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February 28, 2014

A million and one tech blogs and other things that no one really truly cares about

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You know, from the dates of my articles and the overall history of this blog/journal/pile-of-rants/whatever-the-fuck, I think it’s beyond obvious that I’m in this one for the long haul. However, now-a-days, everyone’s a blogger. Many blogs are these “careerist” tech blogs, where technical people start their own blogs and talk about whatever recent problems they encountered as some sort of self-less helping hand to the rest of the world. You’ll probably notice more or less activity on these blogs depending on whether that person is trying to increase their notion of self-worth at the time, such as when finding a new job and/or trying to start another failed endeavor.

I’m a pretty modest person. I don’t fool myself into believing in overachieverism. I understand that most people who are rich just lucked out in one way or another and were likely privileged to begin with. Hard work is truly overrated, and to work smarter, not harder, is almost always better for you mentally in the long run. And fuck anyone who tells you otherwise, as they are miserable with themselves, and are just trying to bring you down, guaranteed.

After all, not everyone will have the confidence or the balls for that approach to life. However, I don’t think it’s nearly as outrageous or risk-taking as all that sounds. I know when I’m comfortable, and when I’m not. I know when shit crosses the line and it’s time to go. Others, no, they wait around until shit hits the fan. It’s about taking control, and perhaps sometimes that means you leave your current job, or you move across the country, or you do whatever else life compels you to do, but it’s not about sitting around writing articles about your great achievements as yet another cog in the system. Your experience as yet another cog in the system does not truly enlighten or otherwise embellish you, your persona, or others, rather it simply shows the gears as they are gradually honed over time…

These things are expected of you, my dear sir! You have only simply done as you were told, and now look, you’ve even learned yourself a lesson from it! How intriguing. The peasants have managed to learn how to do their job better and I didn’t even have to tell them to! Magnificent!

Your self-worth is not measured in experiences and appearances, it’s also how much of yourself you’ve sacrificed to achieve those things. There’s some people who’ve got nothing left behind it all, they walk the walk and talk the talk, but there’s nothing left behind the curtains. Don’t be those people. You can be that cog in the system and still have a notion of self-worth, but once you’ve lost that too, you’re no longer a cog, you’re just someone’s bitch.

You’ll know that this blog has turned into a worthless pile of crap the moment that I try to act like there’s something to be learned from it, or act like there’s some sort of selfless cause to it all. No, there’s nothing to be learned from any of this, rather, all of this should be obvious with the wisdom of time. These are simply my thoughts as time goes by, nothing more, nothing less. There can be no agenda.

February 16, 2014

vigilante justice bigots

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The second amendment is a touchy topic. For idiots. On one hand, the original purpose of the law is pretty much a moot point. The moment the government made bombs, explosives, missiles, fighter jets, ICBMs, and drones, and didn’t let you own them as well, the law has been long since irrelevant. You aren’t going to stand up to all that with just some measly guns, assault rifles mean shit against unmanned drones with bombs. If you were really waging some rebellion against the american government, then it’s not going to come in the form of these weapons, you’ll need something better, and thus, something not legal anyway.

So then, what remains of the second amendment? This notion of self-defense or protection? However, the problem with all the stand your ground/self-defense bullshit laws/arguments is that the punishment doesn’t fit the crime, you wouldn’t be given a death sentence for mugging someone and stealing their wallet, but it’s okay for you to shoot and kill them? I don’t buy it. These people think they are the bearers of justice, modern day vigilantes, who apparently shoot anything that’s black and moves and might be “intimidating” to their bigoted world views.

Where does it end? How can these laws continue to be in effect despite the fact that they disproportionately allow white people to kill minorities and get off scot-free. Or, perhaps to shoot a guy in the movie theater, whose only weapon was a bag of popcorn. I mean, we’ve completely devalued any notion of human life, in favor of the right to own guns? Is that really the message they are trying to send? That’s what it has become, regardless.

These people put the right to own guns above human life, which is hilarious, since they’re probably pro-lifers as well. Human life is so valuable, up until it’s born, after that, guns.

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