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September 11, 2002

thingies and thangs

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like werd homes and bitches, i’m gonna lay this shit down like flat and all yo. werd.


I made a song but I don’t think it’s that great but that always happens when I make a new song! I WILL LISTEN AGAIN IN A FEW HOURS! k. So, anyways I posted some stupid shit on here that is wasting space so maybe I should stop doing that. Oh yes! I have some things to show you all!

you will all ph33r my l33t goatse pixel art. oh yes oh yes. damn I suck.

anyways all these people are talking to me again and stuff and it’s weird it’s like revenge of the ex’s or something. yes and i’m sure everyone will read this and know who they are but whatever. k.

so theres like stuff that happened and stuff today a year ago I think, people died and all but you know I don’t care. So thank god today is almost over I was tired of everyone obsessing over national crash a plane into a building day. I expected to see some action today but apparently I got none of that. It would be funny if right before it hits midnight in eastern time zone a plane crashes just so it’s 9/11 everywhere in the US still but just that last second before it’s not, everyone would be like flipping out and shit. I don’t really wish death on humans I just am fed up with people going crazy over stupid shit. REMEMBER THE VICTIMS! Blah blah a lot more people died from the US then the other way around. Ignorance is the problem. Suicide is the solution.

Okay, okay, so I admit, maybe I do think all of you should simultaneously commit suicide but that doesn’t mean I hate you, I just dislike you in your human form (as if this makes a difference roflzlz.)

You know what I’m listening to my own music so you know what it’s time for. Yes, that’s right.

Let’s all dance like robots now!

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