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September 26, 2002


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yeah, it’s true.

So like, I got this film developed and scanned and stuff so..

RAWWRRL!! I’ma kitty.
kitties like mice btw.

Meow??? what are you looking at?!
kitties are curious!

meOw?? RAWORL!! I’m relaxed stop flashing that thing at me!!!



September 23, 2002

cocksuckers and dongs

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motheRFUCKER! I blocked someone a while ago and they got a new name and started talking to me…At first, I was responding, but they started to annoy me (again, they were before, that’s why I blocked them) so I just started ignoring them. When they IM me they proceed to tell me stupid shit I don’t care about and news I’ve already heard (while I’m not responding to them.) They make stupid assumptions about me and talk behind my back, and admit to it all. I was about to just flip at the guy and be like WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU THE LAST TO HEAR EVERYTHING? Then again, the guy knows he annoys me and obviously realizes I’ve been ignoring him because I havn’t responded to his IMs for weeks now, so the guys trying to piss me off. Then again, that’s not surprising, as they previously admitted they get pleasure out of pissing people off. What a fucking asshole. I’m going to block him next time he says something stupid (I’m not going to respond either way, literally, this guy signs on, messages me something, waits about a minute or so, then signs off, and he’s doing this about twice a day now, no I’m not kidding.) Seriously I’d like to meet this guy in real life just to see how big of an asshole he is then kick his ass. It’s not like he doesn’t deserve it, I’m sure a few other people wouldn’t mind doing the same to him either. Selfish bastard, I’m sure he’ll get what’s coming to him sooner or later. Just the other day he was stereotyping people with disabilities. I should go fucking stereotype him for being an antisocial bastard but no, when I tell him that he plays it off as if it’s a game, as if it’s all a big joke. Fuck you, people have feelings, it’s not a fucking joke, then again, this is common for anyone who’s antisocial. Rationalizing the pain they inflict on others…Hah, I’m tired of antisocial people. Fuck them. And before being a dumbass and asking what antisocial is please learn what the fucking word means. BTW.

A sense of deja vu? That’s ok. It gets the point made.

September 22, 2002

holy shit and a large shipment of sardines

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HOLY SHIT I havn’t posted here in a while. No, I’m not dead, nor am I going to stop posting, I just havn’t really thought about posting anything here because I’ve really not had much to say. You see, usually I just post shit about when people piss me off but lately it’s not bothered me as much when people piss me off so it never occurred to me to write here. WOW! So stuff is happening and stuff. And stuff. FUCK IT! TIME TO DANCE LIKE ROBOTS!!!!!

/me does the dance


I’m done

September 15, 2002

the quest to find the best leads to loopback.jpg

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So I spend like a day trying to configure this thing right and it turns out that I end up liking what I already use better. How pathetic right? It’s like I want to get rid of what I have, yet it fits me perfectly. Maybe I should just stop but I’ve been searching for a while so I don’t think I’m going to give up yet. I’m not sure what I’m really looking for…I had fun atleast. I’m not sure what I’m going to do now and I think I ran out of music or something. I need to get more. Ok no I don’t I found some. Okay, I’m starting to question the sanity of some people. No, not me. STFU ASSHAT. k. I don’t care right now. Time to say something I don’t care about.





>_< O_O_O_O_O_O_O_O_O_O_O_O_O_O_O_O_O_O_O_O_O_O_O_O_OO_O_O_O_O_O_O SHOOT ME PLS! ^_^ X_XO_O O.o o.o O>o.o. O.o O_O O_O_O_o-o-o-o- o_o o_oo_oo_oo_oo_o ok wtf


1: hi.
2: hey
1: what’s up?
2: just got back from the hospitol ^_^
1: why were you at the hospitol?
2: well, today I got up O_O and then I went down stairs o.o and then I got a knife O_o and a few minutes later I stabbed myself >_< and that's why I was in the hospitol.

September 14, 2002


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mmm the sweet smell of REVENGE!!! ROFLS!!!11 k i’m done.

sardines packed and canned tightly and evenly

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Subliminal messages are fun only when they’re obvious. what’s the point of trying to say something to someone if your not going to be direct about it? why is it worth taking them seriously? if they can’t say it to them directly it makes it seem like they truly don’t believe what they’re trying to say, don’t you think? If only that were so simple, though. If it were, if someone liked you they could just come out and straight out tell you they do, but no, that doesn’t happen, why not? Fear, I’m guessing, or maybe that person wants a false sense of dominance. I’ve never had it done to me by 2 people at once but I suppose theres a time for everything. And no, that doesn’t mean 2 people like me, that was just an example. Although they may, I find that unlikely (and a bit scary.)

I noticed something in the people who were always trying to control me, persisting for me to abide by their rules (opinions, biases, moral, etc) but then what? Their opinion changes, of course. So next time you are trying to get someone to listen to your opinion maybe it’s better off to be unbiased huh? Then again, that’s impossible, you cannot express opinion without being biased, and you can only be unbiased if what you have is factual and uninfluenced by opinion, so in the end its a loop. Nothing is entirely true or false that is being told by humans because theres always a chance that it’s all wrong. I find any understanding of the human brain to be next to impossible, for any human, no matter what, based on this. Even if some magical book came down from the sky and told us how it worked we wouldn’t be able to understand it. That’s my guess. I’d say it’s more of a hypothesis because it’s educated, I’ve seen failure in every attempt, especially when it isn’t being used to help people.

I think the only real reason anyone would want to understand it that much is for control. To me, I don’t care about controlling anyone. Hell, I’d rather be left alone, but I have to deal with this shit, there’s no avoiding it. I try to make things as equal as possible despite it being impossible. If I’m not getting i’m not giving. What’s to get? It doesn’t always have to be materialistic. Just has to be something. Call me selfish, it’s better then anything else I’ve been told. So you can disagree with me, hate me for it, post subliminal messages about it, and you know what, in the end your only hurting yourself. Nothing is worth it, so do what you want, say what you want. Enjoy what you can, don’t waste your time on anything else. It’s not going to matter in the end.

You can’t base trust on anything biased, yet everyone who’s bothered me over it has persisted on it. Opinions will change. What you won’t trust someone for one day, you may not mind the next. Paranoia.

September 11, 2002

thingies and thangs

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like werd homes and bitches, i’m gonna lay this shit down like flat and all yo. werd.


I made a song but I don’t think it’s that great but that always happens when I make a new song! I WILL LISTEN AGAIN IN A FEW HOURS! k. So, anyways I posted some stupid shit on here that is wasting space so maybe I should stop doing that. Oh yes! I have some things to show you all!

you will all ph33r my l33t goatse pixel art. oh yes oh yes. damn I suck.

anyways all these people are talking to me again and stuff and it’s weird it’s like revenge of the ex’s or something. yes and i’m sure everyone will read this and know who they are but whatever. k.

so theres like stuff that happened and stuff today a year ago I think, people died and all but you know I don’t care. So thank god today is almost over I was tired of everyone obsessing over national crash a plane into a building day. I expected to see some action today but apparently I got none of that. It would be funny if right before it hits midnight in eastern time zone a plane crashes just so it’s 9/11 everywhere in the US still but just that last second before it’s not, everyone would be like flipping out and shit. I don’t really wish death on humans I just am fed up with people going crazy over stupid shit. REMEMBER THE VICTIMS! Blah blah a lot more people died from the US then the other way around. Ignorance is the problem. Suicide is the solution.

Okay, okay, so I admit, maybe I do think all of you should simultaneously commit suicide but that doesn’t mean I hate you, I just dislike you in your human form (as if this makes a difference roflzlz.)

You know what I’m listening to my own music so you know what it’s time for. Yes, that’s right.

Let’s all dance like robots now!

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ass titties ass n titties poo fagort

September 9, 2002


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September 8, 2002


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Self-torture is the only satisfying pain.

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We live in a world with a lot of rotating things. One thing that comes to mind is the human brain. A rotating mood machine designed to destroy itself over time. I suffer daily at the ignorance of the human race. Believing in their false truths to prevent having to admit anything. A cry for help, or desired pain? The system is designed to benefit those who follow but torture those who don’t. The followers are the source. You can be ignorant to everyone but yourself, for if you were ignorant to yourself you’d be stuck in a paradox of nothingness. A complete lack of knowledge. To feel good, you have to first make others feel bad. Denial. Egotism and self-esteem, the difference is little. And in the end, it all doesn’t matter. We die. Shit moves on without us and unless your important, you’ll be forgotten. Now what? Well, nothing. You won’t be there to care. A slavery, yes. Look at us, little atom blobs doing predefined tasks that we’re told to do by other blobs of atoms…not just us…everything. So what happens now? I go with it? I fight it? I get screwed in the end either way. Predefined torture? In a way, but I’m am the one making it painful in the first place, but I see no way to stop that. So maybe fate does exist, but only because we force it on each other. The world is only big enough for one of us. Take your opinions elsewhere!

September 5, 2002


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not much going on I haven’t posted here in a while. Everything is okay, I suppose. Someone I hadn’t talked to in a while talked to me and thats cool I suppose…Kitty is BEING a cat. I am being a HUMAN. THE END BYE

September 2, 2002

egos are funny

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I just was surfing the web and I ran across a bunch of these pages with like, a picture of a person, a web cam, a chat, a thing about them self, a bunch of little web group things they were in, stuff like that. Most of the time the web cam was some over exposing picture of them self, sometimes a whole load of dolls…what the hell. Is this the female ego or something? It’s like a whole shit load of crap about them self.

It’s weird because in the past I had seen pages like it, I’ve also seen people exploiting people who run pages like that..So what do these girls want? Why don’t they just go send nude pics to everyone if they want to expose them self, are they insecure? If so why would they be sending pics, maybe overly secure? Ego raising in process? Maybe the female ego is worse then the male one but they’re better at hiding it? It’s all possible. I just find it funny and retarded. I could never like another human for things like this, everyone has their bad side and it’s usually too much for me to deal with. Maybe it’s better not to know these things? Actually probably not, because I’m not an ignorant bastard.

Most of the time these people seem to be in their teenager years…is it me or am I started to see why there’s always been this weird thing about teenagers…having problems or rebelling, or what not. I remember before I was a teen, I used to think about teenagers so differently, I can’t explain how I felt about them, because I don’t remember well enough, but it was weird. Now that I am one it’s like a completely different story. Life is so weird, I feel as if I lost all hope…Teenagers suck, any teen who thinks they can escape the wrath of being one with some sort of superior maturity is retarded.

Chemical reactions are the best, put your brain to the test!

September 1, 2002

spontaneous kitties

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cats are spontaneous. they are fun to watch. I am bored as fuck. the end.
I want to do something i’m going to go play with kitty BYE

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