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September 14, 2002

sardines packed and canned tightly and evenly

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Subliminal messages are fun only when they’re obvious. what’s the point of trying to say something to someone if your not going to be direct about it? why is it worth taking them seriously? if they can’t say it to them directly it makes it seem like they truly don’t believe what they’re trying to say, don’t you think? If only that were so simple, though. If it were, if someone liked you they could just come out and straight out tell you they do, but no, that doesn’t happen, why not? Fear, I’m guessing, or maybe that person wants a false sense of dominance. I’ve never had it done to me by 2 people at once but I suppose theres a time for everything. And no, that doesn’t mean 2 people like me, that was just an example. Although they may, I find that unlikely (and a bit scary.)

I noticed something in the people who were always trying to control me, persisting for me to abide by their rules (opinions, biases, moral, etc) but then what? Their opinion changes, of course. So next time you are trying to get someone to listen to your opinion maybe it’s better off to be unbiased huh? Then again, that’s impossible, you cannot express opinion without being biased, and you can only be unbiased if what you have is factual and uninfluenced by opinion, so in the end its a loop. Nothing is entirely true or false that is being told by humans because theres always a chance that it’s all wrong. I find any understanding of the human brain to be next to impossible, for any human, no matter what, based on this. Even if some magical book came down from the sky and told us how it worked we wouldn’t be able to understand it. That’s my guess. I’d say it’s more of a hypothesis because it’s educated, I’ve seen failure in every attempt, especially when it isn’t being used to help people.

I think the only real reason anyone would want to understand it that much is for control. To me, I don’t care about controlling anyone. Hell, I’d rather be left alone, but I have to deal with this shit, there’s no avoiding it. I try to make things as equal as possible despite it being impossible. If I’m not getting i’m not giving. What’s to get? It doesn’t always have to be materialistic. Just has to be something. Call me selfish, it’s better then anything else I’ve been told. So you can disagree with me, hate me for it, post subliminal messages about it, and you know what, in the end your only hurting yourself. Nothing is worth it, so do what you want, say what you want. Enjoy what you can, don’t waste your time on anything else. It’s not going to matter in the end.

You can’t base trust on anything biased, yet everyone who’s bothered me over it has persisted on it. Opinions will change. What you won’t trust someone for one day, you may not mind the next. Paranoia.

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