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September 11, 2009

twitter sucks, omfgmjisdead, global warming is a fad

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It’s been a while. I don’t know why, maybe because I moved my domains around and broke my database and didn’t feel like fixing it. Oh well. I’m back.

Twitter sucks. Period. I don’t care what you think it’s useful for. It still sucks. And I’m tired of the people who use it trying to justify it to me. They suck too.

Where do I begin? Okay, I know. It started with text messaging. Okay, some people say it started with facebook which is also sorta true but fuck them. Anyway, text messaging on a phone is the dumbest idea ever. Case in point, you have a god damn phone in your hand, fucking call that person. Really, some people don’t even want to be called and rather be texted? Are people really that socially inept these days? And that’s coming from a recluse like myself, god damn.

Okay but actually I’m starting to come around to text messaging, especially when people leave me these stupid ass voice messages. Okay, just text me, I don’t want to have to listen to you ramble on about some stupid bullshit when I could read it on my screen in 1 line.

I blame facebook.

Twitter sucks. Why? Because it took a stupid feature from cell phones and a stupid feature from facebook and combined them into one giant megastupid cesspool of people’s bullshit that no one cares about. Planning a revolution? Tweet about it! Think someone cares you like that song? They don’t. And I don’t care that you just got your haircut and came back from vacation. Guess what, we’ve all done these stupid inconsequential things. What makes you so special? Oh that’s right, nothing. You fucker. Go drink the magic kool-aid and die already. All the cool kids are doing it, so why aren’t you?


Global warming is a fad. I’m serious. While there are some studies that show that the climate has changed over the years following the industrial revolution, it doesn’t mean squat to me. Almost all legitimate reports say, while the warming is happening, the large scale effects are still for the most part unknown. And do you know why? Because humans are insignificant twits.

100 years is nothing. Try a few billion. Suck on that for a few. Fact is these short term changes are indeed happening but with a limited long term history based on fossils and such, we don’t know for sure. So should doing things for the environment make you feel like an awesome person? Well, probably not. Fact is people were tree-hugging long before the global warming fad, but why is it becoming so popular all of the sudden? Is it because of Bush Jr driving the country down the shitter, or false hopes from prophet Obama? Or is it something deeper altogether. I don’t know.

Should you drive a hybrid car? Should you pay for carbon credits? Should you spend all this money on eco-friendly products? For the most part, no. Fact is, every hack, quack, and crook has been taking advantage of the eco-hype for years now. Almost every product is a joke and doesn’t really work.

Hybrids are a good idea in theory but in practice, carrying around the weight of 2 separate propulsion systems and then both gasoline and batteries is not very efficient in terms of weight. Any good car designer knows light weight means less power for the same means. It’s kind of like strapping a 2 ton solar panel onto a 3 ton car trying to make an electric car. It might seem eco-friendly but it’s horribly inefficient.

And why do we need hybrids when Europeans have been making turbo-diesels that can get over 40mpg for years now? And why haven’t any of those been imported into America until very recently with a few Volkswagen models? The diesel mini-cooper gets over 72mpg but you never hear anyone talk about that. It’s all hype about hybrids. At least the new chevy volt is a step in the right direction, going to a completely electric drive-train rather than having 2 separate propulsion systems entirely. We’ll see how it plays out in practice.

All these other eco-products are turning out to be double-sided or otherwise misunderstood. CFL lightbulbs are an example of this. The mercury argument is stupid and I hate the eco-bastards who mention mercury as if elemental mercury is the most deadly thing in the world, when it’s not. So CFL lightbulbs are good then? Well sort of. If you use them in any area where the lights are turned on and off a lot, the ignitors go bad fairly quickly and the bulbs end up dying sometimes very prematurely even.

So, you save some energy costs, then the bulb dies, now the higher cost of the bulb comes back to bite you. So you win some you lose some. The real solution? LED lighting. It’s too expensive out the moment for most people to consider but it is out there.

Often the real solutions aren’t the one’s advertised, and that’s exactly the point I’m trying to make. Lighter cars with turbo-diesels, led lighting, and so on. Don’t even get me started on organic food. Most organic food is horribly inefficient and uses more resources for less food. If you’re an eco-nut and you think eating this supposedly organic food is good for the environment and/or somehow better for you, think again. Recent studies have come out showing it’s not any better or worse from you, and that there’s no evidence from any of these “non-organic” fertilizers and pesticides (which have to go through strict testing procedures) are causing any sort of ailments what-so-ever.

So what is it then? You’re paying more for less. That’s what it is. People follow blindly and do what they are told is good when in reality they should be thinking for themselves and coming to their own conclusions. As always, the followers fall for the pseudo-science spouted by people trying to make a quick buck and nothing really gets done. Eco-fail!

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