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March 11, 2003


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Why do people always ask what I do for school? It’s especially when people are trying to make smalltalk, like people you just met. I hate small talk. I think my reason for hating people asking what I do for school is because I have to say I do the internet school thing, which I was doing but I kind of stopped. I suppose I feel a bit guilty about saying I still do it. So I’m pretty much a dropout now.

Maybe I should start telling people I graduated from Drop Out High. I don’t know. School pisses me off and people asking me about it is just plain annoying. Why is the first thing adults do is ask kids about school? Sure, it wastes 6-7 hours a day of the average kids life, but is this the only reason? It’s the number one smalltalk question to ask a person under 18. I’m tired of it. Why is the only thing adults can think to ask us is school? I mean can’t they ask us what our interests are? What I like to do? No, instead ask us what the government mandates you to do. Hey you can’t go wrong there right? Take the easy way out.

Government mandated brainwash. It’s pathetic. I’ve gone on about tolerance, drug lectures, and such much in the past so you know where I’m coming from. I don’t need any school to tell me how to live my life, decide my moral, or tell me how bad drugs are. That’s on top of all the disinformation they give while doing so. I don’t care about math, I use computers all day, they’re the most powerful calculators we have. Why torture myself to learn shit which won’t be relevant to me? I don’t care about english – I read almost all day, from web pages to occasionally books, I write my own things, I don’t need help from a school. I’m not the most intelligent person when it comes to history but I’m relatively knowledgeable about it. I don’t need gym. I don’t need art class. I don’t need health (drug brainwash.) I don’t need assemblies about tolerance (moral re-programming.) I don’t need any of this.

All this for the american way. You go through the system, follow along, take everything they say seriously, don’t realize that it’s possible to think for yourself. You get a job as some corporate executive at a giant company, sit around doing nothing all day and making $100 grand anyway. You live the american dream and you’re probably one sad, ignorant, motherfucker who cares little about anyone but yourself. You manipulate to get to the top. Capitalism allows it, and encourages it. You benefit society none.

You take money from the poor. You outweigh the voting system. You are a big sack of water. I don’t care about you. I don’t want to see you. You’re american and I hate it. Why the fuck do I keep saying you? Oh well. I hope I’ve emphasized on what I’m trying to explain a bit better by doing so. I am tired of all this bullshit. I hate school and I hate giant corporations. What’s the difference between them anyway? School pretty much is the “giant corporation” for kids.

We’re supposed to go everyday and sit around doing work, people manipulate to get to the top by creating little social groups. School or Corporation? The differences seems little. It’s training for the “american way.” The fact that adults can get away with asking what we do for school and how it almost always works for small talk shows how school has become almost something that is hard to imagine the world without.

This reminds me of something. Yet another thing I hate, religion. People endorse it to their kids, the kids endorse it to theirs, further promoting. School is the same way, it’s become a tradition. How come some never question it? If you’re raised into a system whether it be religion or school, and trained NOT to think for yourself, trained to follow, how could you possibly question it? You’d probably not even understand how it’s possible to do so.

It’s like a bunch of robots. I am starting to see now. It’s as if we’re a bunch of biological machines, doing predefined tasks. A computer programmed by the language of society. And many are so similar because everyone follows these predefined paths. The road more often taken. I am starting to see.

“We don’t need no education.
We don’t need no thought control”
-Pink Floyd

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