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February 22, 2004

The fall of good taste

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Why is it that all recent cars and computer cases are ugly? What is with this? Why has everyones taste dropped so dramatically to the point where the amount of money you spent and the supposed “safety” features are more important then the actual design of the car?

I mean come on it’s one thing to just want a car to get you places but just because a car is a piece of shit doesn’t mean it has to be ugly. So I’m here to determine the problem.

Japanese people.

Ok, not really. It’s the people buying the crap that have the problem. I can’t even imagine the conversation leading some half intelligent person to buy one of those ugly new minivans or any new recent car. With headlights curved into the body all streamline like yet ugly as shit, with over abundant use of plastic and the color yellow, the car industry has gone down the drain.

Even companies once known for producing nice cars are starting to get into ugly territory. Look at the new BMW 7 series. Now kill yourself. See?

So what is the deal? Why are people buying ugly cars? You ever hear that the look of a car has emotion cause the grill and headlights make it look like a face or some crap like that? Well just think of the emotion someone who bought a Honda Element has and you’ve realized that modern society has just gone down the drain. I’m tired of ugly cars.

And computer cases apparently have this same fate. More plastic, more ugly conflicting colors. Why has all design and artistic process gone down the drain in the commercial world? Why has everything become even more robotic like in behavior? Why does capitalism gone wrong turn into a broken communism? What is with pet dogs? Why do people voluntarily make noises when they sneeze? What the fuck?

February 10, 2004

10 reasons to hate me

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1. I’m cold, like liquid nitrogen. If the air temperature around me is 70 or above I’m hot, that’s how cold I am. I’m so cold that global warming has a grudge.

2. I don’t care about societies expectations even if it hurts me to do so. So when mr/ms.preppy goes through college on their college fund to get some glorified paper stacking job I can sit and laugh.

3. I’ll be an asshole just for fun. You don’t have to deserve it. I’ll decide what you deserve.

4. I won’t give into you if you hold weak arguments, so don’t expect me to buy bullshit just because you’re selling it. I’m no cat but I do have pride. Don’t even try relying on fallacy and accept the fact that you might be wrong about some things. Saying I can’t admit defeat is a weak argument.

5. I think the human race is inferior so any human-promoting comment you make will instantly be negated. Don’t let existence get to you, it’ll all be over sooner then you think. Check your answering machine, someone named grim reaper left a message.

6. The typical american is my enemy. Yes, most likely that means I hate you.

7. Do you think I care about reproduction? Are you kidding me? Abortion should be required. I can’t believe how many stupid ass teenager are having kids and make the damn thing suffer because they don’t have their life together in the first place. Then they get all anti-abortion, probably because they were insecure about their decision not to abort, despite making the damn thing suffer. As if one is better then the other right? As if a chicken raised to be slaughtered is going to care how big it’s cage is. Don’t fight it, god wants your baby dead. He told me last night.

8. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, don’t fucking say anything. You’re wasting your time trying to sound smart and in the mean time sounding like a stupid idiot. I’ll be sure to point this out at the time which makes you feel the shittiest.

9. I won’t lie to make you feel happy. Fair enough right? Then why do people try and make me feel guilty if I don’t? Sorry but I’m not here to raise your self-esteem, I’m here to destroy it. Get down off your high horse and accept that not everything deserves compliment.

10. No, I never was “just like you” so stop saying shit like that. What is that supposed to mean anyway? Even if I am, then what? Is that supposed to mean you’re somehow more evolved then I am? Comments like that serve no purpose, so stop saying them. I’ll be sure to point out how much I’m not like you, and why I don’t want to be, because I don’t want to “mature” to be someone stupid enough to make comments like that.

So there you have it, 10 reasons to hate me. I’m sure there’s more, feel free to add some.

February 5, 2004

cats vs humans

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It’s time for a quick little comparison of cats and humans to show you how inferior we are.

cats beat the shit out of anything that movies
humans beat the shit out of things they don’t like
cats see well in the dark
humans wear glasses
cats can survive in the wild
human suburbanites wouldn’t last a week in the wild
cats have fur
humans are mutated bald monkeys
cats clean themselves
humans use chemicals to clean things
cats don’t need clothes
humans have large societies based around material objects such as clothes
cats have unlimited pride
humanity is full of broken egos
cats don’t care about silly bullshit
humans make it a point to care as if caring makes them less of a parasite to the planet
cats are colorful
humans tend separate out colorful people
cats hear good
humans go to parties and subject themselves to overly loud music for hours and then wonder why they have hearing loss
cats are typically very physical and in shape unless fattened by human overlords
humans are physically inferior because of their over dependence on material objects
cats are cool looking
humans look stupid
cats are oblivious to stupidity
humans are obliviously stupid
cats are better then you
humans never like to admit defeat

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