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December 31, 2002

new years

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It’s almost new years and this has got to be the most boring new years I’ve ever had. There’s just about nothing to do and honestly I don’t care that much about it being a new year. I mean, what if we had designed some other calender system and used that and new years was on some other day? What if on that system there wasn’t even such thing as a day to celebrate new years on?

Just another tradition…I suppose I was expecting something more. I can remember exactly what I did this time last year in fact the same thing many people do. Drugs. Everyone parties, alcohol and all your favorites. Well I feel no need to do that. I know that when I do drugs when I’m bored I still would be bored but I’d forget that I had been bored once the effects wore off. There for I would be thinking they helped cure the boredom which then further promotes doing them.

It’s a trap that’s easily escapable. Right before I quit I decided that I should make note of what I was doing before, while, and after. After a few times the pattern was obvious: I was doing the same exact thing and forgetting the while, and feeling pain in the aftereffects. The answer was clear at this point, it was useless. The euphoria slowly turns into pain. Despite it all, I still have nothing against drugs. I think that people should be able to do whatever they want with their bodies. Anyhow it’s just silly material, who cares? Materialistic capitalist societies care.

Well what can I do? I dislike the way most of america is. I almost said I dislike the way the world is but then I remembered not every country is like america in fact many aren’t but have to abide by america’s laws or treaties, if they don’t they could be labeled terrorists!! Oh no!

If I started a country it would be many independent community ran governments. Only law would be don’t interfere with anyone else’s community. You pick your community and can leave it at will. It seems that this way everyone would be able to fit in, they get to choose to be with people like them, or people that aren’t like them. Each community has it’s own rules and they’re decided by the community itself. And if someone doesn’t like any of the other ones, they can start their own, or just talk to no one and live alone in no community. At least it seemed like a good idea.

In reality I don’t think I’d really want to run a country. I could say yes or no to a few laws but I know for a fact that not everyone will agree which is why I like the community idea because that way everyone has a place where they can agree with others. I don’t think the country as a whole would really have anyone running it or need it. I just came up with all this now so it seems kind of silly, it doesn’t seem like it’d work. It seems like people would end up in wars so you’d need some kind of central thing controlling it. In the end it would probably end up as bad as the US. A federal government then a bunch of states. Decentralizing but keeping the peace would be the main issue. Seems to be a problem the real world hasn’t tackled yet either.

What can I do about any of this anyway? Not much unless I magically came up with a solution to all of it. Most people are very materialistic in this country. I mean, to have everyone in your community or what not they’d have to move into their little community town. In america, no way! They’d rather live on some california beach or some fancy ass place. It’s the whole class thing. All the rich people would essentially have to give it up – it would create equality. It sounds like I’m taking communism and capitalism and slapping them together.

I’m not a big fan of intellectual property. If you don’t want something to be copied then don’t give it to anyone. Either benefit yourself or benefit everyone but don’t benefit yourself by trying to charge everyone else. Protecting property you don’t want anyone else to have should be your own job, but no, the media bought out politicians pass laws saying otherwise, like the DMCA.

I was going to say “america is going downhill” but that’s really a hard thing to say considering the way it really is. We go downhill, bomb some country, take oil, money, resources, make it seem like we’re the good guys by showing it all on TV and of course the obligatory showing of some planes dropping food to the innocent civilians caught in the middle of it all and bam life goes on and america remains it’s arrogant imperialistic self.

Recently people close to me started to get to know me more. They seem to be surprised by my opinions of this type of stuff. A person and their friends used to say I was too political but considering who they were I take that with a grain of salt. They wouldn’t accept me for who I was anyway so their opinions mean little.

I am a little less bored as I write this, it seems to pass the time. I guess you could say I even enjoy it sometimes. Too bad not everyone enjoys what I say. Too good to be true. I started to notice that when bored I look for certain things. First I usually check AIM then I start checking a few webpages. Communication with other people seems to definitely help boredom. Right now, though, not many people are online to talk to. I am running out of things to say here I think. I’m getting kind of tired. I should go to bed before 12:00 so I don’t have to hear the countdown bullshit. I never go to bed that early but maybe I should just out of spite.

I’ll probably end up watching the discovery channel or something like normal. Then I have to suffer the pain of commercials. I seem to run into things that make me bored with everything I do. I wonder what would happen if I stopped doing things. I don’t think that’s possible. Okay I’m just talking out my ass now I’m going to stop typing I have nothing to say anymore.

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