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October 31, 2002


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Oh yay, it’s halloween. What a joyous day! A bunch of kids mooching candy off of people all because of some silly myths from the past. You know what I’ve decided. I hate kids. I’m never having kids, never. I’m going to be that old man that lives in a house in the middle of no where with tons of cats and a shotgun, yes that’s right a shotgun. So when the kids come for halloween I’ll whip it out and shoot at them. Loaded with blanks, of course, but it will be fun none the less. So I’m here listening to music and my windows are open as normal, because my room is always hot and it’s cold out and I have to hear these kids outside screaming, yes screaming. Why on this day do kids get to be obnoxious? I don’t know. Perhaps to scare off the evil spirits or whatever the fuck the point of halloween is. Pumpkins are cool, infact, cooler then kids. Pumpkin pie is even cooler. I only went out for halloween a few times, never did I act like that. I suppose I’m not one to talk. I hate being loud and making a scene. Even though I know I was once a kid, and I acted dumb. I know I did. If I had kids I’d also need a time machine, that way I can stick them in it and fast forward them about 20 years. I just finished rearranging and connecting some things and of course when I’m done and trying to take a break I get to listen to the sounds of obnoxious kids screaming! I thought halloween was to scare off evil spirits why the fuck isn’t anyone scaring off the kids? There’s definitely evil there. That will be my job.

October 18, 2002


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well I ordered that shit that I talked about in the previous post today so that’s all done n shit. ITS ALL FIXED UP MMKAy. So all is well. Now I have to wait for my shit.

October 17, 2002


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mother fucker man I can’t believe this bullshit. So I sell my stuff on ebay and the total amount i make is $207 and I havn’t sent out shit yet, well not me, it’s my dads account so technically he has to send it out but I’d box it up but is my dad any help? No. This is where the problem comes in. So I unhook the shit from my stereo and it’s in the other room waiting to be sent, and I want to buy the shit to replace it, but oh no we have no money. No money eh? I have $390 in the bank (supposively atleast) and we have no money? The stuff I want is $300 total and with the ebay money plus the money I have I should have $597. Plenty of money. No money my ass. I’m tired of this bullshit I swear to god I am never letting my dad touch my money once I’m 18. What a load of shit. Fucking cheapass.

October 9, 2002


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I don’t post here much anymore. I’m not quite sure why. Oh well.

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