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July 30, 2002

toleration in moderation.

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I remember back when I was in my old school, they had this guy come in to talk about tolerance. They showed us a video and of course singled out a whole bunch of kids. The video of course, had the black kid, the white kid, the short kid, the tall kid, the indian kid, the mexican kid, etc. I think you get the idea, basically politically correct bullshit slapped together with people with abnormal physical characteristic all in one. The ultimate in making everything worse and out of proportion. I think for some reasons humans have trouble accepting that humans are animals and pick on each other and it won’t ever go away. Soon after the routine annual brainwashing, all the kids who disliked each other would go around shouting that they “tolerated” each other, as if tolerating them was a bad thing. So basically feeding the fire more. Talk about a load of shit. Here’s to all the morons who spend our tax money on the the anti-drug, tolerance, respect, and many more forms of government brainwash.

If I have to sit through another brainwashing like that I swear to god I’m going to walk up there and bitchslap the guy and pull the video tape out and smash it to pieces.

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