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August 10, 2002

holy shit

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It appears a few people I blocked have come to bother me again. What the hell is their problem? Seriously I used to never block people…I had this inability to get myself to go to that level…I usually just would piss them off or try to get them to hate me or something, I guess that just made it worse but I have blocked people in the past…just not very often. Anyways it figures that the people I blocked want back. Why? Why the fuck do they want to talk to me? How can they even consider me their friend? All they ever talk about is themselves..I guess because I listen? Every time I try mentioning something I like I get flamed for it..hell one ex-friend of mine even called me selfish over it.

What the fuck is with this? Did I just happen to run into a bunch of really weird fucked up people? Am I missing something? I don’t get it. I know there’s no perfect people or anything but seriously there’s got to be some limit on this. In real life my friends never ask me any personal shit but online I meet all these people who all they want to do is get personal. Not only this but they always abuse it. What’s the purpose? For example, why do you need to know someone’s name online? It doesn’t matter online. That only matters in real life. What’s the difference going to make online? You can just lie. I already mentioned how I don’t lie very often, and never about things like that but I make sure that person knows how I feel about those kind of things before telling them anything, sometimes they even reconsider.

Anyway I’ve known a lot of weird people and some people who are not so weird. Hell I mean I can listen to a good friend talk about their problems and it’s just like, really? I never think about them that way though you know? I look at this and then I look at adults. It’s funny how most adults don’t have many friends, I notice that. Not even close to the amount that some kids have. Why is this? I think maybe it’s because the amount of bullshit some kids put up with and adults probably don’t put up with it as much. Why is this? Probably because being social doesn’t matter once your not a kid anymore. Peer pressure and being popular doesn’t matter anymore once your out of school, now does it? No one cares if your popular then. Will it matter? No because there’s no more social groups. What matters now is making a living and living out your goals. Then again, if one of your life goals is to be social, well…good for you…but mine sure as hell isn’t.

I’m so sick and tired of people who talk to me only about their own shit…I can’t get one word out of my mouth about anything I care about without hearing a load of shit from them. Yet, when they tell me all their shit, they expect praise. Fuck that. I am so fucking fed up with that kind of shit and I have known so many people like that. Strange how they all happen to know each other in one way or another too, that’s probably what made me so paranoid. I’ve had it. No more of this shit. How do I escape? I guess I can block them all and when they try to contact me, block them again. That’s what I’ve been doing. I hope it works. Hopefully they won’t try contacting me under some new names to try and form a friendship under a new alias or some crazy shit. Why the fuck would anyone want to do that anyway? I don’t know why, but perhaps the people I used to know that did things like that would. And at that, I don’t care why they did it. Probably for their own selfish reasons yet again. I don’t care about their bullshit. I just want them to bug off.

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  1. i once had a friend that did that…

    wait i dont have any friends

    Comment by mdmchld — August 10, 2002 @ 12:39 am

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