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August 29, 2002

havn’t posted/read journal shit in a while

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SO I AM NOW. I’m not sure what to post about because lately I’ve not had to deal with much shit from people, other then stupid comments. I hate stupid comments. The funny thing about stupid comments is that most of the time the person knows they’re saying something stupid that will piss you off but they’ll be in total denial. I am tired of people who think they can predict my paranoia. It’s not predictable. Even I can’t predict it. Give up fools. Not say humans aren’t predictable because sometimes they are, but this is retarded. And that’s not to mention that anytime someone has tried to predict me they were wrong, even though sometimes they convinced themselves otherwise. I think I’ve figured something out. Ego = mental territory. Most of the times when people have tried to predict me was when they were trying to prove me wrong. And why would they want to do that? To raise their ego of course! I concur that people are dumb. My cat is smarter then you.

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