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September 4, 2018

catch and release propaganda

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There’s a new wave of propaganda, and it’s no longer ad council commercials on TV, oh no, those slightly encouraging moral high-ground nudges are nothing compared to this new form of guerrilla social media warfare. I’m going to present a new series of posts, where I de-construct propaganda-filled-memes here, rather than giving them attention for people to reply and argue on facebook.

First entry, false narrative science:

I’m pretty sure any scientist worth a damn would acknowledge hermaphrodites, intersex, and other such well-known phenomena, in fact, you’d think such phenomena would directly discredit the sentiment this image is trying to express. not to mention fish, shrimp, etc, which can actually change gender, I’m not sure science helps this sentiment at all, really.

False narrative with a false equivalency at best, political propaganda at worst. If only memes spoke for scientists. The real question I have is, who made this and where did it really come from? Things proclaiming to be some form of insider-truth should be the most suspicious.

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