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September 6, 2007

not stupid

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Contrary to popular belief, I may not be quite as stupid as you think. You know, sometimes I see people who take specific actions just to get some sort of reaction out of me, often I will not react just out of spite, even though I know full well whatever it is they’ve done. I find it almost amusing.

I can’t stand it when people are indirect with me, so if you are not going to be forthcoming about something, I just don’t give a crap and won’t react to your subliminal messages. That doesn’t mean I won’t hear those messages, I see the bait, I’m just not biting. Have fun with that.

In other news, life isn’t fair and what not. More on that later.

I’m tired of people who read the stuff I write on here and later seem to indirectly dispute something I’ve said without actually mentioning the fact they are talking about something I wrote here. I think what most people don’t realize is that generally by the time I’ve written something here, I’ve already thought about it for a good long time and have already come to a fairly concrete conclusion on the subject. These are my general thoughts at the time about certain things, it’s not exactly open for public discussion. If you aren’t forthcoming that you are trying to dispute something I wrote on here, generally it just makes you look like a total douche bag because your suggestions are likely to be useless or irrelevant by the time I’ve heard them.

Plus, I don’t really give a damn if you disagree with me, that doesn’t really mean I was wrong anyway. There’s plenty of shit on here people would disagree with yet is fairly accurate, so I don’t want to hear it. Everyone’s got their own damn opinion, deal with it. I am especially annoyed at some of the people who try to do this stuff, it seems like no one has a damn clue anymore and it’s unfortunate. And there’s also the group of people who always think I’m talking about them when I’m not. If you feel any of these things applicable to you, this is a sign that you shouldn’t be reading this. None of this is intended to be taken personally. When I’m bitching about something, I generally do it in such a broad manner that it could basically apply to anyone, plus I tend to exaggerate. If this isn’t obvious, you are a moron. Take that personally why don’t you.

And life isn’t fair. You know, someone recently said something to me which was quite insightful, while what they said wasn’t genius, it made a lot of sense to me. Those who are slackers will favor other slackers, those who are hard workers favor other hard workers, those who are stupid favor others who are stupid, those who are smart favor others who are smart. Look at the president, I rest my case.

However when this is applied to the work place or something like that, it becomes obvious when a pattern emerges. I’ve heard terms like “the buddy system” used, among others. And it’s mostly true from what I can see anyway. People will favor those who are most similar to themselves rather than those who are most capable. And thus, life isn’t fair. However, this is no reason to give up, rather I see it as a reason to instead make more opportunities for myself, rather than waiting on those around me who’ve already failed me. I suppose eventually there will be some kind of perpetual line that needs to be crossed in order to kick-start such an endeavor. It’s hard to make those kind of decisions when you’re pissed off though.

I could try to fake it. That would almost be too easy. I’m too damn honest of a person to try and be someone who I’m not just so I can get along better with people/exploit such a system. I think I’ve touched upon something like this before. To be honest, in some sort of weird masochistic way, I think sometimes I like it when people hate me. It doesn’t really discourage me, if anything it can end up boosting my confidence. I’m really not that hard to get along with. I’m generally pretty a serious person internally, but the things I say outwardly are often exaggerated, or otherwise not so serious. I think once you understand this simple fact, I make a lot more sense.

Also I’m really bad at describing myself, so generally anything I’ve ever said about myself is probably wrong or exaggerated or only applicable to a specific point in time. So you can ignore what I’ve said above, and you may as well ignore what I just said now too. I often will make it seem like one particular subject is the only thing I’m interested in when really it’s only one particular thing I enjoy. IE: a specific type of music, or computers. It’s not really intentional, rather it’s somewhat of a side effect of the way I am.

Anyone who knows me already knows this though. I shouldn’t have to explain myself. In fact, don’t make me explain myself, it’s useless. And don’t smile at me when you disagree with me and don’t want to admit it. I see through your lies. And don’t try to make me bullshit you on purpose, I won’t.

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