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January 20, 2018

everyone’s brainwashing eachother

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lately it’s funny how opposing parties are accusing each other of trying to gentrify the other out of existence these days.

i cant say merry christmas, they’re making us gay, all gay propaganda but no christmas? what is going on the christians are under attack

meanwhile on the other side, straight people are identifying as gay in order to feel more metoo or something, making it seem as if there’s some sort of mass effort to convert christians gay, or so they seem to fear when judge the world through their rose colored glasses

Meanwhile the otherside is like a child begging for acceptance trying to wear whatever mask fits at the time. It’s funny how the right could be afraid of that – as it’s already so weak-willed to begin with – the fact that this sort of begging-for-acceptance or this overly ambitious need to show support, scares them, it’s like, they’re even more weak willed? It’s just crazy to think about. like two scared animals both hiding in opposite corners for no reason

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