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April 10, 2015

tie it together, son!

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So I’ve written in the past about facebook, cliques, the desire to lump ones self into a group, to ‘like’ this thing or that.

I’ve also recently had this ‘revelation’ of sorts regarding religious labels, their ability to divide and separate people into groups, and thus, when someone says, I’m in this religion, they are in essence, ‘liking’ a thing on facebook. Not just facebook though, but it is the real life social equivalency of this as well. They are announcing their belief structure to the world and basically inviting those who agree to join them.

Of course, to anyone who disagrees, the person is just a complete lunatic. And thus how religion is ALWAYS polarizing. An unnecessary label is just that, it’s in essence a derogatory term. And the one exception we tend to make when using derogatory terms is when it’s your own, and religion is no different. Only jews can make fun of jews, or you’re an anti-semite. And so on and so forth…

Oh, but it’s not you, it’s me!

And then there’s the fragile system of hypocrisy that all comes crumbling down if the word was somehow not true, well that’s why so many are still stuck in it to this day, for words like mine will only re-enforce their barriers towards the truth, sadly. What would you do if suddenly all your beliefs don’t match up with your little social group? They would never accept you like that! No, must cling to my feeble existence with all my might.

You’ve had your magical experience, you’ve seen your ghosts, you’ve done the rituals, you’re convinced the things you’ve come up with in your own psychosis are real, what more can I do to help you? Convince you to reject your own dysfunctional psychology some more? Maybe put you on some lithium? What’s the prescription for stuck in religion for too long and/or unable to pull one’s head out of one’s ass? Maybe some lube.

April 9, 2015

It doesn’t exist.

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A religion that teaches people to respect other religions? Yeah, this doesn’t exist. Not in practice. All religions will claim they do, though. Religion is used to divide, separate, and conquer, always has been, always will be. Why else label yourself with a completely unnecessary religious label in the first place? So you know who isn’t like you…

Oh, there’s other ways, tribal tattoos, genital mutilations and other such ways to identify yourself ‘with the tribe’. Haha, circumcision still the topic? I better move off this one soon, it’s getting awkward now. Well, I’m here to make your creepy beliefs awkward again. And maybe that’s not a bad thing.

However, one thing prevails throughout, this is our religious label, our tribal right, this is our group, our pride, and our people versus everyone else’s. Oh, we’ll tolerate them. Tolerate them right until we put the religious freedom act far, far, up their ass. Freedom for us to force you to be like us or get the fuck out.

And as you go onto every thread about religion on the internet, and watch as these loonies quote the bible as fact and talk about their superstitions as if they are truths, it’s become so repetitive these days that I can’t even bother to listen anymore.

April 7, 2015

ambivalance, part 2

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If you are an otherwise scientifically minded person, yet ambivalent towards circumcision, chances are, this has been done to you or the men in your culture.

While I want to avoid going too deeply into the lies and fallacies used to purport it, it’s clear that some level of this is needed for those that haven’t dug as deeply. The real thing is, arguments about cleanliness are ridiculous, false, and, cause/effect wise, this would be like cutting off your finger to prevent a minor paper cut on it.

Needless to say, most americans are completely uninformed of proper foreskin care none the less do they even realize that it’s actually completely attached and non-retractable until nearly puberty, that said, any notion of cleaning would be completely irrelevant to childhood. This is furthermore disturbing due to the lack of any informed consent, given it’s supposed to be the cure for this so called ailment.

The other notion of ‘childhood cure’ for this is supposed notion of reduced UTI’s in boys, but this is a huge misnomer as well. For whatever tiny fraction of difference this makes, which is again fairly insignificant, there’s a much larger group of children who get UTI’s, and that’s girls, and we do not recommend routine surgery to ‘fix’ this in that case, either.

Other articles regarding flawed studies about reduced chances of HIV and STD infection often completely ignore the fact that proper protection is indefinitely better, and that the real problem is most of those countries is poor education and poor health resources in general. It also doesn’t address the issue of men spreading it to woman at all, either. Not to mention many countries in africa already practice it, and guess what, still having an aids epidemic.

Really what we’re seeing here is poor attempts to find a disease for this cure. The real truth is, it’s harder for these people on the medical side, especially in america, who’ve been performing these surgeries for profit and without digression, that there seems to actually be motivation for finding reasons to do it.

I personally only believe it should take one person to stand up and say I wish I’d had the choice, and this issue should be over with. It’s clearly without consent, and serves no immediate purpose towards cleanliness or preventing any sexual disease in a child, who would not be sexually active anyway. That said, if it was that important, it could wait, but the real truth is, most of those people would never have it done later, and most of the people proposing it very well know that. And that is why this needs to stop. This is abuse.

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