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July 19, 2002

bored as hell

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i haven’t posted in a day or so..so anyway yeah..why do guys always brag about meeting woman to me? why would i care? I supposed my relationship skills are kinda fucked up but am i really insecure about it? i don’t think so. the world is a very territorial place and I guess most men feel special when they meet someone cause our brains tell us to…well you know fuck that…I don’t like any humans. nor would I even think about continuing this race. i think the world should be taken over by a bunch of kittens. that would be cool. I think i have schizoid personality disorder. I suppose thats bad, but i don’t really care. I want to go do something fun but its late and I find nothing fun anymore so yeah. maybe i should go play with knives, but why? I already do that mentally and it probably hurts just as bad.

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