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July 29, 2002

saw ap3

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it was funny but i knew what was happening due to someone i won’t mention who basically gave it away…oh well..it was only a few scenes that were ruined…and of course a buncha advertising…the in movie plugs in some recent movies are so ridiculious, it appears the mpaa is finally falling, so desperate because their media is worthless and people are starting to realize it..i guess sticking in ads in the movie is their last attempt..just like when internet business failed, everyone jumped to advertising. what the fuck has this world come to? big business = bad business. bush = moron. i think this puts it in simple enough terms for the average human to understand. oh yes, and bill gates is not a genius he’s just a very good manipulator, like most people with a lot of power in this government. in fact, the people with the most power are the entertainment industries…due to the fact that they basically own the government.

btw… vote green party i promise you won’t be let down.
libertarian/democrats aren’t so bad either, but I prefer green. republicans start wars and waste resources and there’s already enough of that, i think many will agree. green party won’t take money from big corporations and companies, there for the laws will be made by the politicians not Mr.BigExecuctive from YourFavoriteEntertainmentCompany.

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