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December 27, 2005

jesus and friends

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there once was a man named jesus

and I never cared.

So why do you?

You know the world is an interesting place this time of year. I suppose the whole jew-family thing never really rang a bell until recently. Getting merry x-mas’ from co-workers or someone at a store…just not what I was used to when I was just a kid, since when you’re a kid no one really talks to you. Stay away from those strangers. They might touch you “down there.”

I suppose it’s just a realization of the christian influence on the world. Of course anyone who knows me knows my stance on this crap. No religion, plzkthx.

I don’t even like calling myself atheist because I don’t even care if the big bang is how shit got here. I just know that I’m here, and it isn’t because of anything those religious books say, and that’s for sure. After all, without anyone to promote those religions or any books to tell about them, how would you come to the same conclusions? There is nothing in them that is reproducable. It is all fiction, or perhaps misinterpretations of text from thousands of years ago. It was the way to explore the unknown, albeit not very deeply.

If parents never forced their kids, if society never put influence on others by celebrating it, if the books just weren’t there, what religion would you be following? Some other one that was discovered? I would expect none to be the answer of anyone who’s less than retarded.

I don’t care about your standards, your moral practices, your right and wrong. I discover what works by trial and error, but I always refuse to give up a certain amount of myself, and that’s how I know I got my head on straight.

Then there’s the people who take religion like some social group, or follow it just for the “culture.” Fuck that. American’s have no culture. Just shit.

So come join The Union of Belligerent Atheists.

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