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June 24, 2017

Fake outrage: The right doesnt hold a monopoly on patriotism

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A far right protester that is protesting a production of Caesar with some political tie-in explains they are not far right…oh no…we just love america. The liberals hate it. How dare they make negative commentary about our president. He only wants to give tax cuts to rich people and make it so the poor can’t get health care. Kathy Griffin and Johnny Depp should be so ashamed that they may have offended president pussy grabber. Think of his 10 year old son…he must be so disturbed over all this negative imagery of his father! Why…he’ll surely be scarred for life. Oh woe is me.

You know. Republicans used to play this holier than thou card when they had candidates that pretended they had integrity. However president pussy grabber never had that. He accused opponents of all sorts of crazy shit and made statements ten times more inflammatory than some half-baked actor or comedian have ever uttered but apparently none of that matters, because if you aren’t a blind patriot then you just ain’t as red blooded of an american as your right wing and proud protester. Right pride…..america first.

Needless to say some people see trump as some sort of reality tv strongman still..for some strange reason. Despite the fact he wants to raise all our premiums and give the money to rich people. But hey….you just aren’t a true patriot unless you not only give money to the rich…but actually go a step further and volunteer for the sheriff of nottingham’s police force, to catch that damn robin hood…..cause we keeping it safe round here…nice an’ obedient just how we like ’em. Be afraid of dem terries. Military industrial complex. For profit prisons. Attorney general who wants everyone in jail forever. Being a proud american now means supporting an authoritarian police state where if you don’t die from lack of health care you’ll be imprisoned so a rich person can return on an investment. Isn’t america great again? Tell me some more about how to confuse this ill-shrouded guise of fascism for patriotism. For I am all ears. There is no outrage from the right. They lost that moral high ground when party conformity became more important than pussy grabbing. This is the beginnings of fascism. The government is trying to make people afraid to criticize. Meanwhile there is no twitter filter. Just raw old angry man rants all day. Criticize thie man how dare you..a man who may have obstructed justice into an investigatiom that ultimately could prove treasonous collusion with russia…..but hey its all just fake news right? Or call it what it really is; the rights fake outrage over any dissidents. America do you rweally wanna go down that path?

Where there should be outrage isn’t from the right, but from everyone, the right, left, everyone, but unfortunately president group-think has got white people thinking he’s the next Reagan, all the while Russia is humiliating us with cyber-security and we can’t spend enough on bombs to fix it, as until you drop a bomb on russia, none of that will ever matter for this fight. And apparently the democrats are too chicken to bend the rules for themselves even though the republicans have been doing it since forever their unethical selves decided to be republicans.

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