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April 15, 2005

americans are shallow and I hate them

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Yes it’s true. American’s on average are extremely shallow and I hate them.

From following fashion fads to liking music which can only be described as noise pollution, an American’s shallowness knows no bounds. It’s all about the looks and appearances, and if it isn’t about that then it’s about money or reputation.

What is the point of the shallow things that people do? Why follow the trends that corporations push on us? Why care about trying to impress the other sex? It’s not like guys care about that shit, even though most of them are just as shallow, they’re more concerned about getting the clothes off you.

Anyway, I was just viewing some random people’s profiles that are in my area. Almost all of them liked the same crappy pop music, wore the same clothes, the same typical junk over and over again. There is no one exceptional. All were fake. Of course once you talk to a person in real life you realize there’s more to a person than their interests, you realize their shallowness gives you the ability to change their interests at your own whim. But why would I want to even get involved with someone so stupid? Someone who’s interests are changeable just because you assert your opinion more than they do. Just because you formed your own opinion, and they simply followed someone elses.

It’s like in little social groups there’s always someone who’s more assertive with their opinion so the group’s interests all follow that persons. Fuck that. I’ll like what I like, I don’t need to hear some cookie cutter bullshit. I don’t want to settle for less just because less is more common. I want to see people who form their own opinions, who don’t simply follow the lead of MTV.

And I know how easy it is to fall into such traps. I did once. Never again. And the problem is deeper than it seems. Just think, these giant corporations who are pushing these shitty artists on a mass scale are the only people who have enough money and power to do so, but that doesn’t even matter, because they’re the same companies who own all the distribution channels to begin with. They own the TV, and the radio, they own the pressing plants and they own the fashion trends which the clothing companies put out. Simply by having their artist wear a new pair of pants, or say they like one thing or another, this can be accomplished. So where do people start to look for good music, if they can’t simply be lazy and let someone else feed it to them?

P2P networks and online music communities of course. But those are evil(TM) and bad(TM) and oh no the starving artists. Of course the big corporations are the ones who are least effected by P2P. They have enough money, power and control that the initial amount of money they need to make before P2P starts to help them instead of hurt them is pocket change. This is, approximately $32,000 according to the owner of an independent record label owner that I recently spoke to. That’s a lot for some average person to go out and spend in one day, but for a multi-billion dollar corporation this is the same amount of money they’d pay just for an artist’s hair cut and outfit.

And it’s sad only because it’s true. These giant corporations are marketing shallow people, for shallow people. And they all follow like the little drones they are. I’m sick of it. Whiny-emo, bling-bling-rappers, slit-my-wrists-nu-metal, and kill-me-please-punk, whatever genre your shallow ass affords to choose, you can shove it.

Now I’m not one to usually go out spending tons of cash on albums because of the fact I’m broke, but please people, even if you honestly think you LIKE this shallow crap, don’t give your money to these corporate fuck-holes. Give it to people who actually deserve it. People who actually have talent. Not some fake-blond-lip-syncing-voice-edited-fashion-whore, or some zelda-haircut-black-eye-shadow-oh-the-pain-is-so-bad-emo-boy.

Support artists who care about their music and not about their appearance, to the point where some of them refuse to reveal their identities, avoid giving any personal information, make no live appearances, or even wear masks while performing, almost as if to spite those falling into the traps that those corporate puppets do. Do not fall for American idolism. And how pathetic is it that there’s a show named after just that. It’s as if the shallow fools in this country celebrate the fact that they are just that, shallow. Why? WHY!?

“We urge you to join the resistance and help us combat the mediocre audio and visual programming that is being fed to the inhabitants of earth. This programming is stagnating the minds of the people; building a wall between races and preventing world peace. It is this wall we are going to smash.”

April 7, 2005

lifes little unsurprising surprises

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Well I’ve been diagnosed with borderline adhd and anxiety, but I don’t feel all too bad about that, it’s nothing I didn’t already expect. So now I might have to take some meds which are basically the equivalent of speed. Yay, take speed, do work, fun times.

or whatever.

It does make it seem kind of pointless though. I mean anyone can take speed and be a workaholic for a day, except I might actually need it to function. That’s kinda weird. Something about the front of my brain being less active or something. Hey did someone drop me on the head as a baby?

Most likely though the anxiety I suffer was conditioned into me and my genetics didn’t help that seeing as there’s a family history of similar such occurrences. Oh well at least I don’t have obsessive compulsive disorder, that’s my least favorite one, you know. Schizophrenia was always my favorite disorder. I don’t know why, I guess because it’s hard to imagine what it’d be like. Seeing things and hearing things that aren’t there, having other people talk to you that are really just voices in your head.

I guess the idea of escaping from this reality has always been interesting to me so a disorder which is just that has got to be my favorite. Makes sense right? Drugs.

Drugs are fun, but it does get boring after a while, especially when it starts effecting you negatively, so I’m taking a hiatus from them yet again. Not sure for how long, but perhaps until I’m feeling better physically. I have this cough you see, and it’s not going away. I’m thinking it might be allergies or a reaction to my grandma’s cigarettes, it does seem to act up when she lights one up. I really should go to the doctor, and I will eventually, I guess I’m kinda waiting to see if it goes away by itself. I do hope there’s nothing seriously wrong with me, I’m always paranoid about that shit.

I had been smoking quite a bit more than I usually did. I used to be able to last months off barely any weed, but I was smoking those kind of amounts in days. I guess it’s no wonder I have this cough.

I’m not feeling too bad at the moment, so that’s good. I have to eat and take a shower and then I’m going to watch some TV. That sounds pretty good. I’ve basically finished the internet for the day. So the moral of the story is: eat your weed don’t smoke it. I think.

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