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January 14, 2003

politically correct bullshit

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So I found this TV channel that plays a show I like but much of the stuff they play is politically correct bullshit. Their commercials are only their own, no products, etc, but they do promote their own shows. Seems good compared to other channel’s commercials right? Then you see the ones that are supposed to be interviews with kids or something but they’re really stupid. Let me explain.

They have a commercial that’s like “How important is it to be popular?” and “How do you ask someone on a date?” That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Another commercial they run on this channel is where to get advice about “body changes” as they call it. They also have commercials with pop stars saying “Real. Life. Now.” because that’s the channels motto or something. The whole channel seems like a false reality of teenage delusion. It’s another channel claiming it’s “real life” when in reality it’s just a bunch of bullshit promoting the “American Way.” Oh but wait, they have a show with a bunch of kids with an english accent, maybe it’s only partially the american way, we can’t just forget about the english now can we? Just forget about them being one of america’s biggest bitches and you have some really diverse TV!

I just watched this show on there and it has got to be the biggest load of crap. On the episode I saw it was basically a bunch of people hiding things because they’re embarrassed. First, a muslim black girl claims she’s jamaican. Then some boy that can sew well but tries to hide it by swapping his projects with the girl who sits next to him. Oh wow, as if sewing is soo embarrassing. I wasn’t too bad at it to be honest and I never gave a rats ass but just remember, this show is REAL LIFE NOW! And next week, a guy who’s questioning his sexuality and a girl who wants him to make some moves on her.

On top of all that they have the average brain dead teenagers doing stereotypical things, and that’s on top of all the stereotypes this show supposedly deals with. So to conclude it, you have teenagers obsessing over clothes and useless materialistic items. Then at the same time racial bullshit, lying to enhance self-image, and teenagers who don’t know where to get advice.

The only person who’d actually need this “advice” these shows or commercials give are people who are lost in a dreamworld (see post below.) Following others around and perhaps bad at finding information. So not only do they have bad resources (the people they follow) they can’t find information other then these bad resources. And I suppose these shows are supposed to be a help?

So back to reality, the advice is useless. Only those who already realize the things this show deals with would understand it enough to be able to use it. And obviously if it’s supposed to help people who don’t understand in the first place it’s going to fail. You can’t just point someone at the obvious answer and say “you’re wrong here’s the right way” when they’ve not even taken a step to getting there. It’s like telling a 7 year old to grow up as if the next day they’ll just be cured of immaturity.

If only ignorance truly was bliss.

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