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December 26, 2002

family poo

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I’m starting to get a bit angry at some things…mainly things my moms been angry about for a while but I haven’t started noticing them until recently. My dad and sister are absolute slobs. Not only this but I was never taught to clean up after myself or anything like that but I do, unlike my sister. My dad leaves newspapers all over the kitchen tables. My sister leaves empty food packaging and such all over it too, so when it’s time to eat the table is covered in garbage.

They’re too lazy to throw anything out. I mean literally my sister left the empty box to some hot pockets on top of the counter with the trashcan right under it. It’s ridiculous. It makes me wonder if it was really my fault when I used to hoard things or if it was my parents not teaching me how to deal with trash. My mom and I do not usually leave trash laying around.

Not only this but my dad and sister love to blame it on other people. I go to my dad “why is this empty box here on the counter?” And the response? “I thought you left it there” Then he says something like if it’s so bad then I should clean it up. First of all, my sister should have thrown it out as she was the one who left it there, second it shouldn’t be anyone else’s responsibility to clean up after someone else, I mean it’s not like they’re unable to. My mom ends up having to clean up after them and it’s no wonder shes starting to go crazy over it. I would too.

Another example of blaming it on other people is this time where my sister wanted me to install the drivers for a webcam. I say okay, and so we search for the disk. We can’t find it and she goes “maybe you took it so I don’t loose it” or something like that. A few months later (this was like a week ago) I see the disk laying in her room. She had lost it and apparently found it. I don’t want to hear anyone blaming anyone, if everyone did their part in cleaning up and keeping neat no one would need to blame anyone because it would already be done.

I’m not one to claim self sufficiency or anything but this is just crazy. I’m also not to happy about the food I eat. I was never really taught how to cook and what I do know is not much. I want to eat more vegetables but typically the only vegetables are from TV dinners, or microwaved ones. Plus, the time for making dinner has been reduced now that my mom works. My dad always makes up an excuse he’s either busy or watching TV on the big screen in the basement.

He spends a shitload of time in the theater in the basement, it’s quite sad. I can’t stand being in that room, it’s completely full with cigarette smoke it actually hurts my eyes when I go in there because it’s so full of smoke. It’s also very hot and also humid and combined with the smoke it’s absolutely terrible. I’m sure my dads used to it though I mean he’s always in there the terrible conditions are probably fine to him. People always ask me if I watch movies in there a lot and they’re usually surprised to hear my dad is usually in there all the time. I guess I’m not that much better being in my room all the time but at least it’s not hot and full with smoke that burns your eyes and a complete mess on top of it all.

I wish I could get a job and move out and make the things the way I want them to be. That’s easier said then done. I suppose someday it I will be able to at least I hope so. In the mean time I wish the conditions here were a bit better. There needs to be a group effort and as of now my sister and dad do not seem to care. Only time will tell what happens I suppose.


  1. Slobs confuse me. I have to have things clean. I mean, my room looks like any other teenager’s, but I don’t exactly have food packages anywhere. I think I’d have a heartattack.

    Comment by lavlovbunny — December 27, 2002 @ 12:03 am

  2. when i was living with my parents my stepsisters would come over every other weekend. their crap would be all over, and since they didn’t really have a room they left their stuff all over the kitchen and living room.

    Comment by loaderror — December 27, 2002 @ 10:45 am

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