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July 16, 2002

trusting people with trust issues

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Title seems like a big contradiction but then again most people with trust issues tend be stuck in a giant flood of contradictions anyway.

Yesterday someone told me that someone i used to be friends with accused me of doing something. This something, was the exact thing they had done to me, it was the reason I stopped talking to them. Not to mention, I never had done it in my life. Talk about bullshit. i just look back at a lot of previous friends..of course they blame everything on me..and a lot of times fall back on previous ex-friends when they loose one friend..of course that ex-friend also knew me so then they talk bad about me and there’s now a whole mix of stories going around..people suck.

I’m glad i don’t have friends that do that anymore. one thing i wont ever do is blame people for my actions just because i no longer talk to them. i think if i had the choice I’d live inside a hallowed out mountain and my only human contact would be buying food. and I’d have a lot of cats, and everyone would think I’d some crazy old man or something and I’d probably agree but I’d rather be that way then be the way some other people are…believing in bullshit and stuck in constant denial.

actually maybe I’d rather live on a hallowed out mountain on mars..that would be cool too..i think mars is cool its all red. red is cool.

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