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January 7, 2003

media drones strike back, enter the dreamworld

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I think I am starting to hate everyone. Anyhow what’s with teenage girls and posting poems/lyrics about broken up relationships in their profiles/webpages/journals/etc? There’s some guys that post lyrics too but it’s not as bad as the guilt-trip-relationship-breakup bullshit that the girls post. Anyhow it’s always from girls who are totally flawed when it comes to being in relationships. They’re the same people who listen to emo/punk bands and take it like it’s a religion. I don’t get that.

Most of these kids who think they’re punk claim they’re like original and that they listen to indie and non-commercialized bands and that they’re not pop/sellout but when you listen to the music it so obviously is. The lyrics simply suck, the music itself is bad. There’s also the commercialized ones which are even worse. What’s with these whiny ass singers whining about breaking up and what not? It’s so obviously targeted directly toward teenage girls who have no idea how to be in a relationship which further promotes their skewed views of what a relationship should be about. And people wonder why the divorce rate is going up, hah. Some adults are effected by this shit too, which just makes it even more sad.

What do you expect from a society that promotes people to be selfless materialistic morons? I guess you can’t expect too much. I’m sure the first thing that comes to most peoples minds is that “Oh hey you’re not the greatest in relationships, you suck at being social.” Well, maybe that’s true or false, maybe it’s everyone else thats a moron. Even so, at least I don’t go around posting bullshit lyrics about how much pain some guy was in or what not after he broke up.

And then there’s the people who think love is something more then a chemical addiction caused by the brain, so when some girl gets attached to some guy she never gets over the fact that the guy just doesn’t like her and refuses to accept the fact that it’s most likely caused by herself producing chemicals causing her to be that way. They don’t get over the fact that the dreamworld relationships in movies, TV, and talked about in music are not real.

There’s no perfect relationships where everything is lovey dovey. It’s funny because I just talked about the 2 extremes. Expecting too much from a relationship, and then these same people watching/listening to poems/music/movies/tv about the “pain” after their dreamworld relationships end. Many times if they hadn’t expected too much in the first place they would have realized no relationship is perfect and most of that pain may not have been there in the first place.

So in the end what do you really look for in relationships if love is just an addiction? I’m sure everyone will want to know that because if they can’t look for love what is there to look for! I’d say someone you can put up with is what you look for. Essentially, that is what matters. If you can’t put up with them, you obviously wouldn’t want to be dating them, unless you enjoyed the pain, but that’s a whole different story.

I am sick and tired of viewing things containing bullshit lyrics which mean nothing. I don’t care if you think you feel the same way, the reason why you thought you felt that way in the first place was over a delusion. Get over yourselves, silly drones.


  1. I understand you listen to music with no lyrics (assumption based on the “current music” from previous posts). Just because it is “different” than the “commercialized” music, doesn’t mean it’s any better. I mean OK, whatever you like is whatever you like. It doesn’t make your opinion better than the rest of the human race.

    Anyway, sometimes when you have no one to relate to it’s sort of nice to give what you are thinking melody. I listen to a lot of whiny shit that gets on my nerves when I’m not feeling down.. but when I am it’s kind of an escape. What’s wrong with people pasting lyrics in their profiles? I do it, I’m sure as hell defending a million other teenage girls. It’s what we do. I don’t care if love is an “addiction” cos’ it sure as hell is a great feeling to have someone love you.

    My argument is weak as hell but this is one of the only times i’ve disagreed with you. I like reading your stuff, really. This was by no means supposed to make you angry. Just to play devil’s advocate. I like a healthy debate.

    Comment by lavlovbunny — January 7, 2003 @ 9:37 pm

  2. I don’t listen to only music with no lyrics, in fact I listen to a few bands, just not as often as I listen to electronic music. Most of the bands I listen to are broken up now, so no chance of getting any new songs from them but that’s ok with me. In fact some of the bands I listen to have songs about breakups and love but you know just 1 or 2 songs maybe. And they’re not like the songs these whiny ass newer bands make, with guilt trips and obsessive ranting over the “pain” they’re in.

    I never said what I listen to is better, in fact that’s the exact attitude that most people who listen to this whiny music have. They’re always “it’s indie music and bands no ones heard of!” as if listening to whiny ass music from some band no one’s heard of is any better than a sellout whiny band. I can understand where you are coming from but I noticed something in what you wrote. You say “it’s sure as hell is a great feeling to have someone love you” that’s the thing, the feeling is generated by you and whether or not they truly love you, or just say they love you, has nothing to do with that feeling what so ever. Using these whiny songs to help you cope is just further promoting that confusion to happen in the future.

    I’m not a big fan of using things to escape a problem. It’s better to just solve it. Have you ever met a dependent and obsessive person while in a relationship? It’s after seeing it that caused me to write this. When I am feeling down I do not need to listen to music that’s talking about depressive bullshit that isn’t even close to reality. When you’re feeling down and confused it leaves you more vulnerable to manipulation, which is exactly what the companies trying to sell you this whiny bullshit want.

    I mentioned guilt trips earlier, and this manipulation ties together with that. Much recent advertising is very guilt trippy, and I’m not sure why, but apparently it works. I see it on tv all the time. A commercial for children’s medicine, anti-drug commercials that contradict themselves (1 in 4 parents do drugs, yet parents are the anti drug? MMmkay), then there is the clorox bleach commercial which exploits using what your family uses. In the end, it’s capitalist manipulation. And no one likes admitting to have been manipulated. It’s sad that a society can be so into something and so ignorant of it at the same time.

    When I’m feeling crappy, I usually write. Although what I write about isn’t always about me feeling crappy. Anyhow, there’s better things to do while feeling down…I guarantee it. Express how you feel, understand how you feel, but don’t listen to how some whiny bands say they feel and come to understand that you feel the same way. Take your own paths, not someone else’s.

    Comment by lx_xero — January 8, 2003 @ 1:04 pm

  3. And then there’s the people who think love is something more then a chemical addiction caused by the brain…

    You’re the second person I know now that believes that other than myself.

    Comment by inveigled — September 7, 2003 @ 2:42 am

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