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December 25, 2002

educate the christians day.

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So, it’s christmas, or as I’ve been calling it…educate the christians day. I mean come on. It’s been what 2002 years and theres still been no proof of any of this shit? So what, Jesus comes up to some jews and says “hey we don’t go anywhere when we die so we must all be going to hell!” and all that without any proof that there even is such a place. Jesus was delusional. And then theres the whole thing about the resurrection bullshit which theres also no proof of other then what the book says. You know, it’s about time people stop believing everything they read. Books can lie as well as TV you know. That’s just the icing on the cake though, I mean look what people did to this very minor event.

Now there’s trees, tons of songs, presents, days off from working, media frenzy, sales everywhere of course, and of course Santa and his 12 deer that fly which I don’t know where the fuck that came from or what it has to do with some delusional guy dying but okay let’s just pretend it’s a special day and do all this stuff just because everyone else who’s christian does!

I remember once I somehow convinced some catholic school girl that religion was bullshit and like a few months later I ran into her. I had no idea who they were until they told me I had ruined their life because their friends at the religious school stopped liking her for not believing. What a joke. I mean common, that’s just pathetic.

Of course theres sales at stores, you know despite the items at stores supposedly being on sale, I honestly doubt it. I’m pretty sure they probably end up making a shit load more money with the sale then without, why else have the sale? It’s amazing how some people don’t realize this stuff. Some even deny it. That’s normal though, ignorant humans.

So we’re back at this ignorance thing again. Then I look at what I’m talking about, christmas, and religion. A bit ironic. Religion is pretty much based upon ignorance. Most people who are religious, I can ask them…What if the book is wrong? And they’ll respond with “What if it’s right?” Then I’ll gladly burn, is my response. Anyway it’s a pretty ignorant thing to say “What if it’s right?” considering theres no facts that it is other then the book itself but theres many things explaining things that religion once was used to explain, and this is evident from history itself. As truths were learned, religions adapted. It won’t be too long until we either a. understand everything so well that the religion argument is even more ridiculous then it already is, or b. the whole entire race goes extinct.

A few people have told me…Oh without religion, what would happen to morals? There would be chaos! As if laws haven’t replaced the moral system anyhow. Look at the past, when churchs were governments, and ruled the countries and what not, scientists used to be killed for proving them wrong. Now that there’s a government that allows any religion and isn’t exactly a religious government, what need is there for morals? The law the government lays down is in effect replacing those morals. I’ve never been a big fan of morals anyway – I may not like something but theres a difference between not liking something and prohibiting/socially rejecting something that’s not liked.

Then there’s manners which is a whole different story. My manners or whatever you want to call those things you’re supposed to do, are probably terrible to most peoples standards. The funny thing is though, I can do nothing at all and piss people off. Someone sneezes. I don’t say “god bless you.” Someone walks in the door, I don’t say hello right away. I might not eat my food the same way other people do. Why do these things even matter? It’s just silly, and many morals and manners are based off those type of things. What’s the difference between morals and manners anyhow? They seem like the same thing but inversed. Morals are things you’re not supposed to do and manners are things you’re supposed to do. In the end, socially accepted policies.

So back to christmas itself. It’s funny because my spell checker is turning red every time I say christmas because it’s like a special word or some shit. I’m lowercasing it incorrectly out of spite. Anyhow, trees, santa, deer, and christmas lights, especially christmas lights. I mean what are these things supposed to be anyway? Remember how before I talked about my jewish relatives turning hanukkah essentially into a christmas with 8 candles? Well the christmas I’m talking about in the first place isn’t even anything to do with jesus’s death. It’s stuff people made up after the fact.

So essentially, in December, the officially selected end of the year and holiday month, is essentially a time to do a bunch of weird traditions all because of some religion. I mean why not just have everyones take off the month of December. In fact they should just rename December to HolidayMonth or something like that.

Oh yeah…christmas lights. What the hell? I mean, neighbors like compete to have the best lights and crap. It’s crazy how much neighbors compete over useless shit, landscaping, cars, pets, I could go on forever. So everyone puts out tons of lights and according to the rules of social competition whoever has the most has the biggest dick. In reality though, it’s the exact opposite. It’s ridiculous what some people do and where did the idea even come from? I don’t know but it seems pointless. I want to get a bunch of red lights and some wood and build a big pentagram and wrap it with lights just out of spite and see what happens. I bet people would get all pissy but by doing so they’d have given into my evil plans to piss them off.

The christmas tree is just as bad as the lights. It’s not exactly competing with neighbors as it’s inside but they’re usually wrapped in lights and covered with silly little ornaments and what not. Plus, it’s useless killing of trees so when global warming comes around and bites you in the ass I can blame it on you for cutting down all those trees on christmas.

So anyway…I saw some show once it was saying how people with problems get seasonally depressed at this time of year or something, because they see other people happy or some shit…Anyway just about none of my friends believe in religion so I don’t really see anyone happy, in fact it just gives me and my friends an excuse to make fun of it all. So me, depressed? Naw, excited! I get to educate the christians!

So you could say “oh you’re just saying that because you’re all all depressed. You suck you dirty ex-jew who’s going to hell” and then I can steal all your presents and piss down your chimney and claim I’m santa claus.

Holiday fun time songs!!
Adolf the red nosed raindeer
had a very shiny nose
and when you die of cancer
you can blame it’s UV glow!

Jinglebells jinglebells jingle all the way
oh what fun it is to ride, your grandma as a sleigh

and new from (insert your favorite pop band here)

Deck the halls with TNT…
listen to the school kids scream..
blame it on games and teeveee
ignorance is the keyy!!
fala la la laaa la la la laaa..

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