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August 9, 2002

kitties 4 j00

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well I never realized how fun it can be to press a single button but trust me it can. The block button is quite powerful. Unless the person is a jack off with 10,000 screen names like some people I know. Let’s forget about that because you know what time it is ITS CAT TIME. I have some cats here today that are FUN FUN FUN.

this cat is laying on some concrete. It looks damp so it’s probably cold, and the cat is cooling off. It looks like one relaxed kitty THATS FOR SURE!

this cat is alert. It appears as if it has heard something. MAYBE IT DID! It was probably looking out the window until someone disturbed it by taking this picture.

People still suck but it’s always fun to know that cats exist because they don’t suck. Cats don’t take shit from anyone that’s cool. They don’t act as servants to humans, they choose to be there. Who the fuck wants a servant anyway? I’m tired of people sucking up and lying. Fuck submission. Cats don’t lie. If you are reading this then cats are better then you.


  1. HOORJ!

    Comment by mdmchld — August 9, 2002 @ 1:36 pm

  2. Comment by mdmchld — August 9, 2002 @ 1:39 pm

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