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September 26, 2003

OMG IM SO DEPRSESED (or, why I hate the internet)

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I FIXED IT!11 ok. So we were at the mall and omg!!! I saw this person and they were so cool we talked about stuff like the new emoband concert! then john and sally were like OMG they are so gay and i was like NO WAY they rox so then later we went home and on the ride home sally farted AND WE ALL THOUGHT IT WAS JOHN!!!1

it was sooo funny and like later there was some kids on the street and they were dressed up all like thugs and we’re like WERD! and then they beat up john.

it was soo sad john was bleeding all over but he was ok because afterwards sally took him home and WHO KONWS WHAT HAPPPNEED THEN.

EVENTUALLY i got hoem and i went online and i was like totally omg1!! and then sally came on and said john had tried to make moves on her but she didn’t want him to but then she gave in anyway and like now they’re going out and sally said she saw a whole new side to john and THEYRE IN LOVE!!11

i’m so depressed. eveyrone is in love but me1!!! IM LISTENING TO THIS NEW CD I GOT AT THE MALL its called Breaking Panels of Glass with my Heart and i’m so sad.

feel my angst.

I hate the internet. Seriously why the fuck do all the retards with journals posting about stupid shit like that get all the comments and what not as if anyone cares about the unimportant events that happen in a stereotypical teenagers life. Isn’t there enough of that kind of crap already? It’s time for people to stop bitching about the daily shit that life involves and to get on with their lives. Screw emo-venting journals and post something intelligent. Help exterminate stupidity, the mission starts with yourself!

Step 1.
If you write things like the above in your journal, to people, say it on the phone, or anything of the sort, stop talking to all your friends right now and get new ones.

Step 2.
If you like any music they play on mtv 7 times a week or more, throw out all your cds, delete all your mp3s, and when picking out new music make sure it’s not on any RIAA label, just to be safe.

Step 3.
If you constantly dwell over past relationships or what not, get out of denial by admitting to yourself that you haven’t a clue what love is, nor have you been in it. And stop thinking it matters so much. Do you really think you’re that important to everyone else in the world? Getting over yourself is what these dwellings are really about, not getting over the ex.

Step 4.
Failure to comply with the above I recommend a personal session with me, your certified De-Emoizer to quickly cleanse your soul of the american devil known now as “stereotypical being.”

Step 5.
If you’ve actually done what I’ve said then you’ve finally surpassed the average teenagers social intelligence. If you simply followed what I said without even taking any of your own paths along the way, you might as well start over, you’re just following because you think it’s a social expectation.

Step 6.
Voluntary human extinction. If you are unable to complete the above steps, don’t have kids. You’re doing us all a favor. Abortion is your friend. Who cares about babies anyway. Ugly little things.

Now you know how to do it. It’s easier then you’d think, especially if you don’t even have to do it due to the fact that you’re not an idiot. Don’t get your hopes up.

September 21, 2003

love is bullshit

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So before my ideas about love were kind of mixed, I wrote about dependence on love, but more specifically it was about dependence on compassion. Compassion exists, love doesn’t.

Yeah, so people fall in love and get married, but what really happens? It’s more like two people are sexually attracted and wish to remain together for the survival of the race. Some species are faithful and some aren’t. Marriage and the so called love that goes along with it is nothing more then a way to keep a family together.

Too bad for america that the whole family structure is for the most part dying out and being replaced by more individual communication, such as the internet, telephones, hell even writing a letter. Family communication has much died out in this country. So while we’re still dependent on others as a society, the family structure is starting to become less important.

Good or bad I’m not here to debate that, my point is that love doesn’t exist. You have the average teenage girl’s definition of love, which is usually dependence, obsession, and sexual attraction. So they can want that person, never want to give them up, and consult them on anything they’re unsure about. It’s just a stupid trap that teenage girls are easy to fall into because they confuse what they want with reality.

Love is nothing more then an empty word with personal meanings that differ from person to person. The Websters dictionary defines it as a strong feeling of attachment induced by delights or admiration, devotion, affection, etc. Family love is more like family compassion. It’s not really love in the romantic-sexual way that most women wish they had, and that most guys couldn’t care about as long as some sex is involved.

As everything we do is in one way or another for our own survival you have to consider why people even use the word love. If not for our own survival then what? The answer is way too clear but most are so blinded by their strong emotions which they themselves created and call love that the chances of seeing the truth are way too far away.

So you have compassion for those in your family, you care about them and what not, it’s not obsessional or sexual attraction, at least not in a normal family. I’m talking about relationships here though, continuation of the race. Love is just a self-generated feeling to promote the continuation of the race.

As I’m sure evolution knew what it was doing when it created it. The race needs to survive and what better way to do it then to create an emotion that involves obsession dependence and sexual attraction all in one. That’s got to be like the holy grail for humanity right there. Now I’m sure some men think they’re in love as well and the situation is no different. Love is bullshit and only serves to keep two people together for the continuation of the race, nothing more, nothing less.

Evolution doesn’t care if you meet your perfect guy/girl and couldn’t give a rats ass about whether or not it works out in the end, as long as the next generation is created. Those who are selfish enough to believe a higher power exists to serve their every single desire or help them when they’re in a bad situation are just as bad.

A discussion I had led to this conversation about a person who fell down a hole and thought god saved them. If god really existed, why wouldn’t he have just prevented them from falling in the first place? Jokingly we thought, oh they probably didn’t pray so god was just testing their faith. Religion also only serves to continue the race, combining compassion with a rule set that expects faithfulness and obedience. It’s just as bad as love.

Religion is a complete joke. Love is a complete joke. Compassion is many times part of love, and as mentioned above, religion. Those who think love exists are only looking out for themselves, or in denial because they believe they are in it and don’t want a supposed good thing to end.

Don’t let human instinct get in the way of logic, it only creates more beliefs.

September 16, 2003

above the rest, or rest below?

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So I’m in driver ed today (yesterday) and some kids are chatting and one mentions how he had stayed up to 3 in the morning the day and was tired and I mentioned how I had stayed up to 5, which it is right now actually, and how I slept until like 5 in the afternoon. After this of course some people obviously ask don’t you go to school?

Of course I don’t have the time to go into any detailed explanations, this isn’t chat hour it’s driver education so I just usually say “I do computer stuff and I plan to get my GED and head off to college.” Later in the class, some girl starts asking me about it, she seemed amazed by the fact that I didn’t go to school. I tell her the usual and say how I plan to get my license and a job and what not and she basically says she doubts my plans because I won’t have a high school diploma and the emotion I read from her face and tone of voice was pure disgust.

I was probably more disgusted then she was though. I felt for the first time in my life that everyone around me wasn’t as smart as I was. Not in an egotistical way though. In a way that they’ve been raised in a society which expects a norm, and all of which have followed without a question. Why are people so easily led?

I recently have been using the analogy that some people are like cats and some are like dogs. Some people will do anything for a treat or some positive reinforcement. At the same time, some aren’t led so easily, they want the treat up front and will decide later whether or not they will do what you want. Most people seem to fit my definition of a dog.

There are some who have pets purely because they’re cute and some because they enjoy their company. At the same time there is a game of manipulation going on between pet and owner. Pet relies on owner for all its basic needs and owner provides them. What if the pet wants something else? Many times they don’t know any other way so they simply continue without a doubt.

I suppose my comparison between humans and other animals has been a pretty big topic to me but it’s interesting how similar they really are. Some religions don’t even accept humans as the same as other animals, they see us as above them, but all as being one of gods creatures. Well screw god and other self-satisfying wishes and let’s get back to reality for now.

People are expected to be of the norm. If they are not, typically society rejects them. Some try to masquerade as the norm to acquire a social position. I don’t ever put on a mask though. I try to ignore the norms and when people mention they do something that follows them I disregard it. I don’t have the time to fight those who follow the norms all day, nor can I fully explain my position to everyone in a short period of time.

Animals have a way of grouping together and outcasting. Those who do not follow a set standard are the ones who are outcasts. The outcasts sometimes form a group and then the process repeats. Why follow any specific standard when it’s so much easier to be variable? Why do people have the urge to believe instead of just to have ideas?

Most likely because if you believe in something, and everyone else around you does, everything will seem in control. Since there is nothing to defy you, how could anything possibly go wrong? It’s not until you stare into the face of the truth that the problems start. The believers will deny it, because they do not want to be proved wrong. Who does, other then those looking for the truth? A believer is never looking for the truth, just control.

As animals, territory is what we seek. Control is the method of gain. Mental territory is something our larger brains have given us, and with it, more inequalities.

September 6, 2003

e pluribus unum is a stupid quote

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This quote pisses me off. Out of many, one? Yeah so there’s a bunch of fucking states that had their differences but out of them all, one, because there’s the federal government, reminding everyone who’s their bitch. Seriously what the fuck is that supposed to mean, out of many, one?

Big fucking deal. It’s annoying. Especially that ad council commercial with everyone saying “I am an american” and at the end it says “E Pluribus Unum” as if it means that you’re an individual. The quote has nothing at all to do with individuality. It doesn’t say one out spectacular person out of many, no. It’s the exact opposite, out of many, one. So you’re just reduced to a tiny little plankton in a giant sea of fish.

This quote is on everything, coins, commercials, and implanted in wannabe-patriots heads. This quote is useless. It’s not the 13 states any more. It’s no longer 1776. How the hell this stupid quote stuck around so long, I’d never know. I’d bet it’s big corporation america trying to make it sound like it’s the “good ol days.” It’s more like a bunch of corporate bullshit with silly buzzwords and propaganda.

All it really does is show how much it’s not that way anymore and how inappropriate it is in current day. Why do we need silly quotes and propaganda telling people to have pride in being an american? Is someone insecure about their falling empire? Does someone sense failure is approaching? Sure as hell seems like it.

A more appropriate quote would be “statistically, you mean nothing.” Or perhaps “if we cared about you, we’d put a little more effort into our pseudo-patriotic quote making process.” Shit even I can do a better job then them, they should hire me.

America pisses me off.

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