambitious need to show support, scares them, it’s like, they’re even more weak willed? It’s just crazy to think about. like two scared animals both hiding in opposite corners for no reason

August 10, 2017

labels and pride only serve to divide

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I’ve been saying this for a while now. it’s more true than ever.

white american southern republican liberal democratic cuck black muslim yankee jew christian communist pigdog.

religious people are zealots and try to push it onto other people – not only that but they are bigots as well – they often hold in favor people who share their religion above those who do not. It’s almost impossible for the religion to not let it effect others, as the very notion of religion is divisive – if it’s not my religion – it’s your religion.

The bible can only be cherry picked because thats what it was to begin with. Cherry picked stories and wivetales stolen from other religions and cultures. The solstice is now christmas and easter….etc. swap a few days around here or there. The bible itself is a huge cultural appropriator haha.

June 24, 2017

Fake outrage: The right doesnt hold a monopoly on patriotism

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A far right protester that is protesting a production of Caesar with some political tie-in explains they are not far right…oh no…we just love america. The liberals hate it. How dare they make negative commentary about our president. He only wants to give tax cuts to rich people and make it so the poor can’t get health care. Kathy Griffin and Johnny Depp should be so ashamed that they may have offended president pussy grabber. Think of his 10 year old son…he must be so disturbed over all this negative imagery of his father! Why…he’ll surely be scarred for life. Oh woe is me.

You know. Republicans used to play this holier than thou card when they had candidates that pretended they had integrity. However president pussy grabber never had that. He accused opponents of all sorts of crazy shit and made statements ten times more inflammatory than some half-baked actor or comedian have ever uttered but apparently none of that matters, because if you aren’t a blind patriot then you just ain’t as red blooded of an american as your right wing and proud protester. Right pride…..america first.

Needless to say some people see trump as some sort of reality tv strongman still..for some strange reason. Despite the fact he wants to raise all our premiums and give the money to rich people. But hey….you just aren’t a true patriot unless you not only give money to the rich…but actually go a step further and volunteer for the sheriff of nottingham’s police force, to catch that damn robin hood…..cause we keeping it safe round here…nice an’ obedient just how we like ’em. Be afraid of dem terries. Military industrial complex. For profit prisons. Attorney general who wants everyone in jail forever. Being a proud american now means supporting an authoritarian police state where if you don’t die from lack of health care you’ll be imprisoned so a rich person can return on an investment. Isn’t america great again? Tell me some more about how to confuse this ill-shrouded guise of fascism for patriotism. For I am all ears. There is no outrage from the right. They lost that moral high ground when party conformity became more important than pussy grabbing. This is the beginnings of fascism. The government is trying to make people afraid to criticize. Meanwhile there is no twitter filter. Just raw old angry man rants all day. Criticize thie man how dare you..a man who may have obstructed justice into an investigatiom that ultimately could prove treasonous collusion with russia…..but hey its all just fake news right? Or call it what it really is; the rights fake outrage over any dissidents. America do you rweally wanna go down that path?

Where there should be outrage isn’t from the right, but from everyone, the right, left, everyone, but unfortunately president group-think has got white people thinking he’s the next Reagan, all the while Russia is humiliating us with cyber-security and we can’t spend enough on bombs to fix it, as until you drop a bomb on russia, none of that will ever matter for this fight. And apparently the democrats are too chicken to bend the rules for themselves even though the republicans have been doing it since forever their unethical selves decided to be republicans.

June 25, 2016

white privileged socially democratic republicans

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I wrote my article, middle american libertarian mind rot nearly a year ago, at a time where Donald Trump and Gary Johnson weren’t even a twinkle in the stars in the sky. However, what I never imagined is just how bad it was about to become…

It goes deep too. Even in a crowd of skeptics and rationalists, you can still pick out the occasional libertarian anti-intellectualist, and I just can’t fathom how you can be so split-brained, but I guess it’s kind of like being a liberal christian or a christian scientist or any of those other almost-oxymorons. However, the Trump crowd takes all the religious crap and all the anti-intellectualism crap and bakes it into one cake. The libertarians are usually strictly the latter, and the main thing now is some new theme that american’s are somehow paying for the health care and/or social programs of our allies, by giving them some notion of military support, but we should really be “spending it at home”

Okay, what. I mean. The latter half is true to some extent, but the former half is borderline batshit insane. It’s like, because we’re too stupid to do what’s right for ourselves, and implement a proper single payer health care system, we need to pretend everyone else is just being unrealistic and riding off our backs, and now it’s time to drag them back down to our shitty level. Great job, america.

Lowering taxes and destroying social programs is not some magic fix for all of lives problems, and unregulated capitalism creates class inequality and giant corporate monopolies that control the government. Wait, what’s communism all about? Isn’t that when the government runs the corporations? Well, now that line certainly hasn’t become blurred any!? You go far enough authoritarian right and apparently you swing back around to the authoritarian left! Hating on socialism my ass….they wouldn’t know what the word means if it fell out of the sky and hit them in the head.

Yet, what persists is pandering to this “red scare” pseudo-mccarthyism anti-socialist sentiment that the right-wing has been spewing without any factual basis for the past who knows how many years. It’s a bunch of rightest propaganda, and it’s completely missing the point.

This notion that health care and other social programs just creates a society of freeloaders is bullshit, and it’s been proven to work just fine in nearly the rest of the civilized word. However, just a little bit of xenophobia, throw in some naughty muslims, and well, now you’ve got just cause to just pretend it all doesn’t exist, and we can throw all these countries under the bus, because look, there socialism couldn’t have existed without US, OUR failed system is what let THEM succeed. We couldn’t just take responsibility for failing to take care of our own people, that’d be too easy.

Let’s just let our white ass privilege overrule any sense of logic and reason, and our work-paid insurance is surely good enough for me! I work for it, I deserve it. That sick dying person who can’t work anymore and lost their job and coverage? Well, they should have had a backup plan and better coverage! That’ll never happen to me….Right?

I don’t know who you hedge your bets with, but the libertarian party can go get a fucking clue. And the Trump supporters, I’m about ready to propose we send them to the sun, since they are all seemingly ready to usher in the apocalypse anyway.

June 8, 2016

Bi is the new straight part 2: Transgenderism as a medical fad

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So, with recent stories about transgender males winning sports competitions, besides the human cock fighting being stupid, it brings up the issue of whether this is “fair.” Well, sports are never fair, we can’t clone people and have their clones compete. Sports competitions are useless entertainment, it’s like gambling, how long will this person’s body hold up, are they in peak condition, how is their training, will they trip and fall, it’s basically a joke, but people are very entertained by it for some reason…

All of this starts to get me wondering if physical transgenderism is putting a bandaid on psychological issues. like should we really be putting underage minors on hormone therapy and crap? I don’t know.

I’ve always been on the fence since i think people should be able to do what they want, but i mean, i feel like we’re trying too hard to pretend that genetically male people on hormones are somehow female when they never truly physically can be regardless of how they “feel.”

Then you get into chimeraism and hermaphrodites and all these weird fucking exceptions and it just makes the whole issue more bizarre. sexual reassignment for ambiguously gendered people used to be controversial and there was a huge movement to stop doing it to underage kids, but somehow if an otherwise normal kid decides it’s okay for themselves to have hormones/surgery, it’s okay to do it to them now. I don’t know. I really don’t know that it is.

i do wonder if society is being, almost too encouraging of the “solutions” to people who feel the other gender. like oh yeah we can fix that for ya, here’s a pill and if ya want we’ll plastic surgery ya up too. like this is the plastic surgery / pill fix for the problem. it’s like saying oh you’re depressed, here’s a zoloft. I don’t think that’s how this works, do these people really get any satisfaction from this? I’ve seen studies saying they usually aren’t any happier….

it’s a modern notion too, which further proves this “physical conversation” aspect has mental roots. i don’t mean that it’s genetic or not, it certainly could be genetic, what I mean is that you couldn’t just decide to have hormone therapy and surgery 200+ yrs ago. it didn’t exist. in fact – the notion of that wouldn’t have even been in your mind because society wouldn’t have put it there yet. we are very much creating part of this phenomena, and you better believe our for-profit medical system is taking every dime to the bank.

our country is obsessed with genital surgery, if you’re male and born here you’re lucky if you escape the knife, and it’s sad that america hasn’t caught up with the rest of the world on that one too. you better believe there’s profit motives all around.

here’s a whole new take: You could argue that psychologists used to classify homosexuality as a disorder and how is this any different – well, it isn’t, the angle is just wrong. The only difference is there wasn’t a doctor trying to sell them hormone pills and a sex change…but people HAVE tried to convert gays straight, people will try to convert people who feel the other gender, into the other gender, but neither truly ever works, does it….psychology might need some more research in this area for sure but i don’t think mankind has invented any working “fixes” as of yet. Isn’t “first do no harm” a big part of medicine? Stop this hormone and surgery bullshit, this is bad medicine all around.

see, I flipped it around from normal, since normally it’d be the psychologists job to try and “convert them normal”, but now with reassignment surgeries, it’s “to convert them to what they think is normal for them” but in reality what their job should be is to make them happy with who they are in the present, whether they do the surgery or not shouldn’t even be on the table.

P.S. Oh and by the way, who gives a fuck what bathroom people use. Per gender bathrooms are dumb anyway. Just build unisex bathrooms with separate doors instead of single bathrooms with crappy stalls (pun intended.) AKA Euro-style bathrooms. Those are way nicer anyway.

March 8, 2016

republican horoscopes

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You just know that some day you’ll be rich and/or famous. Play the lotto again this weekend. You’ll need that 1%er tax break you voted for after you win it. Forgot about that higher sales tax they also had to put in place to cover for it. The rich, like you, can afford it; unlike those lowly middle class and poor. Don’t actually try to better yourself or learn anything new. You will be better off at the same job you’re at now because it’s safe and comfortable.

Make a sale today for 500% profit. Tell the person you had it on commission from that you only sold it for 200% profit instead, and complain about how it sat around too long. You know that person you sold it to couldn’t really afford it anyway, but it doesn’t matter. Go to church this Sunday and gossip with your social club. A little bit of holier than thou makes up for the people you just screwed.

Demand respect from someone. Twice. It doesn’t matter who, an employee, a child, relative, anyone who you can place in position of inferiority to yourself. If they don’t give it, or say you’re not worthy of it, tell them again how you’re their elder, and that they will realize the mistake they made when they get older.

Get into a political facebook argument and don’t listen to anything the other side says. When they’ve finished making their point, hit them back with something like “you know the rapture is coming anyway, so I’ll pray for you”

Today, you will water cooler gossip about how vaccines are a scam and how the holocaust was an “exaggeration.” Later on, you will meet up with your church social group, and you learn a few stories from your church buddies about how standing under ladders is unlucky, there’s even a passage in the bible linking back to it! And the number 13 is unlucky, you’ll find a few references to this as well in the good book! Later on, repeat these stories inappropriately to your coworkers. They definitely will want to know about it.

Lie to someone today, your friends are also liars so it won’t matter. Be a hypocrite. Do things in private you don’t publically support. Have a restroom affair; it’s wide stance time.

Teach your child the wonderful lessons in life you’ve learned about people that are a different race or religion from yourself. They are all clearly inferior and should be go back to their own countries. Why are these liberals staying in america anyway, if they have such a problem with our american values? Teach your child to tell a liberal or minority to go back to their home country whenever they confront one.

Join a pyramid scheme. Start an email mailing list. Try to get all your friends and family to join as well. They can afford the thousands of dollars for the various overpriced membership discounts we provide, right? Plus, I get a cut, so it’s going to a good cause right?

Talk about how christians and free speech are being repressed, because you aren’t able to get away with being a racist bigot in public anymore. Hate speech is free speech too, and you feel you have the right to say whatever you want where-ever you want and to whomever, even in a public place of business. Turn away some gay people at a public venue. Can’t have them around trying to turn our children, can we? Us god-fearing republican christians are clearly the ones being repressed here!

Protest an abortion clinic today. Teach your daughters to be subservient to men. Sharia law, what’s that? We’ve got christian law. Honor thy father. Spare the rod. You know the right thing to do. Make her not understand her own body or rights, she’s just a woman, like your wife, men are the head of the household.

Defend a company that has caused horrible pollution and poisoned entire communities. Later, deny global warming and give a presentation about how it’s not actually happening based on irrelevant facts and broken logic. No real facts are actually involved anyway, just convincing talk and prepared speeches. The more it seems like it’s some kind of secret or conspiracy, the better. We want people to think they’re getting “in the know” information. You’re good at lying, right?

You know what kind of person you are! An honest, hard working american! Go out there and vote for Donald Trump! He supports the values we hold so dearly.

November 24, 2015

syrian clock phobia

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This one might not be what most people want to hear.

Taking apart your bedside clock and putting it arbitrarily into a metal suitcase kinda makes it look like a bomb.

Home made clock this was not, it was not some invention. I was taking things apart at a much younger age than this kid, and I probably even did similar things to this, but I was younger, and I was also not bringing them to school.

Once I did get in trouble for talking about lighters or torches or something in like, 3rd or 4th grade, I think the teachers thought it was odd I was playing with fire, they thought I was like, smoking cigarettes or something. Kind of funny how that went down. Not like how this kid’s situation went down, I’ll say that much.

However, now that they’re suing for millions, i think it should be said that the kid admitted it looked suspicious and that he had changed the wiring on it because it looked even more suspicious previously. He also was told by his teacher that it looks kinda suspect and not to show it around anymore, then proceeds to set the clock alarm off in the middle of his next class. What needs to be said is that the kid was looking for attention. Maybe not racist attention, but clearly he was seeking negative attention.

The police reaction was probably overkill given they knew by that time it was basically not a bomb, and/or a hoax bomb. Why not arrest the kid for a hoax bomb? They already knew it wasn’t a bomb, I guess. Even so, it’s odd how this was handled, and more and more I start to think this kid acted the part intentionally.

He was more than old enough to know that he didn’t really invent anything, but insisted as if it’s some great invention? Man, I remember being 15, it wasn’t that long ago, either this kid’s a real dumbass who gets excited over taking things apart at way too old of an age for that to be all that interesting (the opposite of a genius inventor) or he knew exactly what he was doing the whole time. I remember being much younger, like, 8 or 9, and realizing that a soldering gun was a pretty intimidating looking device to someone who had no idea, I think I scared the crap out of my cousins one time with one. However, even as an 8 or 9 year old, I knew it looked intimidating. By age 15 I was a hell of a lot more mature than that. You can’t tell me this kid’s got the reasoning of an 8 year old at age 15. Oh yeah, and should I mention, I basically knew how to solder at age 8 or 9. Yeah, solder. Not take a damn clock out of a case. Solder wires together. I was doing more than this kid did in his so called invention at nearly half his age.

However, should he be rewarded for the overreaction? I think it would be a sad mistake to do so. He got the attention he wanted, and now that he’s got his scholarship in Qatar, and is ditching the country, I think it’s safe to say he’s more than set now, so why the money?

Truth is, this goes deeper. Much deeper. The whole issue with the Syrian refugees is the not so much that they might be terrorists, rather, they come from a rigid culture that is usually unwilling to compromise, and time and time again leads to conflict.

It’s not so much that they’re muslims or this or that, it’s that they aren’t leaving behind what they’re running from. They are still taking with them all the things that created the very situation they are trying to escape. Rather than adapt to a new culture, it’s more of the old.

Also the point that Bill Maher often makes regarding the percentages of muslims that believe in sharia law, and wish that it were imposed in the places they live, including these countries they are immigrating to, it’s a scary thought indeed.

Truth be told, US Syrian immigration isn’t the issue, if you’re trying to come here as a refugee you’ve already got a long road ahead. It’s more so these countries near by the middle east that seem like a hop skip away, if they show up at the door knocking it’s a lot easier than an expensive plane ticket and years worth of paperwork.

Will they adapt, will they not, what is the future of islam? Truth be told, my opinion on religion is the same, it should all be abolished. More than ever is it apparent that religion is just a way to push agendas without sound reasoning, the fact we ever accept anything less than rationality is a slippery slope to extremism of many forms, islamic terrorism being only one of many possibilities.

That said, to pay this clock kid even a single dime would be an intellectually dishonest maneuver. Even if the kid had experienced some sort of racial profiling, he was looking for trouble to begin with. Maybe detention for causing a ruckus in class would have been more appropriate, but the supposed “overreaction” by the police has already gotten him a lot more than most kids will ever have, and really, the rest is all in vain.

Maybe the police are racist and overreacted, maybe so. However, recently, the liberal knee-jerk reaction has been playing to the “omfg-we-accept-you-all” card, even when it comes to cultures that are blatantly intolerant to the very principals that allow them to be so liberal in the first place. I only play to one card, and that’s abolish all religion card, then there’s no “us versus them” in the first place. The fact he just ran off to qatar also makes you wonder…I can’t help but feel the political correctness machine of america was way too quick to label him this great victim of islamophobia.

April 10, 2015

tie it together, son!

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So I’ve written in the past about facebook, cliques, the desire to lump ones self into a group, to ‘like’ this thing or that.

I’ve also recently had this ‘revelation’ of sorts regarding religious labels, their ability to divide and separate people into groups, and thus, when someone says, I’m in this religion, they are in essence, ‘liking’ a thing on facebook. Not just facebook though, but it is the real life social equivalency of this as well. They are announcing their belief structure to the world and basically inviting those who agree to join them.

Of course, to anyone who disagrees, the person is just a complete lunatic. And thus how religion is ALWAYS polarizing. An unnecessary label is just that, it’s in essence a derogatory term. And the one exception we tend to make when using derogatory terms is when it’s your own, and religion is no different. Only jews can make fun of jews, or you’re an anti-semite. And so on and so forth…

Oh, but it’s not you, it’s me!

And then there’s the fragile system of hypocrisy that all comes crumbling down if the word was somehow not true, well that’s why so many are still stuck in it to this day, for words like mine will only re-enforce their barriers towards the truth, sadly. What would you do if suddenly all your beliefs don’t match up with your little social group? They would never accept you like that! No, must cling to my feeble existence with all my might.

You’ve had your magical experience, you’ve seen your ghosts, you’ve done the rituals, you’re convinced the things you’ve come up with in your own psychosis are real, what more can I do to help you? Convince you to reject your own dysfunctional psychology some more? Maybe put you on some lithium? What’s the prescription for stuck in religion for too long and/or unable to pull one’s head out of one’s ass? Maybe some lube.

April 9, 2015

It doesn’t exist.

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A religion that teaches people to respect other religions? Yeah, this doesn’t exist. Not in practice. All religions will claim they do, though. Religion is used to divide, separate, and conquer, always has been, always will be. Why else label yourself with a completely unnecessary religious label in the first place? So you know who isn’t like you…

Oh, there’s other ways, tribal tattoos, genital mutilations and other such ways to identify yourself ‘with the tribe’. Haha, circumcision still the topic? I better move off this one soon, it’s getting awkward now. Well, I’m here to make your creepy beliefs awkward again. And maybe that’s not a bad thing.

However, one thing prevails throughout, this is our religious label, our tribal right, this is our group, our pride, and our people versus everyone else’s. Oh, we’ll tolerate them. Tolerate them right until we put the religious freedom act far, far, up their ass. Freedom for us to force you to be like us or get the fuck out.

And as you go onto every thread about religion on the internet, and watch as these loonies quote the bible as fact and talk about their superstitions as if they are truths, it’s become so repetitive these days that I can’t even bother to listen anymore.

April 7, 2015

ambivalance, part 2

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If you are an otherwise scientifically minded person, yet ambivalent towards circumcision, chances are, this has been done to you or the men in your culture.

While I want to avoid going too deeply into the lies and fallacies used to purport it, it’s clear that some level of this is needed for those that haven’t dug as deeply. The real thing is, arguments about cleanliness are ridiculous, false, and, cause/effect wise, this would be like cutting off your finger to prevent a minor paper cut on it.

Needless to say, most americans are completely uninformed of proper foreskin care none the less do they even realize that it’s actually completely attached and non-retractable until nearly puberty, that said, any notion of cleaning would be completely irrelevant to childhood. This is furthermore disturbing due to the lack of any informed consent, given it’s supposed to be the cure for this so called ailment.

The other notion of ‘childhood cure’ for this is supposed notion of reduced UTI’s in boys, but this is a huge misnomer as well. For whatever tiny fraction of difference this makes, which is again fairly insignificant, there’s a much larger group of children who get UTI’s, and that’s girls, and we do not recommend routine surgery to ‘fix’ this in that case, either.

Other articles regarding flawed studies about reduced chances of HIV and STD infection often completely ignore the fact that proper protection is indefinitely better, and that the real problem is most of those countries is poor education and poor health resources in general. It also doesn’t address the issue of men spreading it to woman at all, either. Not to mention many countries in africa already practice it, and guess what, still having an aids epidemic.

Really what we’re seeing here is poor attempts to find a disease for this cure. The real truth is, it’s harder for these people on the medical side, especially in america, who’ve been performing these surgeries for profit and without digression, that there seems to actually be motivation for finding reasons to do it.

I personally only believe it should take one person to stand up and say I wish I’d had the choice, and this issue should be over with. It’s clearly without consent, and serves no immediate purpose towards cleanliness or preventing any sexual disease in a child, who would not be sexually active anyway. That said, if it was that important, it could wait, but the real truth is, most of those people would never have it done later, and most of the people proposing it very well know that. And that is why this needs to stop. This is abuse.

March 23, 2015

middle american libertarian mind rot

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Libertarians want the cake and want to eat it too. they’re the worst, and their political stance took literally no thought to come up with. Same with “anarcho-capitalism” it’s like, literally, no thought required. No rules! Weee!

They’ve got the same bullshit mindset of ring-wingers when it comes to “give me all the money, damn government taking our taxes” when they’re usually stuck in some shitty failed career and have no skills or talent to speak of, but then it’s the governments damn fault! They’re just making excuses for their own stagnation, and blaming the government for it, just like most right wingers I know. Ronald Reagan was a failure, libertarians need to admit this too.

And now it’s the norm for these folks to have this paranoid sort of ‘question everything’ attitude. Everything’s a conspiracy. From the federal government to vaccines to global warming, everything needs to be questioned, just in case, regardless of whatever the qualifications are of the person doing said questioning. It’s all part of this sort of growing anti-intellectualism in much of america, which almost seems in spite of the acceptability of geek chic in our fashion culture.

There’s a fundamental core to this anti-vaxxer movement and it comes from this just smart enough to be dangerous, middle-american crowd, where they’re just confident enough to believe they are questioning the right things, but not smart enough to realize they aren’t actually qualified to be questioning it at all.

For example, people arguing about vaccine safety on the internet who clearly aren’t vaccine scientists, and don’t have one stake in any of this other than taking on some holier-than-thou belief based on the hearsay and opinions of others like themselves. Thus it’s cyclical, it’s unqualified people, making unqualified statements, making no attempt to have any proper research or studies done, and just further spreading their baseless, paranoid belief onto others like a religion.

And the fact people are even driven into these cycles of anti-intellectual stupidity is problem in and of itself. Vaccine denial is just the surface, there’s large congregations of people right now who are routinely being convinced dinosaurs aren’t real, or were less than 6000 years old, regardless of the facts, fossils, not to mention living relics like alligators and crocodiles, but hey, someone else’s superstition said you were wrong!

It seems churches everywhere are adopting these more and more extreme viewpoints in spite of common sense, in what appears to be an attempt to further pacify the masses and test their loyalty and obedience. Once they have this stuff thoroughly drilled into your head, once they tell you where to march next, you will, because your reality now has no validity if not based upon their suggestion.

It’s even silly shit sometimes, one time I heard a middle-aged-man’s superstitious stories about the judeo-christian reasons for why the number 13 is unlucky. When they told it to me, not only were they being totally serious, but they were acting as if they were letting me in on some kind of top-secret, in-the-know, sort of knowledge. I can’t help but laugh sometimes how anyone can take themselves seriously spouting this kind of nonsense.

They think they’re being smart by questioning the ‘status quo’, but by questioning science without actually doing research and using the scientific method, they’ve just become a religion of pseudoscience and bad thought process. And all the while, these people think they are being smart, for exposing whatever they believe is the so called conspiracy at hand. There is no devil’s advocacy to be played here, we’re literally talking science versus making shit up.

America has become a country full of reactionary and superstitious people. This honestly scares me quite a bit.

March 15, 2015

damage thy enemy as doth damage thyself

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Circumcision is to violate the trust of a baby boy at his most vulnerable age, by the people whom he trusts the most, and to directly and ruthlessly attack the nerve endings on one of the most intimate parts of the body.

If this was done forcibly under any other context it would likely be considered some kind of torture, and the symptoms of the procedure are all classic trauma conditions, especially given the religious variants of this procedure are often done with little to no anesthesia, and most studies have shown even with anesthesia the baby still undergoes significant pain. So what happens when a child learns of this direct attack on his body integrity? Even if they didn’t remember it at birth, they can’t simply forget the fact this was done to them once they inevitably become aware of it.

They’ve really only got two options.

A. They try to rationalize away this psychotic procedure allowed done to them by their parents with religion and pseudoscience.

B. They get the picture, namely, their parents were dangerously uninformed and potentially still are.

And if you’re in some muslim country, or even good old Israel, where in a recent news story a woman was possibly facing jail time or extraordinary fines for not performing this barbaric ritual on her son, you could even be persecuted or ostracized from your own family for not participating.

In my own case, I had no idea until I was 7 or 8 years old and a friend of mine mentioned it when I told him my family was jewish. He told me about how jews practice this and how he was intact. The can of worms was opened. I was quite honestly shocked, and appalled, and I thought he was lying. I thought at the time it must have just been a tiny piece of the glans penis removed, the natural state of the penis being practically unfathomable to me, no longer having any valid reference.

The damage to my trust was already done. From that point on I was extremely sensitive about anyone seeing me down there, during bath time I would cover up or wear trunks, and I remember getting very angry at a doctor during a physical. I felt like something was wrong with me, despite in my case, trying to justify it as being fairly common and ‘normal’ in america.

The first time I saw an intact penis, ironically, I thought that person had their glans penis amputated. I was at camp, and probably every boy there was cut except for this one. Given the circumcision rates in america during the 1980s, that’s probably no big surprise. I was extremely shy about changing in front of other boys, in fact, I remember the intact kid was one of the kids trying to re-assure me we’re all normal and there’s no reason to be shy…the real truth is, the only reason I was even shy about changing in that gym class at all was due to the insecurity caused in myself after learning about this horrible practice. I probably had some weird form of childhood body integrity disorder that was completely misdiagnosed because I never talked to any adults about this subject until I was much, much older.

The damage was done though. I learned about it the ‘wrong way.’ It really does make me wonder how much different of a person I may be had I found out about it just a few years later, during hebrew school, where I was to be properly indoctrinated with this information.

I remember in 2nd grade, the religious teacher told the story of Abraham and would speak so quickly over the parts about the dirty deed at hand. I sat in disgust the entire time. I could even tell in her tone of voice there was something wrong with this story, and the fact she was given the task to indoctrinate these 2nd graders with this story, the nervous tone in her voice spoke wonders to this skeptical 2nd grader.

I later asked this teacher about dinosaurs on noah’s ark and I think I pretty much got thrown out of the class and put into the ‘special learning’ class after that. There, I hung out with the principal’s son, where we listened to nirvana and green day, and had a pet hamster. That sounds a lot better than learning about cutting babies dicks and trying to justify noah’s ark doesn’t it? Religion was pretty much dead to me at this point. There was no god, and even if there was, I wasn’t worshipping the god obsessed with cutting boy’s dicks.

And thus I am not the only one, I am only one of many males who has undergone this form of ritual abuse, and hope to escape the psychosexual damage to the psyche. However, I fear for the rest of the world still practicing this procedure, and all those who fell into category A, and rationalized away their parents mistake. I know I’m not the only one with a story like this, the internet has allowed other men to come out and expose this irrational practice for what it’s worth.

The sad thing is, they justify this abuse with religion and that puts it into a funny gray area you’re not supposed to talk about. Most americans who had this done to them can’t say it was for strictly religious purposes, so they have to rationalize the procedure with purely pseudoscience. And for all those people who try to justify this procedure on their kids for religious purposes, I am hear to speak out as someone that does not believe in their parents religion, telling you to leave your babies dick the fuck alone! You have no right to indoctrinate them, and there is no guarantee they will drink your koolaid later in life. The fact you have to go so far as to mutilate your child’s penis for your religion should be a sign you’re a lunatic, but if that wasn’t sign enough, stop thinking about your children’s genitals in the first place.

I won’t even go into the pseudo-science arguments about aids and cleanliness. The first rule of medicine is do no harm, and any doctor who resorts to routine surgery as a preventative measure on a perfectly healthy newborn child should quite frankly consider questioning why they became a doctor in the first place.

And take a look at the cultures and religions who still practice this horrible crap: Americans, jews, and muslims.

And lets see, what groups of people are constantly at war, fighting, and rationalizing the killing of innocent people, etc…? Oh, Americans, jews, and muslims.

Look, I’m no fool, I know it’s a fallacy to correlate those without any real factual basis, but the real truth is, any culture or society which lacks the fundamental respect for human rights required to banish this barbaric tribal blood ritual from general practice, also probably lacks a lot of other fundamental moral and ethical characteristics, and should probably be treated as you would a lion on a leash, not as dictators of world decision.

I can’t help but think that there’s a large amount of unattributed psychosexual damage done to the men of these societies as a whole, that leads them down not only paths of aggression, war, sexual repression and misogyny, but also inability to reach climax, and erectile dysfunction. And don’t think it’s no coincidence that America is so big on viagra. The damage done by circumcision comes in many forms, and is not always equal. For a large majority, there’s really no major complaints, but then later in life there’s that familiar american story of erectile dysfunction. What do you expect when you lop off 20,000 nerve endings?

Then there’s the well known fact that circumcision in america was often done to curb masturbation and sexuality, a lesson leftover from victorian era lunacy. And in the mean time, we’ve just been struggling to come up with diseases to use this ‘cure’ for. Everything from cleanliness to aids.

The even more sad truth is that I feel there’s an entire generation of overly confident baby boomers in america who have had this shit so ingrained into their psyche’s that it’s scary. They’ve become the new old-racist-grandparents of our generation. They’re here to tell you about how foreskins are gross and how those damn elephant necks need to be kept out of our country.

Then in comes the debate rationalizer. In every debate on this topic, there’s the person trying to come in, and pretend to be level headed, and say, hey, both sides are being too extreme, it’s really kind of a minor thing, all of ya’ll still have functional junk, just get on with it!

And/or the person who comes to discredit anyone who draws any comparison to the fact that the female version of this is banned in most civilized countries, regardless of whether the person at hand understands the similarities and differences between the two.

Way to ignore a massive human rights violation because you feel the need to play devils advocate. Ignore the cries for help in the torture chamber much? Oh wait…that’s exactly what these people are doing.

Who cares! I’m a macho man! No big deal! Let the apologetic men and the perverted religious continue their blood ritual, I’d rather be on the fence than have to offend anyone. And so the abuse continues…

It’s not anti-semitic or anti-muslim to want to ban this practice outright, rather, it’s anti-human-rights of americans, jews and muslims who want to continue their weird perverted rituals into the 21st century. We don’t make exceptions for women, why do we for men?

October 26, 2014

silicon valley

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The IT world is often made fun of in sitcoms, tv shows, and media. Nerds are everywhere in the media now, and most represent IT culture in some way, shows like the big bang theory proclaim to be about some nerdy physicists but mostly represent stereotypes of the IT world.

In the real world, IT is only so contrastingly funny due to the brain-dysfunction of many involved and the fact that the phonies make themselves so obvious with time. In business, phonies are common and in fact, how many salesmen aren’t some kind of phony in some regard? However, in IT, there is like this sort of differentiating honor between the phonies and the people who actually get stuff done. It’s the hacker creed. I remember people like ESR writing about being a hacker is a title deemed upon you by others, not something you proclaim yourself. However, the phonies clearly never got that memo, and will proclaim themselves gods, if given the power. Where, in any other career path, do you find people that, clearly at some point had some ability to learn, but at some point, just stopped and decided, I’m good, and then proceed to act like they have something to teach everyone, without actually doing anything but stating the obvious.

At some point in your career, did you decide to give up on ever innovating, what-so-ever, to instead simply repeat the same brain spew, over and over. In IT, you will find this all the time at organizations with bad management. If you are afraid of all change, bow in fear at any notion of a challenge, and have given up at trying to do things yourself, as you inevitably find others to do them for you, you may be an IT phony.

And let’s not get into all the bizarro office-culture bullshit, half of which is completely unnecessary. Do watch and note that most of the people who want and insist upon an office environment, typically needlessly filled with people at desks, are the people that would probably die off without them. Many IT jobs can be done from home or with other such provisions, but generally the phony types are afraid of this, since they don’t have the skills to do stuff themselves, it exposes their lack of value, and only in the office environment where they can play politics will they have any chance to survive.

These are the sad truths of the conflicting mentalities in the IT world – the business phonies versus the nerds, and then you’ve got the nerds who have sold out, essentially, to the business phonies, but really have no place in either world. They have essentially made themselves useless to everyone, with the guise of being the bridge between the two. It’s a damn war, pick a side.

The real truth is, many in the phony camp started in the nerdy camp. A lot of these start-up CEO’s were originally nerdy guys, but the business stuff got to their head, and they forgot how to treat people without looking down upon them. Why can’t everyone be a successful startup CEO, must be so easy right? To them, anyone who can’t do what they did is just not worthy, even if what made their success may have come by pure chance or timing. They represented this really well in the hbo show “silicon valley” with the CEO dictating orders from above, casting value judgements on his employees “below” him, even though he doesn’t know them or even really bother to try. It wouldn’t be quite as funny if there wasn’t a horrible truth behind it, if I hadn’t personally seen the same things myself working in IT.

April 10, 2014

TIL #TBT FAMILY PHOTOS, OMG WTF BBQ? Internet, you have gotten lame lately

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The more people that use the internet, the more it is dragged down by the average intelligence of those who are using it. This isn’t the geeky hacker/yuppy business-man playground it used to be. Now-a-days, it’s just another outlet for instant gratification. Oh, let’s ‘like’ that thing I like! Let’s join that group, or post that hash tag, tweet that 140 character or less pile of drivel.

Now, instead of being part of one particular clique or interest, you can be a part of ALL of them at once! Instantly categorize yourself into many convenient stereotypes at the click of a button. Why choose one, when you can choose all? And then conveniently hash tag it to further categorize your every thought or notion.

Then on top of that, there’s the self-righteousness and self-importance of it all. The average internet dweller of this type is always going to be self-righteous about the things they’ve liked. You’re publicly announcing all this bullshit, are we supposed to be forced to like it too? Oh, it’s the internet, just hit the ban/ignore button, all is made better, right?

If only it were so simple. Now, more than ever, in this age of everyone using the internet, do we see people puff up their egos over the most asinine bullshit. Subjective arguments that get dragged off into nowhere that usually end up in name calling or one person claiming to have trolled the other, thus making them the victor in the argument, clearly. All over asinine drivel that quite honestly, most people should keep to themselves. When did we lose that decency? Did we ever truly have it at all, or is this just the average dregs of humanity making itself more known to me?

It comes from all sides too. Even atheists or people who claim to be open-minded can be just as bigoted and hateful towards others (including each other) as bad as many of the religious zealots they are trying to prove wrong. The hilarious thing is, there will always be someone saying that oh, why is this group so angry and hateful? Meanwhile, another few people on the same group usually joins in and says, oh, not all of us are like that. No, but you grouped yourself in, and now look, it turns out not all people in the group are the same! Quick, we must destroy one side of the argument through overwhelming group consensus before things get out of control!

And thus, in the quest to be individual, with unique likes and interests, instead, we’ve all become sheep, to an even larger and more complex scheme than ever before. We’ve diversified our similarities and divided them into infinity, now it seems like to interact with another person you’ve got to go through some gigantic checklist of bullshit, compare their likes with your own, oh wait, they liked some political thing I don’t like, well fuck them, then.

Everything has to be a cause. I’ve wrote about that before, it ties into this as well. These days, I feel like I rarely meet people who don’t hold some whack job belief or another, or are on some kind of crusade. There’s just too few people left in the world with their heads on straight, it really feels like that at times.

I’ve never been one with all that much faith in humanity anyway, but I feel like the average intelligence and collective intelligence as a whole is just too varied right now, too many people would rather selfishly ruin it for their rest of us, either for a quick laugh or out of fear of eternal spanking, or for a selfishly perceived short-term gain despite any long-term loss for the rest of humanity. If you’re in one of those categories, you’re not really helping the human race any at the moment.

The other problem is the whole attitude that’s it’s just cool to be an asshole on the internet. Oh, I’m one to talk about it right, what with this blog full of my poor attempts at sarcasm and various arrogant rants or what not, it’s almost cliche at this point, however at least I can see that. Some people didn’t get the memo.

And while it can be funny at times, not everyone can be Maddox. First of all, outside the context of satirical writings, acting like that to people in reality is basically just being a douche bag. You can be blatant like Maddox, but then we know it’s a joke anyway, it’s too silly to take seriously. However, some people cross the line into actually hateful, abusive sort of crap and think they can play it cool by saying oh, I’m just the internet prankster, you’ve fallen for it!

Oh, wise and funny internet prankster, you clearly aren’t cliche at all! Try growing a pair and acting the same way in real life, no, you hide behind the keyboard. I think that’s the difference between most of these phonies and myself, you could talk to me about any of this stuff in real life and I’d be just as real about it as I am online, but these people? Forget it, they’re afraid, they’re not risk takers, why else are they hiding behind a mask while they poke fun at others? It’s weakness in disguise, if anything.

It’s making me start to hate social media in general, and in fact, I’m starting to wonder if it wouldn’t hurt to spend a bit less time on the internet in general. While it can be a source of knowledge, it’s also a source of some of the greatest stupidities. Not all ideas are born equally, and most people are not as smart as the internet makes them think they are.

How many people would still be spewing all these bullshit ideas, causes, prejudices, and what not, if it hadn’t come from the media some where? How many people would actually bother to purposely re-invent the wheel, for the sake of seeing if they came to the same conclusion without that outside influence? Or, you can just search for it on google and find some guy on yahoo groups to tell you to go fuck yourself. The end.

February 28, 2014

A million and one tech blogs and other things that no one really truly cares about

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You know, from the dates of my articles and the overall history of this blog/journal/pile-of-rants/whatever-the-fuck, I think it’s beyond obvious that I’m in this one for the long haul. However, now-a-days, everyone’s a blogger. Many blogs are these “careerist” tech blogs, where technical people start their own blogs and talk about whatever recent problems they encountered as some sort of self-less helping hand to the rest of the world. You’ll probably notice more or less activity on these blogs depending on whether that person is trying to increase their notion of self-worth at the time, such as when finding a new job and/or trying to start another failed endeavor.

I’m a pretty modest person. I don’t fool myself into believing in overachieverism. I understand that most people who are rich just lucked out in one way or another and were likely privileged to begin with. Hard work is truly overrated, and to work smarter, not harder, is almost always better for you mentally in the long run. And fuck anyone who tells you otherwise, as they are miserable with themselves, and are just trying to bring you down, guaranteed.

After all, not everyone will have the confidence or the balls for that approach to life. However, I don’t think it’s nearly as outrageous or risk-taking as all that sounds. I know when I’m comfortable, and when I’m not. I know when shit crosses the line and it’s time to go. Others, no, they wait around until shit hits the fan. It’s about taking control, and perhaps sometimes that means you leave your current job, or you move across the country, or you do whatever else life compels you to do, but it’s not about sitting around writing articles about your great achievements as yet another cog in the system. Your experience as yet another cog in the system does not truly enlighten or otherwise embellish you, your persona, or others, rather it simply shows the gears as they are gradually honed over time…

These things are expected of you, my dear sir! You have only simply done as you were told, and now look, you’ve even learned yourself a lesson from it! How intriguing. The peasants have managed to learn how to do their job better and I didn’t even have to tell them to! Magnificent!

Your self-worth is not measured in experiences and appearances, it’s also how much of yourself you’ve sacrificed to achieve those things. There’s some people who’ve got nothing left behind it all, they walk the walk and talk the talk, but there’s nothing left behind the curtains. Don’t be those people. You can be that cog in the system and still have a notion of self-worth, but once you’ve lost that too, you’re no longer a cog, you’re just someone’s bitch.

You’ll know that this blog has turned into a worthless pile of crap the moment that I try to act like there’s something to be learned from it, or act like there’s some sort of selfless cause to it all. No, there’s nothing to be learned from any of this, rather, all of this should be obvious with the wisdom of time. These are simply my thoughts as time goes by, nothing more, nothing less. There can be no agenda.

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