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September 23, 2002

cocksuckers and dongs

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motheRFUCKER! I blocked someone a while ago and they got a new name and started talking to me…At first, I was responding, but they started to annoy me (again, they were before, that’s why I blocked them) so I just started ignoring them. When they IM me they proceed to tell me stupid shit I don’t care about and news I’ve already heard (while I’m not responding to them.) They make stupid assumptions about me and talk behind my back, and admit to it all. I was about to just flip at the guy and be like WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU THE LAST TO HEAR EVERYTHING? Then again, the guy knows he annoys me and obviously realizes I’ve been ignoring him because I havn’t responded to his IMs for weeks now, so the guys trying to piss me off. Then again, that’s not surprising, as they previously admitted they get pleasure out of pissing people off. What a fucking asshole. I’m going to block him next time he says something stupid (I’m not going to respond either way, literally, this guy signs on, messages me something, waits about a minute or so, then signs off, and he’s doing this about twice a day now, no I’m not kidding.) Seriously I’d like to meet this guy in real life just to see how big of an asshole he is then kick his ass. It’s not like he doesn’t deserve it, I’m sure a few other people wouldn’t mind doing the same to him either. Selfish bastard, I’m sure he’ll get what’s coming to him sooner or later. Just the other day he was stereotyping people with disabilities. I should go fucking stereotype him for being an antisocial bastard but no, when I tell him that he plays it off as if it’s a game, as if it’s all a big joke. Fuck you, people have feelings, it’s not a fucking joke, then again, this is common for anyone who’s antisocial. Rationalizing the pain they inflict on others…Hah, I’m tired of antisocial people. Fuck them. And before being a dumbass and asking what antisocial is please learn what the fucking word means. BTW.

A sense of deja vu? That’s ok. It gets the point made.

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