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July 24, 2002

people are stupid

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Yes, its true, people are stupid. The proof behind this is very easy to obtain, just realize how stupid you are and you should be one step closer. Inside of every human there’s a thing that tells them to be stupid, I think its called a brain. In this brain there is a bunch of stupid things, including blood, memories, stupidity, cells, drugs, and probably a few dead mice. To sum this up I think humans should all simultaneously pull their brains out of their asses and stick them back in their skull, this may help solve the problem temporarily until people find new ways to become stupid. Why would humans want to be stupid? Well there’s plenty of reasons I’ve made a list of the top 15 things that make people stupid, I think it will speak for itself.

1. capitalist pigs
2. denial
3. ignorance
4. the entire bush administration (very similar to #1)
5. thinking you are better then someone else
6. knowing you are better then someone else (which makes you insane due to the fact that your not better then anyone)
7. competing with people only to claim you’re better then them if you win.
8. being politically correct because it’s “the right thing to do”
9. obeying ridiculous laws because it’s “the right thing to do,” instead of fighting them. I’ve seen this and the reason for it was to further enhance their feeling of innocence. hah. we’re all guilty. Did you know humans lie 1-2 times daily, possibly more? innocent my ass.
10. calling people who declare war on us terrorists, when in fact, america brings fear in the hearts of many other countries, which makes them automatically surrender and become our bitch.
11. making fun of people that caused you no harm
12. people who do the above and then try to get other people to do it with them, which gives them double stupidity which is kind of like double jeopardy except stupider.
13. using the phrase “stupid is what stupid does” or any other phrase from the movie “Forest Gump”
14. arguing with someone only to benefit themselves and later bring in other people to further enhance their argument, which really doesn’t, just gives you one of those 2 vs. 1 situations which are gay and usually ruins the argument completely.
15. accusing people of things they didn’t do, but you yourself did do. See my post on trust issues.

I’ve written these and I’ve come to the point where I’m never really sure if anything anyone says is true or not. It’s not as bad with some people, in fact only certain people I have this feeling with. Mainly the people who’ve lied to me. I’ve rarely lied consciously meaning, while realizing it, though I know I have, and I have always admitted to it. I can’t keep lies, they haunt me. I don’t ever try to prove myself or make myself look better, I was never popular, probably for this same reason. Most of the times I’ve lied were because people gave me faulty information. Those people, are the true liars, unless of course they were also given faulty information, which usually isn’t the case. I write this because of something that happened today, a prank call. This person, indeed was stupid and obvious, though tried to be convincing, with failure. I suppose I’ve gotten a little worked up about it, but talking about it here appears to help. I suppose it just continued my hatred of humans, but I doubt it made that big of a difference.

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    so far, the best post was when you said “wtf!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”. i like that one. i like this one too. sunglassesface

    Comment by mdmchld — July 25, 2002 @ 4:04 am

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