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March 16, 2003

I’d like an order of american imperialism with a side of freedom fries.

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So everyone’s heard this shit about France and the US. France doesn’t agree with us so now the US makes up a bunch of reasons to put France down. It’s pathetic and childish. It’s like a bunch of teenagers that like a fad and when someone doesn’t like it they make up a bunch of reasons to hate that person.

Some say “If it wasn’t for us they’d be owned by Germany” as if that’s a reason for them to agree with us. So 60 years ago in world war 2 when Hitler was taking over we helped out the French. This doesn’t mean they’d be owned by Germany, as anyone with a brain would know that changing one tiny event in the past could change TONS of things in the future, making the outcome of what really would have happened to France, or any country for that matter, very unpredictable.

Just because they’re our allies doesn’t mean they have to agree with us on everything. That is, of course the definition the US has given to the word “allies” though. For example, consider if you had a friend, and as soon as you disagreed with them you started ostracizing them. You wouldn’t seem like such a good friend now would you? The US isn’t a good ally. All the US wants is to be able to make any decision it wants. To do so, we obtain these allies who are supposed to be “on our side.”

Now I’m not saying France is against us. I seriously doubt they are. I do think they are against this war with Iraq. To be honest I think this brute force method that the US seems to like is getting old. We can bomb them to hell, try to kill Saddam and take over the country, turn the country “good.” Pure imperialism, by the way. My point is that I think if we stopped pissing off Saddam he’d have no reason to use any weapons against us, because that’s the main threat right? If he just has them and does nothing with them who cares right? I mean it’s not like we don’t test weapons all the time, but do we use them? Ah but we do, so technically it would give Iraq a slight reason to have their own. Self defense right?

Our weapons perhaps abide by guidelines, those of which I’m not familiar with but we still have nukes and all that stuff so essentially it wouldn’t be too hard to blow Iraq off the edge of the earth. I think if we keep taking over other countries to convert them to the way the US thinks is right that eventually people will start getting mad. And I think that’s starting to happen now.

This reminds me of something else, religious missionaries. They go to other countries and convert people to their religion and give them food. Kind of like what the US government does by converting governments to it’s own ways. I am sure the poor starving Africans have the choice whether or not to join the religion and get food, but if they’re really starving they’d probably join without even thinking about it.

I think this is wrong, well, not helping them out, but combing it with the religious element. I think it will essentially make these people, probably uneducated and very undernourished, think that this food is coming from believing in “god” and that believing will get them more food and on “god’s good side” if you know what I mean. Essentially getting trapped in a belief system because it gets them what is required to survive.

Another thing that I was reminded of is the obligatory giving of food to the people, whether it be missionary or US war. It’s supposed to make it seem like it’s less bad or something. Oh yes care for the innocent victims and fuck the sinners! I’m tired of this crap. The thing that’s funny is if you look at the US government, it’s essentially based off christianity and catholicism. So we have a bunch of muslim countries and here comes us the big bad baptised wolf to ruin it all and convert them to our ways. It’s nothing but a holy war.

A different religion, a different philosophy of government. Religion is sad.

Yeah, US, rename french fries to freedom fries, who’s really free here? The countries that make their own decisions or the ones that simply follow the US?

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