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July 27, 2002

fads are silly

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you know its funny because I see this all the time silly fads that come and go…do you think its good to like things just to fit in? I can’t ever seem to agree with that, I only like what I want to like, and I find most people who go with fads don’t like what I like but you know what, they just have to accept that. I see it in my friends…I see it in relatives…I see it everywhere…not to mention the pure amount of hypocrisy involved with it all…well most of the people I see it in are around my age, so teenagers and such…I guess I’m young so I shouldn’t worry about it and I suppose it gives me permission to be stupid or something…maybe i should go join a fad and become social..oh yes..what would it do for me? living a lie doesn’t sound fun, but I suppose people make it fun? well, i suppose if they actually liked whatever or somehow convinced themselves they did, it wouldn’t be so bad but what does liking something have to do with changing the impression you give people? someone told me something today and what they said was kind of funny because it was obviously one of those practice what you preach situations..hypocrites…I really hate when someone is all friends with one person one day then it can be a few days later and their enemies…then I’m stuck in the middle…but I’ve done it to other people too but then again those people didn’t handle it very well when I was one of those enemies. I usually say something along the lines “well they never did that to me but if they do” or something similar. Last time this happened and I had taken sides it ended up later on they were friends again and wow look who gets screwed in the end, me. moral of the story? morals suck. fuck that.

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