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May 18, 2003

love dependence

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I recently had this topic brought up. It was due to more girls lost in a dreamworld as I previously described them.

Love dependence seems to vary from specie to specie and from individual to individual as well. Social animals seem to have more of it. Some animals which are social or not social depending how they were raised, like cats for instance, may vary even more.

Love dependence, compassion, helping people, things like this some people rely on entirely. Some people rely on it and have skewed views of what it’s really about. This is being lost in a dreamworld. Some people know what’s real and what isn’t, and find a wife or husband that they consider to love. This love is more true then someone’s who’s lost in a dreamworld. Now there’s 2 more categories which aren’t as common in humans, but perhaps more common in the animal world, that I’ve seen from my experience on this planet.

The first one is people with little dependence on love. These people typically see the stuff that is going on in the dreamworld and find it hopeless, or perhaps useless to try and find any love. Not only this, but they usually don’t consider what other people feel for them as love. Perhaps if they found someone they truly related with their views would change, but these types of people are far and a few, so the chances of it are much less then the chance of 2 dreamworlders meeting up world be.

Theres also the people with no dependence on love, which I myself have never met but I’m keeping this option as it’s possible. In the animal world it’s all too common. Animals live on their own, survive on their own, kill their own food, eat it, and once a year they usually meet up and mate and then just continue on without ever seeing their mate, or the offspring again.

Love, chemical reactions to get people to have sex essentially. I’ve recently came across this site http://www.vhemt.org/ which is about voluntary human extinction. Essentially they say, don’t have kids and give explanation to all the reasons most people do have kids. People don’t really have urges to have kids, they just have urges to have sex. Most peoples urges to have kids aren’t really that. They’re usually due to something else missing from their life, which they think they can fill by having kids. Or so this site says. I found it pretty interesting though, and most of what I read seemed correct.

So love is there to continue the human race. Is it possible to live without wanting to continue the human race? Yes, so it seems possible it’d be able to live without love. This isn’t exactly the way it is though. It’s possible to love without wanting to continue the human race. Many people are confused. In the end it doesn’t really matter though. Even if you’re blind to love or have none at all this chemical reaction still happens.

Losing yourself to the 2 extremes never seems to work.

May 11, 2003

pick one any one

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So I’m trying to think of something to write about which involves making fun of. It’s fun to write and read things that make fun of other things just because. Alright here we go. Reality TV.

American idol. What is this bullshit? A bunch of people who want to become pop stars by singing other peoples songs in order to get a record contract from some RIAA owned label? This is the biggest load of crap I’ve ever seen. Let’s look at the flaws in it.

First, people competing to be a pop star, yet by even showing up on this show, 90% of them already are pop stars. I can remember someone telling me how a few of them got record contracts despite being “voted off” the show. That’s another thing about these reality shows, I’m sure in reality you can just vote people out that you don’t like, we all know that life is a perfect democracy.

So you win a record contract with the RIAA to become a one hit wonder but of course all the fans of the show will buy their album. I can’t even imagine the shitloads of money they must be wheeling in from this show. It’s pure idolism and american corporatism slapped into one.

Then you got the real world, let’s not even fucking go there. You name a show the real world and put a bunch of disgruntled politically correct teens in a house together. Enough said, I don’t even need to explain this one.

Then you got survivor, this one’s just silly. You have a bunch of people out in the middle of africa or stranded on some island that play games to get food, water, and supplies. I’m sure when real people are stranded in the desert all they have to do is climb a rope wall to get some water. This show is pathetic.

The Osbournes, this is more MTV bullshit. MTV seems to top the cake when it comes to brainwashing bullshit. A family that fights and curses a lot and involves a rock star. Now let’s look at MTV for a second. MTV is the network which always claims to be uncensored and yet censors everything. They claim to be new and hip but are really just a load of corporate bullshit straight from the asses of viacom executives.

So what is this really? A bunch of beeped out curse words and silly fights over useless shit. Just what I wanted to see. MTV really did it with this one, ranks right up there with shows like Jackass.

That’s the thing about Reality TV. It’s not even close to real at all, and it always involves voting people off and/or arguments. How is this real? Why do people want to watch other people fighting and voting each other off? What the fuck is happening to america?

This isn’t entertainment. It’s people trying to dilute the issues they have in their life by rationalizing it after seeing people “worse” then them. Just vote away all your problems. In reality though, those people aren’t really worse, they’re not even real. Their personalities are created by the TV show, not by who they really are.

I can understand people might enjoy different things and share different opinions but this is pure garbage. There is no value to these shows, there’s no plot, no entertaining factor. Shit I know people who watch them just to see teens in bikinis. As if there isn’t enough porn around already.

Reality shows have no purpose, no plot, no objective. Most of them are just around so some big corporation can make a quick buck. What ever happened to doing things for fun instead of for money? Of course you get the people who say “what if you can combine the two?” but look what happens most of the time when it’s combined. They start producing stories just for the money. Idealism and money don’t mix very well. Money corrupts people.

May 10, 2003

abusive personalties

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Whether you realize it or not, they do exist. Luckily I realized it. Perhaps a little too late but that is better then nothing. I must wonder why they seek me out still to this day. I’ve expressed no will to contact any of them.

Perhaps they liked me as a pawn in their game, perhaps they want me back in. Maybe they’re lonely because no one is willing to put up with their shit anymore. Hell, maybe they even miss me. I doubt any emptiness they feel from me not being there is valid. I know memory doesn’t work very well over periods of time, especially when it comes to remembering other people.

Sometimes chat logs are a curse and a blessing. I prefer to read them only when required. In the past, I had read chat logs of people and I communicating that I no longer talk to, and it only made things worse. You see such a limited amount of their personality. Sometimes you see only the parts you would consider good and start thinking, they weren’t so bad, maybe it was me the whole time?

It’s not me. I can verify this due to the fact I’ve given some people way too many chances. I soon realize after restarting my communication with these people that the personality I disliked is still there. There’s no reunions of ex-friends, I wonder why.

I won’t respond to their cries for attention. I still think about what I would say though. I then realize how it’s not even worth saying anything. It’d be like talking to a brick, perhaps it’s absorbing the sound waves, but it sure as hell isn’t going to do anything else. I’m not going to waste my time. These people used to rely on the fact that I’d take them back in the past, despite whether they changed or not.

That’s no more. I can see the difference. Just the first few words they say to start the conversation can sometimes show me whether someone changed. Joking or not. I’m tired of people hiding themselves on the internet just so they can get a false sense of superiority. I can’t believe I actually looked up to some of these people.

In reality nothing is truly superior. We’re just a bunch of chemical reactions that thrive for survival. Of course some want to think they’re superior, better survival or so it would seem. Too bad that most of the people I knew who thought they were superior were far from it. They act like they want to be successful but their personalties are so obviously in the way of it, and probably diluting the truthfulness of their wanting to be successful.

You can blame it all on me, but if I’m not even there, who are you to blame but yourself? Blaming it on me is less painful, though.

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