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November 18, 2002

fun with guns, toys for kids.

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Maybe I’m a schizophrenic lost in my own world. Maybe I’m obsessive compulsive with my repetitive life. Maybe I have ADD, hyperactive I am. Maybe I’m social phobic, people I fear? I don’t fear people though. I just hate them. I’m sure that sounds a bit silly because you can’t hate everyone without hating yourself that may be so but maybe I should be more specific about what I hate. I hate how we’re on a tiny little planet in a giant realm of space and then we make silly laws that define how one is supposed to live. Sanity and insanity are the same thing it’s just whatever society wants a person to be.

Prohibition despite this world being so into it is just holding back the inevitable. I think of how we make laws making material things illegal and then think of how silly that is. They’re not the problem it’s the people that are the problem. The people break the laws are just as bad as the people who make them. You can’t prohibit a material object. Capitalism is all about materialism though. And since America owns the planet everyone else obeys or you get a bomb shoved up your ass. Maybe everyone doesn’t have the same opinion as me.

Maybe Mrs.Christian from HickTown, Alabama thinks drugs should be illegal so Johnny Christian won’t do them. Maybe whether or not Johnny does them has nothing to do with legalities ever think of that Mrs.Christian? No way! Ignorance is the key! Video games cause violence remember? Make video games illegal! Pretend bad parenting doesn’t exist! Instead, make commercials on TV blaming the parents. I see these commercials “Parents, The AntiDrug” and of course a few minutes before they have the commercial saying “1 in 4 parents do drugs.” Oh okay, so parents are the AntiDrug? No I don’t think so. Whether or not someone does drugs most likely has absolutely nothing to do with the parents. More then likely it has to do with the persons personality. Some people just MAY be more likely to do things then other people. So it’s that persons fault.

That can’t be right though! Mrs.Christian’s Johnny is such a perfect little boy! And the persons personality may just be part genetic, part from life experiences. And maybe those life experiences had nothing to do with the parents, or maybe they did, but laying guilt trips on the parents is not going to help. I see so many guilt trip commercials from this “Ad Council” on TV. What is Ad Council anyway? They should just call it Propaganda Council because everything I’ve seen by it was pure 100% American Propaganda. And the sad part is, it’s very manipulative and misinformed. The commercial with the girl who’s like “the thing is I’m trying to establish my own identity without my parents talking to me I’m much more likely to smoke pot and stuff” I wonder who the fuck wrote that, because I don’t know anyone who says things like that. As if pot is that bad anyway. Alcohol is much worse and it’s beyond fact at this point. The government doesn’t like to be wrong so you’ll just have to live with that.

The racism commercials, there’s one with the guy at the office desk and they’re interviewing an Arabian looking guy for a job interview and then after the guys leaves the executive or whatever is like “I think we have enough color in here” and takes the piece of paper, throws it in the trash, and says 2 points! There’s also the one with the little girl on the playground and a black girl calls her over and the moms like “why don’t you play with those other kids” and shes just like “why?” Thing about these “anti-racism” commercials is that they’re bullshit. No real racists act like that. Not to mention that just about everyone I know is racist in one way or another. Black, White, Indian, blah blah I don’t care fuck them all. I’m tired of this crap. I hate this country and this whole planet for being so stupid.

Oh but who am I to judge if it’s stupid, maybe it’s me that’s stupid. If I’m wrong, so be it, I’m stupid. Thing is, people always tell me I’m smart. You know what, I don’t care if I’m smart or stupid so if I’m wrong, fuck you. So maybe I’m maybe I’m an obsessive schizophrenic hyperactive idiot but at least I’m not you.

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