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September 12, 2012

LOL, Fails from the past

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So, I don’t usually write about my job much anymore. Oh sure, occasional mention here or there, or sometimes I’ll do a mock post, where I mock something indirectly, but leave no real tie back to anything. However, in the past and at my old job, I definitely did this, one time I trusted the wrong people and it caused a bit of a stir, requiring me to respond to people who really had no business trying to dictate my thoughts or my personal life in the first place. So, if I do have these kind of posts now-a-days, they either stay private or don’t get written about.

Oh man, is it hilarious seeing others, 10+ years older than myself, make the same mistakes of my punk-ass 19 / 20 year old self. Just knowing that alone, gives me hope for the future, because by the time I’m that age, I’ll probably be on another plane of life experience, far beyond the ego tripping and “trying to prove a point / prove myself” kind of stage I used to be in. Even just reading some of my previous posts, right before this one, questioning myself and my experiences with dating and what not. Having eventually accomplished the things I wanted, the wisdom gained from that already differentiates myself from that other me from only just a year ago.

I write this now as my birthday looms ahead. Another day, another year. Who knows where life will take me. It’s funny, I still have my own issues, but I’ve also got people who respect me and my talents. I’ve stopped fearing failure and started embracing it. The fear of failure and/or not being able to understand or get something done, will in and of itself, prevent you from getting things done. Also, it stops you from learning new things and gaining experience.

When people in power are afraid of failure, it creates a power gap, as those who are not afraid of failure will quickly step up and invade this space. However, first new lesson learned, those who step up are not always those with good intentions.

Some, not all, and this is not to be taken lightly. The ones who do have truly good intentions are probably some of the greatest assets. The ones who are questionable are probably the most dangerous.

Those who are prone to religion and/or the occult are often easily persuaded to have faith in highly ideological concepts, but in practice, this is always triumphed by real-world use cases and experience. I think it’s a logical fallacy to give attribute to anyone for anything until their ideology has come to fruition. That’s probably why I throw all things religious promptly out the window. To have faith in an idea simply because it’s presented intelligently is a logical fallacy in my book.

I want to see real things, out the door. Experience, the kind where things get done. That’s all experience really means, it’s an assessment of your capability to do, til completion. I don’t need to be lectured to, and I certainly don’t need a demonstration. What do I look like, some sort old king? Perform for me, peasant! Not good enough, NEXT! No, it’s not that complicated, really. Just make shit work. Don’t turn yourself into a side-show.

Oh, but how I’ve seen that happen, time and time again. Dance, jester! Entertain me! And when I see it, I can’t help but think of my younger self, making those same mistakes. It happens in all areas of life, you’ll have that deja vu, with a flash of wisdom. You don’t need to do anything to prove yourself, you just do things and that happens by itself. Also, don’t expect anything in return. You’re already getting paid to be there. Your peers won’t appreciate it when you publicly demonstrate that you think you’re worth more than them, I promise.

What else, hmm, I’m feeling all wisdom’ed out for now. Maybe I’ll have some more words of advice for you all next year. In the mean time, everyone else, keep on sucking, and I’ll keep on writing.

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