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October 17, 2002


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mother fucker man I can’t believe this bullshit. So I sell my stuff on ebay and the total amount i make is $207 and I havn’t sent out shit yet, well not me, it’s my dads account so technically he has to send it out but I’d box it up but is my dad any help? No. This is where the problem comes in. So I unhook the shit from my stereo and it’s in the other room waiting to be sent, and I want to buy the shit to replace it, but oh no we have no money. No money eh? I have $390 in the bank (supposively atleast) and we have no money? The stuff I want is $300 total and with the ebay money plus the money I have I should have $597. Plenty of money. No money my ass. I’m tired of this bullshit I swear to god I am never letting my dad touch my money once I’m 18. What a load of shit. Fucking cheapass.

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