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February 18, 2006

signs of senility/aging

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when a single bad event that happened once in your past justifies constant future fear over a possible reoccurence of said event.

when you start asking people to do things for you just because they’re there, not because you can’t do them.

when you decide that those “typing things” are evil.

when it matters that you forgot to do your drugs.

when you blame people for things that were actually your fault, but you forgot.

The Last Word

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Don’t you just love the last word? What is the last word you say? Why, it may be this one…no wait maybe this one. Oh snap, I guess I missed it.

You know sometimes my analytical side is like some sort of impenetrable force for those using emotional reasoning, so I think I end up backing people into a corner or something where they get all defensive. It’s too easy to convince yourself you’d have made the same decision regardless of your emotions when those emotions influenced the making of that decision in the first place. You must know where bias is possible, and prevent it before it starts tainting everything around it.

I’ve heard a few silly things recently, particularly relevant is the recent occurence of the whole intelligent design/spaghetti monster thing. Arguing the meaning of science and what not. There is a clear difference between science and religion though. Science is not faith driven, science is hard observable facts.

Now you could say you’re just having faith in your senses, however, with science it’s something that’s always reproducable, not just with my senses, but perhaps with equipment, cameras, experiments, chemical reactions, or what not. If I drop a ball, gravity will make it fall regardless of my 5 senses and we can prove that. You cannot prove such things in religion, or any faith based argument for that matter. You can state A=B but without the facts, it remains speculation, and I don’t have time for such things. I want the facts. Fill in the variables or get lost.

Which brings me back to emotions. What good are those stupid things anyway? Screw emotions. They’re for the weak. No seriously though I’m tired of this half-ass righteousness that the faith driven seem to have. I’m sorry but it doesn’t mean crap to me because it has no basis. You build your house on the foundation, you don’t build the foundation on the house. Why build your opinion on the possibilities, instead of building it on probability. The most likely, the reasonable, the logical analysis.

Fear mongering activists and their emotionally driven propaganda to scare you into submission, this is not science. This is just the bowels of humanity. I don’t care about your stupid opinion, I just care about how you got to it. The conclusion is the easy part, the details are in the plot. And that is my last word.

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