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September 8, 2002


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Self-torture is the only satisfying pain.

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We live in a world with a lot of rotating things. One thing that comes to mind is the human brain. A rotating mood machine designed to destroy itself over time. I suffer daily at the ignorance of the human race. Believing in their false truths to prevent having to admit anything. A cry for help, or desired pain? The system is designed to benefit those who follow but torture those who don’t. The followers are the source. You can be ignorant to everyone but yourself, for if you were ignorant to yourself you’d be stuck in a paradox of nothingness. A complete lack of knowledge. To feel good, you have to first make others feel bad. Denial. Egotism and self-esteem, the difference is little. And in the end, it all doesn’t matter. We die. Shit moves on without us and unless your important, you’ll be forgotten. Now what? Well, nothing. You won’t be there to care. A slavery, yes. Look at us, little atom blobs doing predefined tasks that we’re told to do by other blobs of atoms…not just us…everything. So what happens now? I go with it? I fight it? I get screwed in the end either way. Predefined torture? In a way, but I’m am the one making it painful in the first place, but I see no way to stop that. So maybe fate does exist, but only because we force it on each other. The world is only big enough for one of us. Take your opinions elsewhere!

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