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September 2, 2002

egos are funny

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I just was surfing the web and I ran across a bunch of these pages with like, a picture of a person, a web cam, a chat, a thing about them self, a bunch of little web group things they were in, stuff like that. Most of the time the web cam was some over exposing picture of them self, sometimes a whole load of dolls…what the hell. Is this the female ego or something? It’s like a whole shit load of crap about them self.

It’s weird because in the past I had seen pages like it, I’ve also seen people exploiting people who run pages like that..So what do these girls want? Why don’t they just go send nude pics to everyone if they want to expose them self, are they insecure? If so why would they be sending pics, maybe overly secure? Ego raising in process? Maybe the female ego is worse then the male one but they’re better at hiding it? It’s all possible. I just find it funny and retarded. I could never like another human for things like this, everyone has their bad side and it’s usually too much for me to deal with. Maybe it’s better not to know these things? Actually probably not, because I’m not an ignorant bastard.

Most of the time these people seem to be in their teenager years…is it me or am I started to see why there’s always been this weird thing about teenagers…having problems or rebelling, or what not. I remember before I was a teen, I used to think about teenagers so differently, I can’t explain how I felt about them, because I don’t remember well enough, but it was weird. Now that I am one it’s like a completely different story. Life is so weird, I feel as if I lost all hope…Teenagers suck, any teen who thinks they can escape the wrath of being one with some sort of superior maturity is retarded.

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