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August 18, 2002

why are people so stupid

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why do some people always feel the need to get support of others, especially when they get in a fight with someone, they always look for people who hate them, or people who will be convinced to hate them. I know this is true because I’ve done it myself, but I don’t anymore. I don’t need to. I can just write about it here. I don’t ask for support here, now do I? How can one admit their own problem, then get mad at someone over it, after they’ve admitted it? That does not make any sense at all. It’s like a giant flaming contradiction and I have to be stuck in the middle of it all.

How can you claim you invented something and yet only because you inspired someone? For example, someone creates an idea. They were the first person who created it, but probably went unnoticed and were forgotten. Later on someone else creates it, and someone sees their work and likes it, then they try to make their own. It is not stealing to copy an idea. Especially when you didn’t create it. This reminds me of the RIAA a bit. Music is ideas. So rock was invented, people made rock music, you don’t see the people who started that going out and suing over it. It’s not like they copied their music and said it was their own. They copied the idea. They were inspired. And if they hadn’t copied it, it probably would have died.

That’s the thing here. You can’t stop anyone from copying an idea. That’s what ideas are for. Inspiration and sharing. Why would one be against sharing knowledge? Perhaps it hurts their ego, or their money income. If you rip a cd to mp3s and share it, you are not stealing. You have not stole an idea. You cannot steal an idea, it is impossible. What would be stealing would be to claim that you made that music, or to put possession over those mp3s, to say you made them, when you actually all you did was change the format it is in. You did not make what they contain.

So, in the end here you have an idea. You didn’t make what this idea contains, but you made things off of this idea. This is a good thing. Anyone who thinks otherwise is bad news.


  1. Hi! I liked that. Good call..

    or “w0rd” for that matter.


    Comment by lavlovbunny — August 18, 2002 @ 9:41 pm


    i wish i was cool

    Comment by mdmchld — August 19, 2002 @ 10:10 pm

  3. you certainly were in mind when I was writing it.

    Comment by lx_xero — August 19, 2002 @ 10:15 pm

  4. Comment by mdmchld — August 19, 2002 @ 10:21 pm

  5. Oh give up tyla.

    Comment by lavlovbunny — August 20, 2002 @ 12:51 am

  6. NO.

    Comment by mdmchld — August 20, 2002 @ 9:31 pm

  7. ok sorry whatever.

    Comment by lavlovbunny — August 27, 2002 @ 1:42 am

  8. k

    Comment by mdmchld — August 27, 2002 @ 2:05 pm

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