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November 26, 2002

humans are made of cheese and onions

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Time to stop calling “smart” people “gifted” and to stop calling classes for “smart” kids “honor” classes, because I’ve decided that you’re all dumb. Why do people say anyones smart anyhow? Is that even a good thing? I remember one time this kid who was relatively into sports and had been mean to me once or twice just came up to me out of no where and says something like “are you like a genius or something?” I was like I dunno or something like that. He still thought I was afterwards. I’m not sure why. Maybe because I liked things and knew more about things that the average person my age does not?

So I have different interests. Big woop, that doesn’t make one smart in it. In school I never really met anyone with interests even remotely similar to mine. I do have friends but we only really share a few things in common: we like video games. That’s okay though your average person my age likes that kind of stuff. So it’s something I share, but considering the majority of my interests most people don’t share you can imagine how being in school felt kind of stupid.

Not only could I not relate to other people I was bad at communicating in common so it was all down hill. How can I even learn to communicate when I can’t even find anyone who shares an interest even remotely similar enough to communicate about? So I had no practice either. That’s not to mention I used to not care much about school work either. It still isn’t a favorite thing of mine. I didn’t start shit with kids, they usually did with me, but I usually started shit with teachers.

So maybe I have a few interests in which I’m good at. Perhaps not the best but okay what’s that matter anyway if I’m not the best? That’s where a problem starts though. People can expect too much from one. I’m good at certain things and maybe I’m terrible at school. Or maybe I just never tried, but if that’s the case, I haven’t really tried much at anything. It’s just me getting lucky as I wrote previously.

So basically I’m still writing about the same thing just now on a different level and even though I’m writing about it I still haven’t accomplished shit other then me writing this. I don’t like doing anything other then nothing and nothing consists of an extremely repetitive pattern.

I’m starting to think maybe I’m OCD. I was always said to have anxiety and hyperactive but I look at the past. I can remember hoarding things when I was younger. My life seems like a giant pattern. Wake up go to bed wake up go to bed do things in the middle eat sleep wake up go to bed wake up I AM GETTING BORED OF BEING HUMAN.

I was thinking once, what if theres an alien race that is so much different mentally that a year is only a second to them. I’m saying this creature thinks in a slower but larger manner. So it can fully function except it lives very long amounts of time and it’s thinking stretches that whole period of time which seems like an instant to them, but forever to us. Seems weird huh? I think it’s possible. I don’t see why not.

Thing is a creature like that would seem very odd to us not to mention it would change so slowly that we wouldn’t notice. They could also travel extremely long distances in time frames that seem like nothing to them. Under these conditions, they could technically travel long distances extremely fast without breaking Einstein’s theory of relativity.

So what, a creature that takes waiting to the next level? Funny that I’d think of that because if that’s the next level I’m the step in between. Taking waiting to the next level is my specialty.

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