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August 5, 2002

well that’s that.

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I ended it. It’s over. No more annoying “friend” thank god. Now I’m not sure what it accomplished but I was quite annoyed by this supremacy that they loved to declare. I already talked about fakes and this “friend” was the source of that angriness that encouraged me to write that article. This person, someone I had stopped talking to…started talking to me again…I figured what the hell, no big deal. Apparently forgetting some of the things that made me dislike them. You see, someone else didn’t like them either, but they had flawed reasoning. I agreed with them none the less, and that is why I had stopped talking to them. I suppose using my own reasoning in the first place would have been better, as I would have had no regrets and told him to fuck off once he tried contacting me again. I suppose it’s one of those situations where a middle person gets involved. I hate those. My decision to piss them off was my own, then again they did take what I said a little too seriously, but I had figured they would. I did tell them otherwise, but they didn’t believe it, instead dragging out my exaggeration, not to mention my exaggeration was due to them trying to piss me off in the first place. So, they asked for it, then expected nothing? Typical of them, considering their previous rant about their lack of anger. I believe the song I am listening to fits appropriately.

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