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January 7, 2003


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I was going to write something but I cannot think of anything to write. I’m bored right now and my foot hurts because I must have did something to it. It’s annoying as fuck. I hope it goes away soon I was hoping it’d go away overnight but it didn’t. I swear I’m falling apart or something. Everyone dies eventually.

Anyhow I’m bored and my cat seems bored and today must just be a boring day and now that my foot hurts today is even more boring. So anyhow oh hey look I have some email how fun maybe I’ll be less bored now. What fun, time to recompile some stuff. Fun fun fun so I’m still bored now. Maybe something exciting will happen soon but I doubt it. Let’s see here…put on some music…yes I’ll set the music thing now. Okay so that’s done but nope still bored and I can’t sit in a comfortable position because my foot hurts so that just makes it even more boring.

It’s -3C outside which is good. My windows are open so it’s cold in here that’s good. Everything is good but I don’t care because I am bored so now everything sucks. I have an idea of something to do. Damn nope well that sucked. Maybe I can try something else here…Still bored….I don’t know why I’m writing this I’ve been writing this for like over an hour literally because I’m just writing as I try to find something to do but end up bored oh well screw it.

I’m done.

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